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JDBC Training Introduction:

JDBC Training at Global Online Trainings- JDBC is a trade mark given by Sun Micro-systems. JDBC is a data base related technology it is used in order to communicate with the database. It is sometimes said to be as Java data base Connectivity. But later due to some issues it is said to be as trade mark only. And it doesn’t have any abbreviation. It is mainly used to connect with any type of database. Previously, we had many approaches for communicating with database. All these concepts can be explained during best JDBC Online Training by Professionals.

Global Online Trainings offers best JDBC Online Training with many modules like JDBC architecture, JDBC Drivers, database concepts and many more. This JDBC Training provides you the practical knowledge. For more details about JDBC Training reach our help desk.

Mode of Training: JDBC Online training/ JDBC corporate training/ JDBC Virtual Web training.

Duration of Program: Can be optimized as per required (30 Hours).

Materials: Yes, we are providing materials for best JDBC online training.

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Trainer Experience: 10+ years.

Jdbc Online Training Course Content

Jdbc Online Training Course Content

Overview of JDBC Training:

The complete overview of JDBC Training can be provided during the JDBC Training. At present let us have few concepts regarding JDBC. It is related to Java. JDBC Training plays an important role in many techniques.

Let us take an example, if we have a java application and we JDBC Communicationneed to communicate with some database. Let us consider it as the Oracle database. So in between these Java application and Oracle Database there is a mediator known as JDBC technology. It can be explained well during JDBC Training. Previously, we used to have data base own libraries or data base dependent APIs. With the help of these dependent APIs, we used to communicate with respective or targeted database. It includes a lot of process and many risks or issues in applications. But at present JDBC replaced the old concept of using communication between the application and database. It is done in order to overcome the previous problem.

About ODBC in JDBC Training:

The in depth knowledge regarding ODBC will be explained during JDBC Training by experts from India.

  • The Microsoft in collaboration with some other third party company together introduced one of the common technologies known as ODBC. Previously it is said to be as Open Database Connectivity.
  • ODBC technology is provided by the Microsoft. ODBC is completely written on the native language called C-language.
  • The important role of ODBC is, it acts as a common gateway for connecting with any kind of databases. For example if we have many number of databases with only one application, then ODBC can be used to communicate with all the databases.
  • So for providing a database in independent way, this ODBC concept helps you a lot. ODBC is completely a Microsoft related product- JDBC Training.
  • So it is compatible with Microsoft Operating system only. Java application uses JNI (Java Native Interface) to indirectly communicate with ODBC.
  • Because the java applications cannot directly communicate with ODBC. So they use the JNI concept. When compared to ODBC, it is better to use JDBC. Because, JDBC is a database related technology given by Sun Micro-systems for allowing Java applications to communicate with database and without using JNI.
  • Whenever we are working with JDBC technology, it is not necessary to use JNI concept. This is because JDBC will be written using java. So there is no need to use JNI. As JDBC is written using java, so it is completely compatible with any platform.
  • There is no platform restriction. Whereas, ODBC Technology supports only Microsoft. So other than Microsoft software we can’t use it anywhere.
  • Many important factors can be explained during the JDBC Training with real time examples by experts.
Why database communication is important?

The database Communication plays a very important role in many sectors. This can be explained during the JDBC Online Training at Global Online Trainings with in depth knowledge.

  • We need to communicate with database because, for everyone it is necessary to store the data of the user dynamically or to promote a dynamic environment or dynamic interaction between a user and the application.
  • Whatever the data that was exchanged from the user and the application, in order to store the data and in order to provide some security for data, in order to provide locking for the data.
  • So to provide data security, to provide data locking support, dynamic storage etc., for all these things we need a database communication concept.
  • If there is no database communication, then there won’t be any dynamic interaction between the user and the software application. In order to provide a dynamic website or webpage we need a dynamic interaction between a user and a software application.
  • For that purpose database communication plays a vital role. So, in order to provide a database communication, it is possible only with the help of JDBC technology.
  • Learn JDBC Training in order to gain more knowledge regarding database communication.
About MySQL Training in JDBC Training:

MySQL Training helps you to provide the in depth knowledge regarding databases. For every organization, it is necessary to save their data with security. So they use MySQL database and MySQL Dba Training also plays a major role. By learning MySQL Training, it helps you to know more about JDBC Training. About database connections can also be known with the help of MySQL during JDBC Online Training.

