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Introduction to JUnit Training: 

JUnit is a Regression Testing Framework introduced by Apache. It is an open source unit testing tool based on Java. The main advantage of JUnit is, in any framework you need to follow some rules to write your tests but JUnit will run them for you. We can say that the JUnit is an open source testing framework for Java Applications. The main focus of JUnit is to help the java developers by writing and running repeatable tests. We are go for development a code before that we will cover some new features . The Junit has an architecture and it was changed and you would having some basic idea about  how to set up a bare-bones in maven Project with the help of simple class, the class isn’t the focus of our attention the test code having weight of word per unit is using the API.


JUnit Testing Training Course Details:

Course Name: JUnit Testing Training

Mode of Training: We provide Online Training and Corporate Training for JUnit Testing Course

Duration of Course: 30 Hrs

Do we Provide Materials? Yes, If you register with Global Online Trainings, the JUnit Testing Training Materials will be provided.

Course Fee: After register with Global Online Trainings, our coordinator will contact you.

Trainer Experience: 15 years+

Timings: According to one’s feasibility

Batch Type: Regular, weekends and fast track


Prerequisites to learn to JUnit Training:

Solid knowledge on Java Programming and software development process is essential and enough to learn JUnit Training.


JUnit Testing Training Course Content

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Overview of JUnit Training:

As I said JUnit is a “Unit Testing Tool”, first we have to take a look at what is Unit Testing Tool?


What is Unit Testing Tool?

  • A unit test is a tool is writing unit tests that verify each unit of the code to increase the worth. Finally, it is used for Java developers to execute functional requirements. Unit testing is not the latest concept. It’s been there since the early days of the programming.
  • A good unit test is used to generate strong software components that help to handle code and eliminate problems in code units. We all are very clear about the importance of identifying and resolving errors in the early stage of development software cycle. Unit testing is useful for the same purpose.
  • There are different “Unit Testing Tools” for different programming languages. They are JUnit for Java Framework, PHP training Unit for PHP Framework, NUnit for .NET Framework and py.test for Python training Framework.
  • These Unit Testing frameworks allow you to write unit tests are fast and simple. JUnit tests are very well supported java language while many of the other programming languages are not support Unit Testing.

Learn the Benefits of Unit Testing Tool at JUnit Testing Training:

Unit testing offers several benefits as well as limitations. To overcome these limitations the entire software development process needs some discipline and stability and also benefits:Key-Benefits-of-Unit-Testing

  • The software development lifecycle will be tested in the early stages when other modules are not available for consolidation.
  • After problem-solving in unit testing, it can solve many other problems in the development and testing phases.
  • The cost for errors found in the unit examination is less than what the fixing cost system or acceptance tests.
  • Code coverage is measured
  • Fever bugs in the system and acceptance testing
  • Code perfection can be displayed using unit tests. It is more useful in the active process. Functional builds cannot be tested for developers until the integration is completed in junit testing tool . Coding cannot be completed by showing that you have written and checked in the code. But the run unit displays the completeness of the test code.
  • Developers should first expect strong design and development, such as writing test cases by understanding the interpretations.
  • Simply recognize that who broke the build.
  • Develop time will be saved and the code takes longer to complete but the amount of reduced errors count can save the time of development.

These are the simple point about the benefits of Unit Testing Tool. But you can learn more through JUnit Testing Online Training at Global Online Trainings”


What is JUnit at JUnit Testing Training?
  • JUnit is the most popular Unit Testing Framework in Java. It is generally used testing framework along with Java Programming Language. JUnit is an automation framework; used equally for both Unit testing, and UI Testing. JUnit is mainly used to describe the process of running tests with different annotations.
  • However, JUnit is an automation testing framework for web applications without manpower; In this case, you can use selenium scripting. JUnit can be used with Selenium Web driver to automate the testing of web applications. So, you can easily execute automation testing of a web application by using JUnit. We will do interaction based testing using Mockito.
  • JUnit is a Unit Testing Framework for Java, which helps to write test cases in a more structured and improved format. Selenium and JUnit can be used independently with each other, but both JUnit and Selenium; the testing cases can be used to write a more structured way.

These above points are a brief description of JUnit. If you want to learn more please join in demo session for JUnit Testing Training at Global OnlIne Trainings, it will be completely free.


What are the benefits of JUnit Testing Training?

