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Introduction To Joomla Training Course:

Joomla Training is a standout amongst the most capable open source content administration framework (CMS) on the planet. It is utilized everywhere throughout the world for everything from straightforward site to complex corporate applications. Joomla Training is anything but difficult to introduce, design and easy to learn, oversee and it is generally solid. Joomla keeps running on the PHP and MySQL. It is considered as very extensible and a great many expansions are accessible which are for the most part free. Joomla is considered as a secluded CMS and 2.7 percent of web is running on joomla. It depends on the model-see controller (i.e. MVC) web application structure that can be utilized freely. Enlist with Global Online Trainings for Joomla Certification Training and take in its highlights, how to manufacture imaginative sites and the capable online applications.

Prerequisites of JOOMLA Training:

  • HTML is to be known before getting training on the Joomla Training.
  • PHP should be known because the joomla Training written in the php.
  • Basic knowledge on the CSS and java script for the JOOMLA training.
  • Jquery and MYSQL are to be known for JOOMLA Training.
  • MAGENTO is also to be known before the JOOMLA Training.

Joomla Online Training Course Content

Introduction to Joomla training
Joomla training Advantages
Installation of Joomla
Requirements for Joomla Installation.
Joomla training CMS Concepts
Concepts Like : Menus, Articles, Sections & Categories in Joomla Training
Modules, Components & Plugins in Joomla training
Admin and Site Extensions
The Global Configuration
The Article Manager
The Section Manag
The Category Manager
The Front page Manager
The Menu Manager
The Archive Manager
The Article Parameters
Default Joomla training Templates
Customizing the Joomla Template
User positions & Modules
Creating Custom Joomla Template
Adding Styles to Joomla Template
The Media Manager
The Links Manager
The User Manager
The template Manager
The Language Manager
The Banner Manager
Installing Modules, Components and Plugins
Joomla VirtueMart

Joomla Training:

Joomla is popular Content Management system (CMS) in the world. It is Open source software to build the websites. Joomla is used by hundreds of thousands of professionals all over the world. Global Online Training provide latest version of joomla 3.8.4 Online Training by Top Trainers. Register with Global Online Trainings for Joomla training to learn how to create effective website building.

Joomla Training Overview:

  • By Using Joomla training developers can build effective websites based on the client requirement. And hand over the website to the client .After that client update the content to website easily without knowledge of any programming language but with minimum basic knowledge of HTML.
  • We have managed the global settings in joomla by using Global Configuration.
  • Joomla is an active player of the content Management system market.
  • Joomla training uses sections and categories to organize articles. Joomla allows organizing site content into sections and further break those sections down into separate categories.
  • Joomla training is very useful to develop the user friendly websites to the clients. And no need of technical experience.
  • Joomla is a software framework used to create, organize and publish content for blogs, websites and mobile applications.
  • Joomla training is content management system that allows changing the content without doing any changes on coding.
  • JOOMLA Training is an content management system. Cms is a software make a possible for the nontechnical users to website. CMS defers to another website used to be created with the viewer and similar programs in several ways.
  • When we create the website with the dream viewer with some knowledge on html code. In joomla there is no need of the html software we login through the web page No knowledge required of html for joomla.
  • When we create the fully functional website is free in that we don’t need to add joomla brand on your website so joomla website just look like any other website.
  • A standard joomla installation may be all you need for a basic website but the real power of joomla approach from the thousands of third party extensions that are obtainable these provides additional functionalities such as feedback forms, photos, membership, site map and much more many of these extension are also free but some are commercial.
  • Joomla powered website the front end is the collection of finished web page and the backend is where the page contents and other functionality is created and managed the joomla back end is generally referred to as the manager.
  • For building the joomla website there are some requirements , first basic understanding of how website work. Understanding how joomla works, joomla software , an account with the web host which is an organization responsible for storing your website and making it accessible to others on the internet.

Why we use Joomla?

  • By using Joomla it is really easy for clients to update their websites. Joomla have number of effective tools to develop the user friendly websites very faster based on the client requirement.
  • Joomla is open source means it is free to use and may download it and may use it for website building will not have to pay for it. One important about it is that its source code is available for modifications.
  • Core functionality of Joomla and things that are built on top of that core functionality which would be the design theme and the extensions. GOT gives the best Joomla certification training which is helpful to you.
  • With design theme that defines how your website will look and how it work.
  • Extensions are the bits of functionality that our website needs and there are not included into the core functionality.
  • Joomla having more number of extensions if we need. And it is very easy to install and update. Joomla Corporate Training will be given by best trainers and they will trained you on this.

Joomla Training Features:

  • Joomla training is used more for static and corporate websites because of how easily expandable in terms of both design and functionality.
  • Joomla is used across a variety of sites.
  • It is very diverse and it offers a lot of flexibility and freedom when comes to design.
  • Joomla is very good at organizing and helping to display all of that content .And it is very good content management system to use for creating smaller, simple business sites in fact that’s done all the time.
  • We can set up a business website with absolutely with no coding and we have to add functionality of our site.
  • Joomla has great support and excellent community and form that are available to answer questions.
  • In Joomla more number of components is available in
  • Joomla having complete control on the visual presentation.
  • Templates are available in joomla with free of cost. We can add those templates by click.

joomla training overviewHow to Create New Article in Joomla:

  • First we open current installation of Joomla in any one of browser and for that we need to installation of joomla.
  • For Creating new article first go over to the backend end of joomla by using login credentials.
  • Then we go for content article manager and click to add new article button.
  • Whenever create new article in joomla we have to give title and having paragraph to write text. And if we want add image, banners also have to attached to the article.. And finally save that article.
  • We provide practical session of creating an article manage that article and how to publish that article in Joomla Training by top trainer.