Learn about Persistence In Jdbc Training:

The process of saving and managing data for long time is called as Persistence. In order to do this persistence activity, we need persistence store files. The data that is present in Persistence store is called persistent data. The persistent data includes texture data, binary images, audio and video.

Anything that is written in file is called as word persistent. There also includes persistence operations.

Persistence Operations in Database Concept:

It includes insert, update, delete, select operations performed on the persistent data. For example, in any sector these operations play a major role. It may be in a company or hospital or banking etc.,

The logic that can perform persistence operations is called Persistence logic. If we consider Java, then we use JDBC code to write persistence logic. So that it can talk and manipulate database. The entire concept will be explained during the JDBC Online course.

Learn about JDBC Driver Types during JDBC Training:

A JDBC driver is a set of java classes that implement the JDBC interfaces, directing a specific Database. The JDBC interfaces come with standard Java. But, the application of these interfaces is specific to the database. You need to connect to such an implementation which is called JDBC driver.

There are different types of JDBC drivers that are divided into four different types.Types of JDBC Drivers

They are: JDBC ODBC bridge driver, Native API driver, Network protocol driver or middleware driver and the last one is Database protocol driver or pure Java driver. At present, Database protocol drivers are widely used.

  • JDBC-ODBC Bridge Driver: Whenever a Java application uses this type of driver, then it uses a ODBC driver to connect the database. JDBC ODBC bridge driver converts JDBC method calls into the ODBC calls and redirect the request to ODBC driver. ODBC driver converts the ODBC calls into Native DBMS specific calls using the vendor database library and redirect the request to the database for processing. The advantage of this driver is, it is very easy to use almost any database for which an ODBC driver is installed can be accessed and data can be retrieved using this driver. Any database can be supported using this driver.
  • Native-API Driver: Whenever a java application uses this driver for JDBC for interacting with the database, then the Native API driver converts the JDBC method calls into native API calls of the database using the client-side libraries of the database. It is a platform dependent driver. The advantages of this driver includes that it is faster than the JDBC ODBC bridge driver.
  • Network Protocol Driver: Whenever the java application uses this driver, then the java method calls will be sent to the network protocol driver, which converts the JDBC calls into a database server independent and middleware specific calls and that will be passed to the middleware. Middleware acts like an application server, converts the middleware server specific calls into database specific calls. This driver may use the remaining three drivers to communicate with the database. The advantage of this driver is that, since the communication between client and the middleware server is database independent, there is no need for the database vendor library on the client. There are many advantages using this driver that can be explained during JDBC Training.
  • Database Protocol Driver: Whenever an application uses this driver, then the JDBC method calls will be passed to the native protocol driver, which converts the JDBC calls directly into a vendor specific database protocols as the database protocol is vendor specific, the JDBC client requires separate drivers usually Vendor supplied to connect to different types of databases. This can be explained with an example during the JDBC Online Training. The advantages of this driver includes it is a platform independent driver and no intermediate format is required for it. The application also connects directly to the database server.

There are some limitations also for these JDBC drivers. Those can be discussed during the JDBC Training by our well experienced Trainers at Global Online Trainings.

Conclusion for JDBC Training:

The advanced Java JDBC Training and the core components of JDBC, JDBC Design patterns, its transactions can be explained with in depth knowledge by high Professionals from various States at Global Online Trainings. They provide you the best Jdbc Online Training and the steps to communicate Jdbc with other databases can be explained during the training. There are many benefits by learning JDBC Training. For example JDBC Application helps to update table in database. It also helps you to learn the concepts like JDBC MySQL-Client- Server- Architecture , about MySQL concepts involved with JDBC etc.,

Register for Best JDBC Online Training at Global Online Trainings by top most experienced trainers with practical examples and also they help you in solving your doubts. Our trainers are user-friendly and they help you to provide the best knowledge regarding JDBC.


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