Software bugs cost us a lot of time and money. When you write a piece of code, you try to test it; and you do it in many ways. Let’s have a look at JUnit Testing. JUnit is an open source framework, which the unit is testing in the Java programming language. JUnit is widespread adoption by organizations across the world for writing and running unit test cases.

I have listed here a couple of benefits of using JUnit. Please see them.Architecture-of-JUnit-Testing

  • JUnit is a testing framework; assist Java developers to write tests, by using JUnit, Java developers can write functions to develop software. The test cases are written and executed for each action they write.
  • By using JUnit you can do big or small modifications each and every time in any code. You can make sure that the function is working well and cannot break any old functionality by implementing all the test cases written for any function. So, write a test case once and use the test case again and again as you expected!
  • Using JUnit, you can easily create and manage a great unit test case suite especially for whole software.
  • Any new member of the team can easily understand written and conducted test cases using JUnit and help to write more test cases to develop stronger software.
  • JUnit became a standard for testing in Java programming language and almost all IDEs e.g. Net beans eclipse etc. So, if you work in any standard IDE environment, you will find JUnit support in it. If you use an IDE to develop Java software, you can create and manage test cases with the help of JUnit Wizards that will further enhance your productivity. You can run a group of test cases by clicking on some of the options in the IDE and check the reports using a different color combination immediately.
  • In order to implement test suites (all unit test cases) as part of the construction process, you can build reports with a rich color combination. So, every time your build is ready, you can check the JUnit report that tells you the full unit test status instantly.

Because of these benefits JUnit become one of the powerful testing tools for robust software development.

 If you want a perfect and effective testing process for your organization, choosing the right testing framework is the most challenging task. In this case, I would give the first preference to JUnit Testing. It is one of the best automation tools when compared to other testing tools and develop JUnit tests with  Mockito architecture. Why are you late? Come and join with us. We will train you from basic level to advanced concepts.


Learn about JUnit annotations in JUnit Testing Training:

An annotation is a special form of syntax which is added to Java source code for better code redundancy and structure. Variables, parameters, packages, methods, and classes can be annotated. There are some useful JUnit annotations. Which are: Test, Before, After, BeforeClass, AfterClass. Mockito plays a key role in developing testable applications.

Here I gave a clear explanation about JUnit Annotations:

  • @Test: @Test is a test method. So, the system knows that the method annotated as @Test. There can be multiple test methods in a single test script.
  • @Before: @Before tell the system that each method is run before each of the test methods.
  • @After: Method annotated as @After tell the system that each method is run after each of the test methods.
  • @BeforeClass: @Before Class system knows that this method has been implemented in advance to test methods.
  • @AfterClass:  @After Class test system will then inform the system that this method should be executed once.
  • @Ignore: Method annotated as @Ignore tell that ignore the system that does not run this method.

Learn more information through JUnit Online Training. For more info please contact Global Online Training.


Why should we learn JUnit Testing Training?

Whether you are test driven development or not most of the software development includes testing. So, must start writing tests as soon as possible you should start to write programs in junit testing tool.  JUnit is a well-tested open source unit testing framework in Java programming language used by each Java Developer. So you should learn well about JUnit while learning advanced concepts of java.

There are some reasons, that you must learn JUnit. They are

  • JUnit is used in the development of a test-driven framework
  • It is an open sources framework used in Java Programming
  • JUnit is used by the Java developers to implement unit testing in java
  • JUnit framework can be integrated with Maven, Ant, and Eclipse.

Want to start your career with JUnit Testing? Good Decision!

JUnit can learn at any time of your needs. Before getting started with JUnit you must good with Java programming language. Once you perfect in these programming languages, then you can start your career with JUnit. All the best!


Conclusion of JUnit Training:

Global Online Trainings provide certified oriented training for JUnit Testing Training. Our JUnit Testing Certification helps you to work in top MNCs across the world. By the end of our JUnit Online Training, you will be able to test Java and Java EE applications, run unit tests as a part of your build and measure code coverage and improve it. Also, you will clear all type of interviews. We will provide full-fledged JUnit Testing Training with 24×7 supports. We are providing best JUnit Training at an affordable price. We have a strong academic background in JUnit Training. We also provide JUnit Training Interview Questions after completion of this course. For more details, please feel free to contact our Global online Training team. They will clarify all your doubts regarding the JUnit Testing online training. We also provide classroom training for JUnit Training at client premises Noida, Bangalore, Chennai, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi, and Pune. Join Today!


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