kcs training

Knowledge-Centered Support (KCS) Concepts
  • Introduction to KCS Concepts & Practices
  • Overview
  • Defining Knowledge
  • KCS Manages the Risk of Knowledge Sharing
  • KCS Success Story
  • KCS Benefits
The KCS Article
  • Introduction to the KCS Article
  • The KCS Article Structure
  • The Data Objects for Support
  • The Complete Thoughts
  • The Content Health
  • The Article Content Standard
  • The Benefits of Article Structure
  • The Article Examples
  • The Article State
  • The Article Visibility
  • The Roles in KCS and the License Model
  • AQI
Process for Creating an Article: Capture, Structure, Reuse/Search and Improve Practices
  • Introduction to the  Process for Creating an Article
  • Capture in  Moment
  • Search Early, Search Often
  • Knowledge Base as on Context Sensitive Index
  • Linking to External Resources
  • Improve: Just-In-Time Article Quality
  • Importance of Capture & Structure Technique
  • Importance of Reuse & Improve Techniques
Process Integration
  • Introduction to Process Intergration
  • Process Integration
  • Process Integration So Important
  • KCS Structured Model
  • Workflow
Performance Assessment
    • Introduction to Performance Assessment
    • Assessing the Value of Knowledge Creation
    • Cause & Effect of Putting Goals on Activities
    • Leading Indicators and Activities
    • Results & Outcomes
    • Radar Charts
    • Measures Views by Phases
    • Performance Model