Looker Training

Looker Training

Introduction to Looker Training:

Looker Training Data Sciences is proud to officially launch our new query-based business intelligence software platform Looker to the world. Looker is a business intelligence platform built on extending data discovery functionality to everyone in the organization to make decisions based on real-time, agile and collaborative. Looker brings BI into the modern age with an agile, browser-based analytics platform to explore and collaborate on data of any size. Looker allows new data experience to be introduced to anyone in the organization, with a simple, powerful analytics application for use on the web. Looker BI online Training has been reinvented so it is fast, powerful and easy to manage.  Global online training provides Looker training by well experienced real time industry experts to know more info contact us on the global online training help desk.

Prerequisites of Looker Course:

There are no specific prerequisites required to learn Looker. An individual who is having enthusiasm for learning this course can attend this certification training.

Looker Online Course Details:

Course Name: Looker Training

Mode of training: Online Training and Corporate Training (Classroom training at client location)

Duration of course: 30 hrs

Do you provide materials: Yes, If you register with Global Online Trainings, the materials will be provided.

Course fee:  After register with Global Online Trainings, our coordinator will contact you.

Trainer experience: 10 years+

Timings: According to one’s feasibility

Batch Type: Regular, weekends and fast track


Looker Training Course content

Overview of Looker Training:

Looker developer is an information revelation stage that enables organizations to settle on better business choices through constant access to information. All sizes of data can be analyzed on Looker’s 100% in-database and 100% browser-based platform. Currently, Looker Analytics integrates with any SQL database or data warehouse such as Green Plum and Amazon Redshift. Looker Startups, developed with a focus on utility, cater to the needs of mid-sized businesses and companies.

But how exactly can Looker help the team? Let’s give a look to some of the most important benefits frequently associated with this system:

Ease of use- To get started, the looker is easy to operate. You don’t have to be an experienced data analyst or have SQL knowledge to handle workflows from there, because most operations fall into a single, self-evident code. There is no complicated coding, and you can drill data into interactive and accurate charts and tables. The platform also includes self-service features such as filtering, pivoting and visualization, and the creation of dashboards.

Handy visualizations- All the simple activities related to data search are accompanied by a left-hand menu where you can also manage your settings and develop personalized workspaces. There is a unique data scheme that enables the creation of visualizations, dragging and dropping elements you want, and assigning roles such as administrators, users and developers. The mapping feature is also available to prepare high-tech visualizations for inexperienced users, and to import or export them outside the looker’s dashboard. It also looks at using web hooks to connect data objects to third-party workflows, which eliminates the need to complete its functionality with external applications.

Strong collaboration features- To make things even better, Looker enable and streamline collaboration among users. The app is accessible on any browser and mobile device, meaning employees receive a notification and collaborate even when they are not in the office. For example, data and reports can be shared via email or URLs or easily integrated into a variety of applications, such as Excel, Google Docs, and custom and third-party applications. Finally, data can be exported manually in text or .csv files if the user wishes.

A flexible LookML language- With Looker, your data analysts can use a simple, learnable language called lookML to create small applications that add the capability and power to data search. LookML Syntax facilitates the development of powerful models for any organization and enhances the capabilities of SQL. This language-based approach leads to faster query execution and optimizes performance.

Reliable support- In addition to the system’s rich self-service database, Looker ensures that you always have access to a trusted technical support team so that none of your questions are answered. You can contact experts by phone or email or send a ticket directly from the platform.

What is Looker Training?

Looker analytics stock is a data-discovery app that provides innovative data search functionality for businesses large and small. With it, they can access a web-based interface where they can easily gain real-time insights into their operations through data analytics. They can create reports on the go and make them available to all interested parties, so other team members can contribute to discussions about certain tasks and stay in the loop when it comes to any development of their project. Therefore, Looker can help all companies use data to guide their business decisions and operations in the right direction. Its web-based data discovery platform leverages data analysts and promotes collaborative, exciting, driven analytics across any business. Looker complements advanced cloud infrastructure in AWS by relying on the underlying database for query processing.

