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Introduction of Kentico CMS Training:

In Kentico CMS Training, CMS stands for Content Management System and this is also known as Web Content Management System (WCMS).  This is used for creating the web content and it is also used for managing the web content. This plays a very important role in the collection of data as well as display of personalized content. Global Online Trainings is the best Online Training. We provide Online Training on Kentico CMS Training by our experienced trainers at a reasonable cost. Here you can get the practical knowledge on Kentico CMS Training from the basic level to the advanced level. We provide both online training and also Corporate Training according to the client requirement. At Global Online Trainings only you can the get quality education. We will give training according to the industry level standards on Kentico CMS Training. Register with us and join today!.

Prerequisites for Kentico CMS Training:

To learn Kentico CMS Training, a person he/she should have minimum basic knowledge on the following

  • Knowledge on Complex website.
  • Database
  • SQL
Kentico CMS Training Details:

Mode of Training: Online Training as well as Corporate Training           .

Duration of Program: 25 Hours.

Materials: Yes, after registration with Global Online Trainings we provide materials.

Course Fee: When you register with Global Online Trainings one of our agent will contact you and he will discuss about the course in detail.

Experience of Trainer: The trainer has 12 years+ experience in this field.

Timings: We provide training according to client feasibility.

Batch Type: We provide all types of batches regular, weekends and fast track.


Kentico CMS Course Content

Overview of Kentico CMS Training:

  • With the help of Kentico CMS Training for ASP.NET, we can develop dynamic websites. Kentico CMS Training is an application that is related to ASP.NET 2.0 and this written in C#.  The content of the dynamic websites are managed by CMS. Kentico CMS Training provides content storage. It helps to manage the content and it also helps to display on the website without any programming language. Kentico CMS Training is totally related to Online Marketing. This allows you to create optimized digital customer experiences.
  • Kentico is actually an all-in-one CMS ecommerce and online marketing platform but specific to the content management facilities people are attracted to it because it’s easy to use, it’s mobile responsive, it has easy to configure templates pages and customizable forms. You can operate in a multilingual environment, there are nice drag-and-drop facilities. We are rich in providing Kentico CMS training by experts from India.
  • You can preview the output on multiple devices that’s built in a/b and multivariate testing and it also has personalization rules built in. In the background of Kentico just take a look at some capabilities here. So the first thing you will see is a nice dashboard. This can be configured to suit your own needs and you can quickly get to the things that are important to me perhaps the pages I am working on forms, media, libraries and so forth. I can also get to any other parts of the application as I see fit.
  • So here I can jump to content management and specifically pages and this takes me to the site map that I have created for the site. Now I am going to focus here on the home page. So in terms of editing content that’s already there.
  • It’s very simple and easy to do so here you will see that there is various banners on the home page and these can be configured as necessary in order to make updates or changes to that. It is very simple to do, just hit configure make any changes to the wording or imagery that you need and access anything out of the media library as necessary. Global online trainings is best in providing Kentico CMS training with live projects by real time experts.
What are the advantages of Kentico CMS Training?

The main advantages of Kentico CMS are as follows.

  • Content can be edited easily with the help of WYSIWYG and for non-technical users the content edited through browser-based interface.
  • The main advantage of Kentico CMS is the content can be re-used by displaying the same content in different ways.
  • Website cannot be managed by a single web developer.
  • In Kentico CMS, there are many applications there are Newsletters, E-commerce, Forums etc.

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What are the uses of Kentico CMS Online Training?

Some of the uses of Kentico CMS are as follows.

  • The main use of Kentico CMS is that it saves money and time by building the dynamic website faster. We are best in providing Kentico CMS Corporate Training by experts from India.
  • By using Kentico CMS we can get an overview on client’s business.
  • With the help of Kentico CMS, We can provide functionalities like Newsletter, Forums etc.
  • With the help of Kentico CMS, we can present repository content for web content.
Storage of the content:

In Kentico CMS there is a sub-system related to content management and it is called as content repository. All these can be changed by using a application known as Application Programming Interface (API). Most of the companies are using Kentico CMS. Because Kentico CMS uses both ASP.NET and Microsoft SQL Server 2008 training.

What is Metadata in content repository?

Metadata plays a very important role in content repository because metadata is an important part of the content repository.

  • Content is organized into a tree hierarchy that represents the site map.
  • By using Metadata we can get the information about the content authors.
  • We can also get the information of workflow like current workflow step.
  • We can also get the information that when will be the content gets expires.
  • Metadata also helps to get the details about the documents.
What are the parts of Kentico CMS Online Training?

