Live Link training

Introduction To LiveLink Training  Course:

Livelink is also known as Livelink ECM – Enterprise Server, Livelink Enterprise Server,  Livelink Server.  In the year 1996, the product originally called as Livelink , it became OpenText’s flagship product. The Livelink was the first Web-based collaboration & document management system.  Between the year 2003 to 2005,  the Livelink  evolved from being the name of an single product to being the brand applied to the names of several OpenText software products. As a result of this change, the Livelink Server  became known as Livelink Enterprise Server  (LES) & later it is called as Livelink ECM – Enterprise Server. Ecplore more about its evolution, features and uses by enrolling for Livelink Training at Global online Trainings. We conduct the live sessions with the expert consultants, with best lab facilitie. The sessions are held according to participants feasibility.

Live Link Online Training Course Content

Enterprise Server
The Builder Fundamentals
Upgradeable Customization
Enterprise Server's Architecture
Focusing on Enterprise Server
Enterprise Server Request Handlers
Install &configure a Livelink system.
Monitor and troubleshoot a Livelink System
Configure & manage the search engine.
Customize search for end users.
Configure users & group
Determine system privileges & access control.
Understand Enterprise Server functionality
Provide assistance to Livelink ECM
Determine information taxonomies & manage intellectual capital