Liferay Admin

Liferay Admin Course Content

  • Liferay Bundle Installing
  • Connecting to the external databases & mail servers
  • Installing Liferay Manually on an Existing Application Server
Liferay Configuring
  • Server Administration through the Control Panel
  • Plugin Management & Liferay Marketplace
  • Configuring the Liferay Services Oriented Architecture
  • Cluster Design Introduction
  • Creation of Liferay Cluster
  • Principles of Liferay Clustering
  • Configuring the Quartz for Job Scheduling
  • Syncing the Database Cache across your Cluster
  • Clustering Documents & Media
  • Syncing Search Indexes
  • Setting up a Solr Server
  • Session Replication
  • Load Balancing using Apache
  • Deploying Plugins across a Cluster
External Services
  • Using External Services for Document Previews
  • Setting up the ImageMagick Higher Quality Image Previews
  • Setting up the LibreOffice for Document Conversion
  • Configuring the Xuggler for Audio/Video Previews
  • Setting up the Liferay as a WSRP Producer & Consumer
Integrating LDAP & SSO
  • Using LDAP & SSO servers in Liferay
  • Setting up an LDAP server
  • Configuring the Liferay with an LDAP server
  • Importing user information from LDAP
  • Integrating an SSO solution with Liferay
  • Setting up the OpenSSO/OpenAM
  • Authenticating in Liferay against an SSO server
Overview of Performance Tuning
  • Load Testing
  • Profiling
  • Memory Management
  • Garbage Collection
  • Cache Optimization
  • Optimizing Lucene
  • Configuring a Content Delivery Network
  • Database Sharding
Liferay Maintaining
  • Liferay Monitoring
  • Liferay Installation Backing Up
  • Log Levels
  • Upgrading Liferay
  • Installing the Fix Packs Using the Patching Tool