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Linux Device Driver-online-training


LINUX DEVICE DRIVER TRAINING Course is all about how to develop device drivers for linux, how device drivers work with the Linux kernel, how to compile and load drivers, how to debug drivers, as well as other essential topics. LINUX DEVICE DRIVER TRAINING course is designed for software engineers who are new to Linux device drivers. Attendees should have experience with C, be able to perform basic Unix commands, and have some experience with the basic Gnu tools of gcc, gdb, and make. 

LINUX DEVICE DRIVER TRAINING Course helps in understanding of the essentials of Linux device drivers, purpose and functionality of device drivers and how Compiling and linking device drivers does is processed. Register today at the website to learn more and call us directly at the help desk.


Linux Device Driver Online Training Course Content

  • Preliminaries
  • Device Drivers
Modules II:
  • Exporting, Licensing & Dynamic Loading
  • The Debugging Techniques
  • Timing & Timers
  • Race Conditions & Synchronization Methods
  • Unified Device Model & sysfs
  • The Firmware
  • Memory Management & Allocation
  • Transferring Between User & Kernel Space
  • Sleeping & Wait Queues
  • Interrupt Handling: Deferrable Functions & User Drivers
  • Hardware I/O
  • PCI Overview
  • The Platform Drivers
  • Direct Memory Access (DMA)
Module 1:
  • Basics
  • The Character Devices
  • The Kernel Features
  • Interrupts & Exceptions
Network Drivers
  • Basics
  • Data Structures
  • Transmission & Reception
  • The USB Drivers
  • Memory Technology Devices
  • The Power Management
  • Virtual File System
  • The I/O Scheduling
  • The Block Drivers
  • Filesystems in the User-Space (FUSE)