Jprobe Training Introduction:

Jprobe Training is an Profiling tool for Java, Its is an enterprise-class Java profiler that provides intelligent diagnostics on memory usage. Jprobe Training allows developers to quickly pinpoint and repair the root cause of application code performance.

Jprobe Online Training online by Global Online Trainings is arranged on best virtual interactive platform and classes are arranged on flexi hours for providing best suitability for all participants for utilizing their spare time. Classes are done for corporate batches as well as for individual professionals.

JProbe provides three types of analysis:

  • Memory analysis, Performance analysis and Coverage analysis
Jprobe Training Prerequisites:
  • Performer engineer
  • basic knowledge on java, any developer.

Jprobe Online Training Course Content

  • About JProbe
  • JProbe Suite
  • JProbe Sessions
  • Intro Exercise
Profiler Tool
  • Call Graph
  • Finding Inefficient code
  • Method List and Method Detail
  • Multi-threads
  • Finding Thread Deadlocks
  • Heap Usage – use the Memory Debugger
  • Snapshot differences
  • Source tab
  • Profiler Exercisea
Memory Debugger Tool
  • Instances View
  • Classes View
  • Method View
  • Garbage Monitor View
  • Runtime Heap Summary
  • Loitering Objects
  • Snapshot differences
  • Memory Debugger Exercise
Coverage Tool
  • Coverage Browser
  • Working with Conditional Data
  • Merge Test Cases
  • Reports
  • Coverage Exercise
  • IDE Integration
  • JProbe Ant Scripting
  • Reports/Printing

Jprobe Training Course Overview:


  •  About JProbe
  •  JProbe Suite
  •  JProbe Sessions
  •  Intro Exercise

Profiler Tool

  •  Call Graph
  •  Finding Inefficient code
  •  Method List and Method Detail
  •  Multi-threads
  •  Finding Thread Deadlocks
  •  Heap Usage – use the Memory Debugger
  •  Snapshot differences
  •  Source tab
  •  Profiler Exercise

Memory Debugger Tool

  •  Instances View
  •  Classes View
  •  Method View
  •  Garbage Monitor View
  •  Runtime Heap Summary
  •  Loitering Objects
  •  Snapshot differences
  •  Memory Debugger Exercise

Coverage Tool

  •  Coverage Browser
  •  Working with Conditional Data
  •  Merge Test Cases
  •  Reports
  • Coverage Exercise



IDE Integration

JProbe Ant Scripting