Joomla Training Components, Modules and Plug-ins:

These three types of extension that make up a essential joomla website whether looking at the front end of website or backend  pages and almost certainly looking at components, and few modules and some plug-in.


Components are the core part of joomla website and more components that have been developed for joomla. And Component is the main section of a page.


Modules are used tend to add the supporting content often used to provide some dynamic function to a website may be links to other pages lists of similar articles login blocks or just smaller pieces of custom text. Some of the standard joomla modules use the entire time or login module which is a short version of the full user login component, articles category which displays a title and text from other articles in a particular category by popularity date and few other parameters.


More number of components and modules are published in the module positions defined in template .So we can cover components and modules are now into one plug-in are a slight or more difficult to define because sometimes can see them and sometimes we cannot. It just depends upon what we doing. There are quite a few stock joomla plug-in that will never see but are working on the front end of website.

To Know more about the concepts of Joomla components, modules and plug-in you should register in our website.

Joomla Template Manager:

  • Joomla template is a bunch of files that’s configured within the control panel.
  • Template manager restrict the overall observation and layout of the joomla site. They provide a framework that brings together elements like articles menu items and modules and other components.
  • The template Manager organizes what see on the webpage .And it is not possible to use multiple templates and assign different templates to different pages.
  • We can change the default templates based on the requirement. We have front end and backend joomla templates are available. We are providing practical session of Template manager in detail by top trainers. Joomla website Template training is offered in our global online trainings. 
Joomla Training Media Manager:

The media manager is used to upload images in bulk and it’s and also manages the images that are on website, if a little experience with image management and familiar with using file transfer protocol (FTP).

Media manager will show files and folders from images folder on hosting account. Image management is handled by the media manager.

Global Online Trainings provide joomla media manager concept in Joomla Training with good material and videos.

How to add Google Maps to Joomla:

Joomla having more number of extensions to create a Google maps and display them. Joomla online training having Google maps plug in to add the extension. In these extensions we have the Google map module. Joomla having Google maps to identify the location. To explore more about the adding Google maps to joomla training with practical session join on Joomla Training demo in global online trainings.

  • WordPress is a free open source web publishing system which is just another way of saying it is a free tool to help build effective websites. This wordpress is used by the Small businesses or for build personal blogs. WordPress Training video also given which is useful for this Joomla certification training
  • WordPress is also used by the governments, schools and some fortune 500 companies. And 17-20% of the websites on the internet are developed by only using wordpress.
  • By using WordPress we can build the blogs, websites and also create new pages of website.
  •  The wordpress dashboard administrator we can create posts and pages. And the general public the people that view website cannot see the backend of the dashboard.
  • It is the one of the most famous Content Management system .WordPress is used by the 60 million sites all over the internet. And it is used for over than 40% of the websites based on the CMS. It is powered by such programming languages like PHP, HTML, and CSS etc.
  • WordPress having multiple themes, plug-in and widgets. And publishing content is very easy.

MAGENTO Training:

  • MAGENTO Training is an the ecommerce platform and it is an free open source we can download it freely without any cost. MAGENTO Training hold high products of volume and the customer data. MANGENTO Training will handle the lot of page views and the interaction and the stores are also.
  • MAGENTO Training basics if we are viewing some information on the programming and mvc really have magento training. Request flow in MAGENTO Training basically have it receives the request and gets into the magento module and output will generated.
  • MAGENTO Training have the EAV modeling just allows the complex in any developer representation. MAGENTO Training have fantastic frame work. MAGENTO is mainly for content management system and it main concept is to the improve the customer response. MAGENTO Training is mainly for the online purpose.  Magento course is main for the joomla certification training so you should know about this.
  • It uses the complicated database so it need to be run only on the previous using server.
  • On web server files should not be host which are not using. Magento modules which are not using should be identify and ruin. Abbreviate the site images to best web images sizes

DRUPAL Training:

  • Drupa training is an content management system, software, organize and update of our web site to the application framework. We can build other application with the DRUPAL. Drupal is an the extensible, fast and secure.
  • We can distribute, manage and create the full variety of content on website. DRUPAL is also free open source we can download it freely. Drupal is reported in system language called php. Drupal is locate on web server. Drupal is formative for creating the as simple as blog and difficult as large website. PHP is the main for all it drupal written in the php.
  • Drupal is for the content writing the content it will take heavy time but with drupal training less time will occur, drupal rapidly add the content and edit our website in the same time both will done at a same time.
  • No need to appoint expensive web designer we can update our website if any changes are required we can change also.
  • For drupal no need of any other technical knowledge we should know adding the content to our website and it will take to compose and send an mail.
  • Drupal very helpful in the content writing in the website and it is simple to complex. Pre fab modules are build most site functions and it is maintained by community developers. No need for the sole source lock in. Security continually monitored and upgraded. Super fast pages loading for the simple to complex site. User will get the irregular level of permissions for adding the content. Drupal is easy to maintain. DRUPAL Training is also important to be learn we also providing this training by the best corporate trainers.
  • Regarding to any field like educational, personal etc drupal manage the content and build communities and empower visitors feedback and combination. Drupal training is important for the Joomla Training so you should learn the drupal.
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