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Introduction to Java Web Services Training:

Most of the applications we use these days follow client server architecture. The app itself is the Client or the front end part. Under the hood it needs to talk to a server or the back-end to get or save the data.The client can then directly call the services by sending HTTP requests. Classes are available for both individual as well as for corporate batches on demand. Call the help desk for the more information for  Java Web services training and its details. Global online trainings is best in providing web services online training by real time experts at flexible timings.

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Overview of Java Web services Training:

  • REST is short for Representational State Transfer but the theory aside REST is basically a convention for building these HTTP services. We refer to these operations all together as CRUD operations. Now let’s walk around this convention using a real world example.
  • Let’s say we have a company called Vidly for renting out movies, we have a client app where we manage the list of our customers. On the server we should expose a service and an end point. SO the client can send HTTP request to this endpoint to talk to our service.
  • If you want the data to be exchanged on a secure channel you would use HTTPS. Now there is lots of different kinds of API’s but when you hear people talk about Twitter’s API or Google’s API what they are talking about is a REST API. We are rich in providing Java web services training with live projects by industry experts.
  • I think one of the best ways to show the many similarities between a REST API call and loading a normal web page can be found with Facebook’s graph API. For example let’s pull up youtube’s face book and we are all familiar with what a facebook page looks like it shows how many likes the Youtube page has things like that but now let’s change to slash youtube and what we get back is a response to our API request.
Features of Web Services online Training:                                                                                                        Features of Java web services training
  • Let’s say we have made an API request in our browser to facebook’s graph API. Now what we get back might appear to be is actually JavaScript object notation or JSON formatted data. It is structured data organised according to key value pairs. The same way the excel spreadsheet is structured with key value pairs and you might ask for the data that is in a specific cell.
  • Now let’s take a look at another API example one I think is really cool is provided by Google Maps and it allows you to take a city name or even an address and turn it into a set of GPS coordinates as googleapis/maps/api/geocode/json.
  • Web services online training at Global online trainings – So if you remember what we just talked about the server that we are calling is maps. and then the particular resource we are drilled down. It’s the Maps resource and then the API resource and then the geocode resource and we have even added JSON training as a resource and that’s because the Google maps API can return data in a number of different formats and then we will add the parameters like address and sensors and as you can see we got another JSON response. Global online trainings is best in providing Java web services training by experts from India at flexible timings.
  • And see the latitude and longitude coordinates for the city of Chicago. But what do we do with them?  Well, let’s mash to API’s together and take those geo coordinates over to Instagram and plug them in to instagrams media search in point. So in order to access the Instagram media search in point without having to write any code.

We are going to head over to instagram/developers and then on the left hand side click on API console and we will be able to use this API console that’s provided by APIGEE training in order to make requests to the Instagram API without needing to write any code and you can see if you click on the drop down on the left there is a whole bunch of API’s that this thing is set up to allow you to play with but for now we are going to use Instagram and we are going to be using the Instagram media search in point which you can see is that API version/media/search and then we are going to set the following parameters and you can see that they are added to our URL request up at the top  of the screen we are going to set equal to we set the parameters and click send.

Conclusion of Java Web Services Training:

Want to know the best part? Java web services is a piece of software which makes itself available over Internet.When get back this information about a request, we see it’s a get request and it shows where it was sent and what parameters we passed in. One of the parameters that we didn’t say it was the access token because that was automatically set by the API interface. The most active online corporate trainings for learning folks! It will help you in gaining knowledge in all IT fields, Global online trainings is an online training center with experienced trainers around the world. Register to get regular updates on web services online training and our experts will guide you through the entire training process for perfect solutions.


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