Liferay training

liferay training

Introduction of Liferay training:

Liferay training is based on the Java platform. Java platform is based on java j2ee platform; you can implement a portal by using java resource. Liferay is easily integrated with other technologies like JBoss, spring etc. In this Liferay, you do not have to code. Even we can use any designing technology like HTML, CSS to design team.

Global Online Trainings provides Liferay Developer Training with in-depth knowledge. Liferay course is trained by best industry experts and the Liferay Developer training is prepared with best industry updates for offering participants best professional insight over modules. The training is available for individual and corporate batches. To know more about this online training course contact reach at helpdesk of Global Online Trainings today.

Prerequisites for Liferay training:

To learn Liferay Training, you must have basic knowledge on

  • JavaScript,
  • CoreJava,
  • Web development,
  • JQuery.

Mode of training:  Backbone Js Online training/backbone Js corporate training/Backbone Js classroom training.

Duration of course: 30 hrs

Do you provide materials: Yes, If you register with Global online trainings, the materials will be provided.

course fee:  After register with Global online trainings, our coordinator will contact you.

Trainer experience: 15 years+

Batch Type: Regular, weekends and fast track.

Liferay training course content

liferay training course content

liferay training course content

Global online trainings offers best LIFERAY TRAINING with most experienced professionals. who are new to e-learning can watch below sample video to understand how an online training sessions can be conducted. For full details about the course please register yourself in the website

 Overview of Liferay training:Liferay training infographic

 Before knowing the Liferay training, first, you have to know the differences between a portal website and normal website. The normal websites are commercial websites like your personal website and shopping websites. The portal websites are nothing but that runs a lot of Liferay training portals.

 Liferay training is free and Java-based open source software used to develop websites and enterprise level portal.  Liferay is the best open source portal it was declared in 2007 by InfoWorld.

 Liferay training is mostly used to build up portals for corporate companies and web applications and it is very easy to install an administrator.


Liferay 7:

 Liferay 7 training is used to make a web portal. The Liferay has the version 7.0. It is very useful to done huge changes compared to 6.2. It’s like a brand new portal. It is done many changes in development. They have implemented modularity, they believe in the micro-services. They remove dependents XML’s like portlets XML and Liferay XML. The Global Online Training gives you the in-depth knowledge of Liferay DXP 7.0 online training.


Why Liferay training?

  • There are two editions in Liferay training. The first one is a community and the second one is enterprise.
  • Both community edition and enterprise editions are bounded with the same amount of features on almost all the bridges in the community edition an enterprise edition will be the same in Liferay training.
  • But in an enterprise edition, you will have to pay to the official Liferay people for enterprise-level suppose and also some features like auditing we will find in any enterprise editions.
  • Liferay training is having zero rupee license cost, so you don’t have to pay anything to buy this product then the price never finds the place you have to buy.
  • So if you want those enterprise-level features and support, then you need to buy or else you can just start developing a complete portal. They were without paying anything.
  • We provide the Liferay DXP online training and explain the Liferay framework training by corporate trainers.

Liferay Web portal:

  • A web portal is the simple web platform and it contains a WCM system. WCM is nothing but a web content management system it’s like a Drupal or word press. More and more organizations choose Drupal. With Drupal, you can build websites and it enables you to easily create and maintain content on a website. You can publish, edit and delete content.
  • Drupal is also a great system to use for a community website or internet. Drupal training is open source which means it’s free and everyone is able to view and modify the programming code on which Drupal is built. Security holes in the system will be fixed almost immediately by a worldwide community of active Drupal developers.
  • These worldwide groups of developers also actively create modules. These modules can be used to enrich your Drupal website with even more features. Drupal is a free open source substance administration system, open source means that there’s highly dedicated community of developers that build.
  • It well it’s very well regulated anyone can contribute for instance when we a convent design a feature not available, we developed it and then made it available to the rest of the Drupal community.
  • A content organization system is just another word for software that allows you to organize manages and publishes your content. Drupal is to build your website well, it’s that we found no other resource that easily and efficiently allows you to organize manage and publish your content.
  • Drupal is module based which means instead of having to write custom code for every single page and feature. You have to add these modules that have most of the functionality and Drupal this saves time and money. So these are the well known WCM systems in our real-time world.  It is an integration platform, the integration platform is more than one websites can be integrated into a single platform.
  • So that is also possible by using Liferay portal and it’s a collab platform. So collab platform means collaborating between some teams or organization and some communities. It is a kind of social platform like Facebook or Google+ are also available with Liferay. In this Liferay training, we also provide a brief explanation on Liferay platform and Liferay developer.

Liferay Portal:

In this Liferay training, the portal is supporting different various integrations, a portal is a single point where we can get the more information. So that needs to integrate with some another environment or integrate.

Another application to the portal then only we can more information from the portal. So the portal is a Liferay web-based platform as it is available to the internet, so the portal like we can see more of pages and content and images in the portal summary to managing all things in liferay online training.

So it is a web content management system, it is changing the content under deleting or changing the content this is all created on the Liferay without any creating any program.

Liferay training is a portal based technology which consists of lots of features and it will envelop the more of business requirements. Liferay training implemented the personalization feature and many more. And also java Liferay 7 training online has designed of 80+ portlets and means ported up.

Liferay training supports the many integrations of single sign-on integration to major SSO implementers. Liferay training is easily integrated with other platforms like service-oriented architecture.


