Java SE Training

Java SE training

Introduction to JAVA SE Training:

Java SE training is provided by Global Online Trainings. Global Online Trainings is one of the best online training providers in India. The courses provided by Global Online Trainings covers exactly how to gain practical knowledge in the cheapest, fastest, and easiest way possible. There are highly qualified experts to teach students. We have trainers who have more than 10 years of experience in their respective field. Classes are available for both individual as well as corporate batches on demand. All our trainees are very satisfied with our online training. Java SE is also known as Java standard edition or core Java. 

Mode of Training: We provide online mode of training and also corporate, virtual web training.

Duration of Program: 30 Hours (Can Be Customized as Per Requirement).

Materials: Yes, we are providing materials for Java SE Online Training.

Course Fee: Please register in website, so that one of our agents will assist you.

Trainer Experience: 10+ years.


Java Se Course Content

Java SE course content

Java SE training course content

Overview of Java SE training:

Learn basic concepts of JAVA in our Java SE training:

Before going to Java SE topic, let’s have a look at some of the basics of the Java language. We already knew that it is a high-level computer programming language. There are mainly three key features of Java. First one is Java follows a concurrent approach. When you talk about concurrency, it usually means that when you have a lot of statements that need to be executed, rather than executing one after the other, we can concurrently execute them. Therefore, we can increase overall efficiency. This saves us a lot of time as well. Java also approaches the class-based approach.

Everything that is going to be write as part of the java code and that is going to be write inside the class. Java follows object-oriented style. Everything is considered as Object in Java. It was actually designed to be easy for programmer to learn and use effectively. Java is portable. That means, Application written on one Java platform can be easily shifted or ported to another platform. That is why, Java is a platform independent. This is all about basic concepts of Java programming language. We will be covering more basic topics in our Java SE training.


Learn about Different Platforms of Java in our Java SE online training:

Java platforms

  • There are various Java platforms available in the market. The Java platforms are Java standard Edition (Java SE), Java Enterprise Edition (Java EE), and Java Micro Edition (Java ME).
  • Let’s see some of important features of these platforms. Java Standard Edition is normally used for developing the desktop applications. It is formerly referred to as J2SE.
  • Java Standard Edition usually creates the base API or Core API. API stands for Application Programming Interface.
  • API is nothing but a set of procedures and functions and tools for building software applications. It actually enables the software programs to communicate with each other.
  • In the Java Standard Edition, you write the application that run as a standalone programs or as applets. Now what is meant by applets? Applets are programs written in Java to run in a web browser.
  • The only choice of applications which we can develop using core Java or Java SE are stand-alone applications. Next one is Java EE. Java Enterprise Edition (Java EE) is used to develop the server applications. The example of server applications is websites. Our Java EE training helps you to learn the concepts of Java EE. 
  • Java Enterprise Edition is formerly known as J2EE. This is a standard edition platform with additional features of enterprise platform.
  • The next important Java platform is Java ME. The Java Micro Edition (Java ME) is actually used for developing the applications which run on the resource constraint devices or small-scale devices. The perfect example for this Java ME is mobile games. Our Java ME training helps you to learn all these things practically. 
  • This is all about the different platforms of Java. We will be covering all these Java platforms in our Java SE training.
Learn about Java SE JDK in our Java SE training:

JDK stands for Java Development Kit. It is commonly known as software development environment. There are some software components included in the Java development kit. That is why it is known as bundle of software components. JDK includes several components such as Java C, JRE, Java interpreter, libraries, development tools, and Java Virtual Machine. These are the several software components available in the Java Development Tool Kit. JDK also comes with two important .exe files. They are Javac.exe and Java.exe. The Javac.exe converts java program into byte code. This is also known as Java compiler. The java.exe that is available in the JDK is actually executes the bytecode and finally runs that.

These two are what run and compile our program. These are part of the Java development tool kit. If you go ahead and search for installing Java Development Kit, you can see different versions such as Java SE Development Kit, Java EE Development Kit, and Java ME Development Kit. All these are used for different purposes. Java SE development kit is used for developing the desktop applications. This is all about the introduction of Java SE development kit. We will be covering more about this concept in our Java SE training.


Conclusion of Java SE training:

Global Online Training is the best for Java SE platform training. We are the best online training providers; we just don’t teach you the technologies rather we make you understand with live examples, the sessions we conduct are interactive and informative. If the candidates miss any of the sessions due to some unavailability, we will give assurance for backup sessions. Global Team will be in switch on mode for 24/7 and will solve any issues regarding the training, timings, trainer or server. There is a huge demand for Java SE professionals. There is a good salary for Java SE professionals. We are providing the best Java SE online training at a reasonable price. We have core team of experts for this Java SE online course. As it is an online training, the training timings will be the candidate feasibility. We are ready to solve any issues within no time. For details of this online course, feel free to contact the Global online training team.