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Introduction of Knockout JS Training:

The knockout JS Training is client-side MVVM JavaScript library it’s an open source java script library MIT License and  it helps us to create rich responsive display and editor  user interface with a clean under line data data model it works on all mainstream browsers

What is it good for knockout JS Training provides rich client side interactivity and with this we get rid of overlapping mess of interrelated event handlers with MVVM pattern there is model view view model pattern we get Object Oriented JavaScript and declare a bindings obviously white browser support is always there so Knockout  JS Training is good when UI get non–trivial and has a few overlapping behaviors because in that case things can get tricky and expensive to maintain if we just go with raw JavaScript

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Why Knockout JS Training :

JQuery and the reason for that is because JQuery or JavaScript does not come with underlying data model where knockout JS Training has an underlying data model so it’s much easier with knockout JS Training because it lets you scale up in complexity without fear of introducing inconsistency we’ll see how easy it is when be dealing  with some examples now let’s come to every VM model as the name it is model view viewmodel over here we have got three different points model, viewModel, view basically contain business domain logic business rules model classes etc..

  • View model acts as a middleman between the view and model view obviously the user interface now lets understand MVVM in detail first starting with model
  • The MODEL is what I like to refer to as the domain object the model represents the actual data and /or information we are dealing with a example of a model might be a contact containing name ,phone number ,address etc..
  • The key to remember with the model is that it holds the information but not behaviors or services that manipulate the information now coming on to next.
  • The VIEW is what most of us are family with and the only thing is end-user really interacts with it is the presentation of the data the view takes certain liberties to makes this data more presentable
  • For example showing a date in the local time format whereas it stored in UTC format in the model
  • View can also have behaviors associated with it such as accepting user input the view manager input that as key presses mouse moments touches gestures etc which ultimately manipulates properties of the model in MVVM
  • The view is active as opposed to a passive view which no knowledge of the model and is completely manipulated by a controller or presenter
  • The view in MVVM contains behaviors events and data binding that ultimately required knowledge of the underlying model and view model while these events and behaviors might be mapped to properties methods calls and commands
  • The view is the store responsible for handling its own events and it does not turn this completely over to the view model now

Features Knockout JS Training:

In the knockout JS Training we use pure JavaScript library can be added on top of your existing web application the doubt required major architectural changes is very compact close to 13kb when zipped and it works on mainstream browser starting from i6

And some of the additional benefits of knockout JS Training :

  • Elegant dependency tracking: the data automatically updating the right parts of your UI whenever you data model the changes
  • Declare a bindings: For a simple Declare a bindings and always to connect parts of UI to your data model and now you can construct a complex dynamic UI easily using arbitrary nested binding contexts.
  • Tri-valley extensible:  it’s a implements of custom behaviors as new decorative bindings for easy reuse in just a few lines of code

Overview of knockout  js Training :

The knockout js Training get started with knockout you don’t need any dependencies through you can run it alongside JQuery  if you wanted to use Ajax to save information server side or a tree you can download it through the power package manager or you can just use a content delivery network to retrieve it part Of the reason  why I decided to research knockout JS Training because it is very easy to pick up and its very easy friendly on the main web page there are tutorials that will walk you through on how to start with knockout JS Training you choose different kinds of tutorials and also save your time and money if you are trying to learn through code school or other services .

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