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jboss training

JBoss Drools Course Content

JBoss Drools
  • Business Rules: Separating Policy from Code
  • Declarative Programming in Rule Engines
  • Understanding Rules in the context of a Rule Engine
  • Expert Systems and Expert Shells
  • Forward and Backward Chaining Explained
  • Architecture of a Rule Based System
  • Introducing Drools 5.0
  • Eclipse and the Drools IDE
  • Drools Expert: Rule Basics and Rule Syntax
  • Working with the KnowledgeRuntime interface
  • Working with Facts: Inserting, Updating, Retracting
  • Self-cleaning facts with InsertLogical
  • Querying the Engine
  • Unit Testing with Drools
  • Using JUnit 4 to Test your Rules
  • Exploring Drools Architecture
  • Drools and Maven
Problem Solving with Drools
  • Reasons to use Rule-based systems / Common Rule Technology Uses
  • Efficient Pattern Matching: The Magic Behind a Rule Engine
  • Fact Combinations and Permutations (cross product)
  • Ordering Conditions
  • Basic Conflict Resolution: Dealing with Clashing Rules
  • Salience
  • Rule Families and Message Passing
  • Deep into the Rule Language
  • Using DRL files, organizing into domains and namespaces
  • Property Change Listeners (when to use them)
  • Globals
  • Understanding the Agenda
  • NoLoop
  • Operators and Elements
  • Eval and Inline Eval
  • Test-Driven Development with Drools
  • Using JUnit 4 to Test Rules
  • Developing the Loan Calculator using TDD
  • Rule Systems Design Considerations
  • Rules as first class citizens
  • Domain Object versus Rule Engine Objects
  • Using Rules in a Web Environment
  • Synchronous versus Asynchronous Rule Engine Usage
  • Stateless versus Stateful Knowledge Sessions
Advanced Topics
  • Human Readable Rules: Domain Specific Languages in Drools
  • Integrating Processes and Rules using Rule Flows (Drools Flow)
  • Decision TablesStoring and Managing your Rules with Drools Guvnor
  • Technical Rules and Business Rules
  • Rule Packages and the Global Package
  • Importing Rules
  • Creating Test Scenarios and using the QA module
  • Overview of Drools Deployment in a Java EE Environment
  • Options and Gotchas on Specific Application Servers and Frameworks (EJB3, Spring, Seam)
  • Drools Execution Server
  • Spring Framework Integration
  • Recipe Finder: A Java EE Web Drools Application (A Guided Lab)
  • Design Principles for Building Better Rule Systems
  • When and when not to use a Rule Engine