Leadership Training

Introduction To Leadership Training Course:

Outstanding business leaders are strategic decision makers. They have the self discipline to manage themselves, self-confidence to motivate teams, & the self-awareness to realize their true leadership potential. Global Online Trainings offers an Leadership program that can help you lead organizational change, foster a n culture of creative thinking, & contribute to your company’s success.  Each sessions offers an latest management theories & leadership best practices to help you master complex challenges & capitalize on the emerging opportunities. While you register for Leadership Training  you will come across  hands-on exercises, interactive lectures, &dynamic discussions, you’ll learn how to maximize team productivity, drive breakthrough innovation, & secure an competitive edge for your company. Join us and improve your leadership skills.

Leadership online training course content

Introduction & Objectives
Leadership Role, Skills & Styles
  • Definition & the Leadership Grid
  • Collaborative & Transactional  leadership
  • Visionary & Situational  leadership
Leadership & Communication
  • Basics of effective Communication
  • Barriers to communications
  • Verbal & non-verbal communication
  • The art of listening
  • Conducting effective meetings
Leadership & Problem-Solving
  • Problem solving steps
  • Identifying problem
  • Techniques for developing the alternatives
  • Getting the consensus
  • leader as a problem solver
Leadership & Management
  • Authority & Responsibility
  • Delegation & Acceptance
  • Roles & relationships
  • Manager as a leader
  • Bridging the gap
Leadership & Coaching
  • Coaching cycle
  • Pre-requisites for coaching
  • Coaching forthe performance
  • The Leaders role coaching
  • Managing the people issues
Leadership &Team Building
  • The Team building process
  • Essential building blocks for the teams
  • The POPCI fundamentals for the effective teams
  • Dealing with internal & external politics
  • The Team Leader
Leadership & Motivation
  • Principles  motivation
  • Motivation theories & their application
  • Motivation through the  goal setting
  • Guidelines for setting he SMART goals
  • Self actualization the team
Leadership & Management of Change
  • Psychology of the resistance to change
  • Implementingchange model
  • Developing change management plan
  • Communicating for the change
Leadership & Decision-making
  • Common Pitfalls in the Decision-making
  • Thinking & Decision-making processes
  • Decision-making in matrix Focus & Impact
  • 3D Model Debate, Discussion & Dialogue
Leadership & Ethics
  • Character & integrity
  • Ethics &  Values
  • Building the excellence
  • The Emotional intelligence
  • Influencing the team/organizational culture
Leadership for the Team Leader
  • life cycle
  • Leadership Continuum
  • Leadership for the virtual teams
  • Developing the high performance teams
  • Checklist for Team Maturity & Leader behaviours