Katalon Training

Katalon Training

Introduction to Katalon Training: 

Katalon Training Course at Global Online Trainings is specially built for automation testers, QC Engineers and QC Leads to make them specialists in dealing with the diverse tool of automation in the IT Industry. Here, we provide Katalon Studio Training Videos and Katalon Materials, so that even a fresher also can easily understands and learn his/her own pace. We have more than 15+ years of industry experts in Katalon will cover all the powerful features of Katalon studio.  This help to overcome all challenges during practical automation. Through this Katalon Corporate Training you will get the excellent opportunity to work on real-time Katalon projects which will help you clear the Katalon certification exam. Join in our Katalon Online Training program today and Get Certified!


Prerequisites of Katalon Training:

The major prerequisites for learning Katalon course are listed below:

  • Should have basic knowledge on QA concepts and techniques.
  • Should have knowledge on SDLC, Test cases and Test automation, Groovy & Java Script languages
  • Should have basic knowledge on Software Testing concepts and techniques

Katalon Training online Course Outline:

Course Name: Katalon Training

Mode of Training: We provide Online Training, Classroom Training and Corporate Training for Katalon Online Course

Duration of Course: 30 Hrs

Do we Provide Materials? Yes, if you register with Global Online Trainings, the Katalon Training Materials will be provided.

Course Fee: After register with Global Online Trainings, our coordinator will contact you.

Trainer Experience: 15 years+

Timings: According to one’s feasibility

Batch Type: We provide Regular, weekends and fast track batches.

Katalon Online Training Course Content:

Katalon Studio Training Course Content

Katalon Studio Training Course Content

This video covers the basics of Katalon online training, we give complete online training for Katalon, just click register button for more information. We have many other Katalon tutorials, this tutorials will help to learning the Katalon technology at your own place.

Overview of Katalon Training:

The increase in demand for the automation testing in the company has given birth too many automation testing tools. One of the newly launched and very popular ones is Katalon Studio. Katalon Studio is a tool used by many companies these days and it is very popular due to its functionality and ease to use. Katalon Studio is a complete test automation framework and free freeware. We are here to provide the best Katalon  form working professionals and students in the field of automation testing and especially those who want to shine in Katalon automation testing.

The Katalon training course at Global Online Trainings mainly focuses on almost all aspects of this tool.  Our course content also looks like job-oriented. Before going to learn about Katalon, let’s we discuss first what Katalon Studio is.

What is Katalon?

Katalon is the automation tool which extends the capabilities of the selenium training and the appium, this tool can be applied to the web, API and the mobile testing and also automation testing tool. This is known as the user-friendly and versatile solution which helps the tester’s to the launch high-quality software to test better for the entire test automation process.

Learn about Katalon Studio in our Katalon Training: What is Katalon Training

Test automation is an area where sustainability is still the key to improved efficiency, simplicity, ease of use. Some tools helps to create scripts that are flexible, light, easy and manageable, but difficult to use. Some are simple but create fragile and temperament tests. There is always a choice we have to make- we win some, we lose some. Given this situation, it is only natural to be excited when a tool comes up with the promise of solving pain points.

So, The Katalon Studio came up with the UI capabilities.  Katalon is a keyword-based strategy for test writing methodology for test execution in data-driven functions. Katalon Studio is a flexible and powerful automation tool built for testers. It was developed with the purpose of build and reuses automated test scripts for UI without coding and also offers a viable alternative to inexpensive commercial test automation solutions for many small and medium-sized teams.

Who can go for this Katalon studio Training?

  • Anyone who wants to learn Katalon Studio with step by step examples
  • Anyone who wants to learn test automation in an easy way
  • IT Engineers, software developers, and project managers who want to learn automation testing
  • Manual tester who want to switch their career to automation testing
  • Fresher/Graduates who want to start their career in this field

How can Katalon Studio help in your test automation?

  • Because of its simplification of creating testing, you can quickly create automation test cases.
  • Manual testers can start using it right away
  • The learning curve is very short
  • Useful/good features for test creation, execution, and reporting
Why Katalon Studio is the best open source framework? 

Katalon Studio hides all the technical issues and offers a friendly UI with manual mode. So that, the user can drag-drop, select keywords and test items to create test steps but still be able to unlock the weapons needed by technically powerful users. The coding is deep with a scripting mode that fully supports development features such as syntax highlighting, code reference and debugging.

When we compare with Selenium, users need to go through the technical procedure for their API and connect them with the IDE and preferred programming language. In difference, Katalon Studio is built as a unified bundle that contains all the essential things like Java, Android SDK, web drivers to run browsers, and dependencies. All you have to do is download and install it on your computer. Minimal installation required for all this.

What are the course objectives of Katalon Online Training?
  • By the end of the course, the candidates will be capable of performing the following aspects.
  • Automating different android applications Automating web and IOS applications
  • Knowledge of working procedure of Object Repositories, Katalon analytics reporting,
  • Advanced concepts of Katalon studio and more. Knowledge about the Katalon studio beta stage unique features, how to work with external data sources and more.
Benefits of Katalon Training:

Keywords-driven-This methodology works for analyzers who aren’t capable in scripting. In light of watchwords that speak to clients’ activities on the Applications under Test, an analyzer can run a robotized test. Catchphrases can be redone.

Data-driven– A test execution procedure that highlights perusing test contents from different information sources. The data is taken from information pools, Excel records, ADO objects, CSV documents, and ODBC sources.

API-testing-It is used as the XLS, XML information sources, and databases with dynamic mapping for better test inclusion. Additionally, the tests are consistent with Cucumber, a BDD system for acknowledgment trial of web applications.We provide the continuous Integration Training from our real-time experts. 

Conclusion to Katalon Training:

Katalon Training offers several alternatives that are difficult to achieve with the Selenium web driver, which requires the Java language knowledge. But with this tool, you can easily automate complex things that don’t have a locator, just by defining a custom object locator. This Katalon studio training helps to automate the websites easily and the time consuming slowly, this helps to improve the scripts.

Global Online Trainings provides best Katalon Online Training by best experienced Trainers. Our Global online Trainings team helps to you for solving all the technical queries in your Katalon project. We do the best to provide best Katalon studio job support, and if you want to learn Katalon Online Training; just go through our website. Enroll at Global Online Trainings for Katalon training with industry expert consultants. We also provide Katalon studio Administration Training. This training helps you to explore more knowledge regarding Katalon Training. For more information on Katalon studio online Training services or corporate course do contact our help desk!



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