Based on the browser administration interface, Kentico CMS is divided into two parts. They are CMS Desk and CMS Site Manager.

  • CMS Desk: CMS Desk is related to user interface for content editors.
  • CMS Site Manager: CMS Site Manager is related to the user interface for administrators and web developers.

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What is Action Menu, View mode and editing area?

Action Menu: With the help of action menu, we can create, delete, copy, move and order documents.

View mode: View mode is the connection between Editing, Preview, Live site and List.

  • Editing mode: This is used to edit the content.
  • Preview: Preview mode is used to display the page before it gets published.
  • Live site: We can view the site lively.
  • List: List is the display of documents.
  • Editing area: Editing area is used to edit the content as well as metadata of the document. Some of the modes of editing area are as follows.
  • Page: For unstructured content, we can edit the content.
  • Design: We can modify the page layout and parts of the web.
  • Form: We can modify the structured data. Like news title etc.
  • Product: Specifications of the product can be modified. We can also add a product to the shopping cart.
  • Properties: The settings of the document can be modified.
What is the importance of page template?

Page template is also known as look of the page where content editors can enter or modify the content.  A single page template can be used again for multiple pages with the same design but with a different content.


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Features of Kentico CMS TrainingWhat are the features of Kentico CMS Online Training?                                                 

Some of the important features of Kentico CMS are as follows.

  • According to business requirements, Kentico CMS can be highly configurable and acceptable.
  • With the help of Kentico CMS, we can use things like Macros, custom modules to design configurable website in Kentico CMS corporate Training.
  • By dragging and dropping the web parts we can easily design the websites.
  • Site editor can modify the content on the site and can also change layouts by dragging and dropping the component.
  • The important feature of Kentico CMS is that it provides ecommerce.
  • Kentico CMS is used for developing online web applications and websites.
  • In Kentico CMS we can use templates and add-ons easily.

Another nice capability here is the ability to have variants. So if you want to personalize the content specific to certain scenarios or personas. You can do so here we are focusing on B2B contacts, so we want to certain rule set for that and here it’s obviously based on a persona. Now I can create rules based on anything that I see fit.

So it may be that I want to target this content specifically for someone who is arrived from a particular search engine or perhaps they have arrived at the site searching for a particular keyword and it is far more sensible to land them on a page with relevant content rather than pushing them to a generic home page and hoping that they will navigate to the right place and that is a good example of working smart with personalization. So that might be the case or maybe they are a returning visitor or maybe it’s a visitor with a certain product in the shopping cart. You can go as deep and as wide as you want with the rule set here.

So for instance it may be that the content, the contact that is visiting the site is from a particular geography or they are in a persona that you have identified or the time they are arriving is a particular time of the year.So you might have seasonal messages that you want to promote and you can do so in that way or indeed it could be focused on some of your marketing so they have clicked on a particular link in there, in an email and to create these rules you simply double click. It puts into this area and here you can have statements and then decide exactly what rule you want.

So rules create the conditions which then drive what is displayed on the sides to the visitor so it’s nice and in context pertinent to their visit.This is compatible with Microsoft Azure training. Beyond that in terms of basic design there are dozens of different web parts and widgets that make it very easy to work with things that you may want to add to the site.

User interface of Kentico CMS:

In Kentico CMS, user interface as many sections. All these sections are logically connected to one other. Some of the important sections of Kentico CMS are

  • Main Menu: In main menu, it is connection between the content, My Desk, Tools, Administration, E-commerce and On-line marketing sections. Here we use content tab.
  • Document actions: With the help of document action tool bar, we can create, delete, edit, copy or sort the documents.
  • View mode: This View mode section gives options among editing, preview, live view and list view.
  • Content Tree: Content tree helps to shows the website and allows to organize the documents or pages in it.
  • Editing mode: We can select the way where we can edit the content of the page.
  • Editing or Viewing Space: This is used to select the page in the content tree is displayed in the mode that has been selected in the view and page editing toolbar.

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Conclusion of Kentico CMS training:

Many of the companies use Kentico CMS because it saves time and money for the company in developing the website. Kentico CMS also helps to know the client’s business. So due to this reason there is a huge demand for Kentico CMS. Most of the companies offering jobs on Kentico CMS.

Global Online Trainings provides online training for all types of courses by real time trainers at industrial standards. We provide Kentico CMS Training at a reasonable cost. At the end of the course you will get the detailed knowledge about Kentico CMS Training with practical knowledge. If you have practical knowledge only any company will recruit you.  If you have any doubts regarding the course you can reach our help desk then one of our agents will contact you as early as possible. We provide 24/7 services so you contact at time. Always feel free to contact us.

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