Liferay Development training

Liferay Development Training

Introduction to Liferay Development training:

Liferay Development training at Global online trainings – Liferay portal is easily to couple with your application server as well in your current environment. Liferay is java based open source portal application, Liferay portal is comes with two flavours Community Edition, Enterprise edition with Liferay, you can setup your web application as a portal. Global online training is one of the best online training in India for Liferay Development online training. We are providing the best quality online training at a reasonable price. If any student misses the session we will assurance for backup sessions also. For any queries feel free to contact our help desk.

Liferay Development Course Content

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Overview of Liferay Development training:                                                                                                  LIFERAY DEVELOPMENT TRAINING

  • Liferay comes with more than 60 out of box application as a portlet. Liferay 6 starts supporting some good application such as social networking portlet that is facebook, twitter, collaboration portlet, Enterprise application integration etc.
  • Liferay also supports for content and document management, liferay is easy to learn to any JEE users, It supports all types of operating system platforms such as Microsoft windows, Linux, Mac OS.
  • It comes as Bundle application with so many different application server such as like Tomcat, JBOSS training, websphere etc and also supports database application software such as MySQL, PostgresSQL, MS SQL etc.
  • It supports Spring,Struts,JSF, JSP pages, GWT , hibernate etc. Liferay supports cloud deployment , enterprise application integration such as like alfresco, jbpm etc. It comes with out-of-the-box usability with over 60.
  • It thoroughly support built-in content management system, CMS collaboration suite. It allows to create  personalized pages for all users. Liferay in build comes with struts framework but it allows to create custom portlet creation, theme creation, layout creation etc. Global online trainings is rich in providing Liferay Development training with live projects by industry experts.
  • Forbid liferay supports updated J2EE application frameworks such as spring, JSF, Hibernate. It also supports ESB application tools such as mule ESB, workflow tools such as JBPM, activity etc. It also supports searching indexing facility.
Benefits of Liferay Development online training:
  • Webservices are resources which may be called over HTTP protocol to return data. In Liferay when the database classes are generated by the service factory web services also can be generated. Liferays API calls can be made using web services.
  • Liferay webservices support several protocols including SOAP, JSON training , HTTP. Java clients may be generated from Liferays WSDL using any number of tools. It easily allowed to communicate with other supported architecture.
  • SOA, ESB such as mule ESB workflow such as JBPM, Caleo, Spring DI. It is easily configurable with workflow process and it helpful to make fruitful workflow while portal communicate with any content management system with respect to service-oriented architecture.
  •  SOA services are typically architecture as web services. Web service API’s are defined using the web services description language WSDL. Applications communicate with services via the simple object access protocol SOAP. The colour roller provides the service of delivering the result. A relevant example would be a web based shopping cart which receives credit card orders. It submits the credit card number to an outside service which validates the card and charges the proper amount. The service delivers the confirmation number to the shopping cart and the order is complete.
  • The shopping cart or the credit cart service can be replaced by new software at any time providing the interface between the two stays the same. Liferay allows custom creation theme layout structure, templates for organisation. We provide best Liferay Development training by real time experts from India at flexible timings.

Components of Liferay Development online training:  

It start supporting alloy UI framework, CGI scripts for application creation, JQuery is the Java script library which allows you to CSS Selectors, banner, portlet etc to select the elements on the page much in the same way with CSS.The full documentation of what JQuery is available at Alloy is a UI  meta framework, it provides a constant and smarter API for developing web applications. Alloy UI is powerful framework which supports     all levels of the browser structure style and behaviour . Alloy UI we can say it’s combination of HTML, CSS and Javascript.It also supports to create an application as Ports with PHP framework. It also supports  LDAP authentication for SSO, comes with CSS, open SSO flavour.

  • It maintains and support session management, liferay administration also supports email configuration for sending mail at user creation, blog creation, content creation etc. Liferay supports md5 RSA algorithms for security perspective.
  • One of the best advantage of any enterprise application is clustering supports, SSO supports load balancing etc. It will easily allow performing clustering load balancing for performance perspective. Liferay administration supports the page caching for easily page rendering.
  • Liferay administration supports performance monitoring and tuning. Liferay comes with-in built more than 60 supported application as a portlet such as message boards, portlet web content, display portlet calendar portlet, themes and layouts, Wikiblogs, Ports etc.
  • It also supports custom creation themes, portlets, layout etc with Liferay  plug creation. Liferay also allows extending the features and functionality of existing created life for application. Liferay portal features are supports rich UI, alloy UI, Java server faces supports SSO.
  • Integration supports clustering load balancing supports enterprise application integration. If we are concerned the benefits of Liferay then few are very powerful advantages as 60 out of box application.
  • Portlet inbuilt provided by Liferay incorporated in both edition, easily customizable, custom creation,  extensible application allowed in library support all types of operating system. Support third-party integration, liferay comes with enterprise as well community  edition, support rich user interface easily accessible on every application server. Liferay portal comes with two version one is commercial version called Liferay portal enterprise edition and second is referred to the standard version called life ray portal community edition.

Conclusion of Liferay Development training:

Liferay portal EE is made available via an enterprise and support up to 365*24*1 hour phone support. Basically as per portlets and components. There were no difference between both version in Liferay enterprise edition. It supports analytics performance monitoring advanced clustered communication channels report engine integration enhanced cash replication etc while Liferay community edition. Global onlne trainings has very good trainers with min 10 years real time experience in their respective fields. So what are you waiting for? Join in Global online trainings for best Liferay Development training by industry experts at flexible timings. 



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