jd edwards

JD Edwards SCM Course Content

Establishing Product Information
  • Identifying Item Requirements for Procurement Integration
  • Determining Costing Levels and Methods
Setting Up Suppliers
Setting Up Purchase Order Entry
  • Describing the Purchase Order Process
  • Explaining Processing Options
  • Using Additional Order Entry Features
Configuring System Settings
  • Describing Procurement System Settings
  • Establishing Procurement Constants
Defining Procurement Setup
  • Identifying Basic Procurement Setup Components
  • Setting Up Document Type Information
  • Defining Procurement Line Type
  • Defining Reporting Codes
  • Setting Up Order Activity Rules
  • Setting Up Procurement AAIs
  • Setting up and Running the Requisition Process
Setting Up and Managing Quotes
Processing Blanket Orders
Communicating to Suppliers
Processing Receipts
  • Setting Up Receipt Processing
  • Setting Up Cascade Receipts
  • Explaining Journal Entries for Receipt Transactions
Matching Vouchers
  • Creating Vouchers Using Standard Matching Methods
  • Identifying Other Voucher Matching Methods
  • Describing the Voucher Match Automation Process
Setting Up Order Hold Information
Setting Up Purchase Order Approvals
  • Setting Up Approval Processing
  • Setting Up Approval Notification
  • Setting Up Approval Critical Fields
  • Assigning Delegations
Creating Supplier Price Catalogs
Setting Up Templates
  • Setting Up Supplier Templates
  • Setting Up User Templates
Using the Purchase Order Workbench
Processing Order Revisions
Receipt Routing
  • Setting Up Receipt Routes
  • Assigning Receipt Routes to Items and Orders
  • Performing Movements and Dispositions
  • Analyzing Inquiry Programs
Setting Up Landed costs
Defining Supplier Analysis
Integrating with Capital Asset Management and Manufacturing
  • Describing Order Integration
  • Describing Outside Operations Integration
  • Describing Kanban Integration
  • Identifying Requirements Planning Integration
  • Defining Quality Management Integration
Integrating with Order Management and Logistics
  • Describing Sales Order Management Integration
  • Describing Transportation Management Integration
  • Describing Warehouse Management Integration