Liferay web content:

  • In this Liferay training, the web content is creating by using the structures and templates.
  • Firstly go to the control panel, click on the web content.
  • And enter a title and add the row for a title and add row texting content.
  • And then save it and in the templates, select the sample structure and then launch editor.
  • Once that save, then goes back to our site, add web content display and create a web content for this, and click on plus sign.
  • Add then fill the title and content and then click on publish and then name the web content.

Liferay DXP (Digital Experience Platform):

Liferay training used to develop portal and we moved from Liferay portal to a digital experience platform. Liferay digital experience platform was built so that our client will be able to reach their clients in a much better way across all the channels in web browser, mobile phones, and tablets and also after they will be able to reach their clients through the channels they will also be able to maintain a good relationship through the life cycle.

The portal platform provides that silo factory where you have a back-end system that you integrate them in one platform and then that platform can be presented to different channels.

There are two various main problems with this design. Those are, channels are not connected together and another one is the channels used to provide the same content to all the users. So based on these problems we have designed a Liferay digital experienced platform.

The back-end systems are integrating them into one platform was the single sign-on to the end user. The Liferay DXP has a single page request, they did a comparison between portlets and you can see the response time and the data sent between them is significantly decreased.

But one get change is the presentation layer so with Liferay training digital experience platform helps our client to build their digital channels in liferay online training. In the Liferay DXP 7.0 online training, the Liferay digital experienced platform is very dynamic so you can configure your platform to act differently based on the user behavior based on age location, so based on those factors you can make climate change dynamically.


Overview of Liferay DXP training:

Liferay DXP is used to develop a web portal that exactly what do you want requirements for a portal. In this, you can use many technologies. In other technologies or languages, it is very difficult to write a code and difficult to search the mistakes and rewrite that code. But in the Liferay DXP training, there is no need to write code and all.

It creates the solutions that fit your business.DXP stands for Digital Experience platform. It is an integrated software framework for engaging a broad array of audience across a broad array of digital touch points. And now it has the version of 7.0. That is Liferay DXP7.0. Global online training will give u deep knowledge on this and classroom training at client premises Noida, Bangalore, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi, and Pune.


Technical aspects of Liferay training:

  • Comparing to other portal developing tools like web sphere, the Liferay training is easy to set up and develop portal.
  • And it is highly customizable and has extremely flexible to administer. This customization is done  by Liferay admin training.
  • In the Liferay admin training, Liferay can be customized on any part of it if you want to change the logo position of the low core animation banner and this is theme level and if we want to add a new portal area.
  • And it has Jsr268, jsr286, jsr208, jsr127 specifications and it is bundled with more than 60 out of portlets
  • Liferay training is the portal technology which based on jsr168 and jsr286 implementation.
  • We can say simply like Liferay is a web-based application and which will connect which will available in the web so that we can request for a web application we can get a response and all so as a portal puts a lot of features and many business needs we can full fill from these portals.
  •  Liferay training is open foundation project portal and it wills available free of cost we can install it we can use it we can build up ported request using Java liferay7 training and we can plan our website under the free of cost.
  • You can also have interpolation that is licensed one but we will have community edition so that we cause it in our environments.
  • You know development prospect orders you can create your own applications in Liferay Developer training, so Liferay is more of like the portal technology which based on JSR implementation.  

Oracle Weblogic with Liferay training:

Oracle Weblogic server is a java enterprise compliant application server.  So the main purpose of the Oracle WebLogic server is to deploy web application as well as an enterprise application in liferay online training.

Oracle Weblogic server it also behaves the same way like Apache web server. It can deploy any of the web application and also it can do some more services.

Oracle WebLogic server it is fully compliant with J2E standards, you can enable to build powerful enterprise solutions.

The application which is organized in the WebLogic server that j2EE application needs some admission to a database using JDBC(Java Database Connectivity) Connector. The middleware has WebLogic application server.

We have more frameworks like spring, Hibernate training struts many other frames works are can use and deploy on the WebLogic container. Weblogic having other services like JDBC (Java Database Connectivity) from WebLogic. Java Transaction API (JTA) transaction applications are maintained.

Java Connection Adaptors (JCA) WebLogic is supporting that Java Connection Adaptors on the Weblogic server. We can take any service from a server on demand. Weblogic Training server has two containers. One is a Web container, the second one is EJB Container.

Web container handles this HTTP request which will be serving HTML/XML, JSP Servlets programs which are developed by java developers in Liferay portal training.


Liferay marketplace:

The Liferay marketplace is a stimulating new center for advertising, distribution, and downloading Liferay compatible applications.


Liferay developer:

The Liferay portal offers a total platform for construction web apps, mobile apps, and web services quickly. By using the features and frameworks of Liferay DXP there is a lot of fast expansion and good performance in Liferay portal training.


Liferay 7.0 features:

The Liferay 7.0 features are OSGI support; Bootstrap 3.0 look and feel and Java 8 support along with this Alloy editor, Elastic search and Support integration testing through Arquillian. And some more features are also added in the Liferay 7. 


Conclusion of Liferay training:

Global online trainings will provide best Liferay DXP training by corporate trainers. Liferay DXP training is based on the Java platform. In this Liferay, without using the code you can implement the portal. Global Online Trainings provides Liferay Developer Training with in depth knowledge.  The average package of Life ray is 3lakh- 3.2lakh. Liferay course is trained by best industry experts and the Liferay Developer training.


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