With a little bit of SQL knowledge, you won’t have any issues making Looker work for you or building your own analytic modules. You can design visualizations with a single code, as complexity depends only on how far you intend to go to refine you experience. Looker’s ML code is there to help you produce and optimize your queries, which is particularly handy as most BI systems expect you to be an expert in the area.

Who should attend the Looker training?

Data Analysts

BI Professionals

Analytics Professionals

End Users

Information Analysts

Aspirants are aiming for a career in the prospective field.

Why should you learn the Looker Training?

The looker Training is an information step with bits of knowledge for each section. Looker can help you with the BI, Big Data Analytics and Clients 360 perspective by honestly using the power of the database. It has saddled an effective test phase to enable organizations to maintain a sustained respect. The Looker Course articulates the core ideas of the Looker Data Platform and the SQL Database Hypothesis. This course will learn specific capabilities to monitor general looker data analytics and research its options in new and creative applications.

The benefits of your Looker trial:

  • Built on your data:Dashboards and reports you can use right away
  • Customized for you:We help you build everything your team needs
  • Free technical support:If you hit a snag, we’ll be there for you
  • Future looking:Keep all your trial work if you opt on with Looker


Alteryx Training:

Alteryx is computer software and used to develop the products of data science and analytics, this software helps to do your data to data cleansing, data massing, data coming from the multiple sources. Alteryx visulaytics is mainly focused on solving the several problems and also it will help to change the data when needed, this alteryx is used to provide the data and know where to work and also to contact the data. It is used to host the website known as the altreyx analytics and it also offers the four main products like alteryx connect, alteryx desiger, alteryx design, alteryx promote and alteryx server.

The predictive analysis in Alteryx Training is used to create the model and help to understand the relationship between the data and the different types of variables used to create the different models. The alteryx is used to test any model and many of the workers depend upon the performance of the system and to the local worker. Alteryx database server includes the persistence layer which used to store the information critical service and the data service which supports the two functions like SQL and Mongo db and also mostly use the deployed the Mongodb.


Talend Training:

Talent is an ETL tool for data integration. It provides software solutions for data preparation, data quality, data integration, application integration, data management and big data. Talent has a special product for all of these solutions. Data integration and big data products are widely used. The demand for ETL professionals with knowledge on talent is high. Also, it is the only ETL tool with all the plugins that integrate easily with the Big Data ecosystem.

Talent Training is considered the next generation leader in cloud and Big Data integration software. It can help real-time decisions and more data-driven organizations. Using Talent, data becomes more accessible, its quality improves and it can be quickly moved to targeted systems.

For your ease of understanding I have listed down some of the intriguing features of Talend products:

  • Faster Development and Deployment: Talend automates tasks and makes them more for you.
  •  Less Expense: Talent provides open source tools that you can download for free. Moreover, as processes accelerate, development costs can be significantly reduced.
  • Future Proof: Talent has everything you need to meet your marketing needs today and in the future. So, there is very little chance of going out of the market anytime.
  • Unified Platform:  Talend meets all our requirements under a common foundation for products based on the needs of the company.
  • Huge Community: Being open source software, it is backed up by a huge community.  It is the preferred location for all Talend users and community members where they can share information, experiences, doubts, queries etc.

AWS Training:

AWS stands for Amazon Web Services. The AWS service is provided by Amazon, which uses distributed IT infrastructure to deliver on-demand IT, resources. It offers a variety of services, such as infrastructure (IaaS), platform one service (PaaS) and packaged software-like service (SaaS). Amazon launched AWS, a cloud computing platform to allow the different organizations to take advantage of reliable IT infrastructure.

AWS Training has started offering IT services in the form of web services, nowadays called cloud computing. With this cloud, we don’t need to plan for servers and other IT infrastructure. Instead, these services can instantly spin hundreds or thousands of servers in minutes and deliver results faster. We only pay for what we use without upfront costs and long-term commitments, which makes AWS cost effective.


Conclusion to Looker Training:

Looker Training is steps that can only access data by writing SQL, but it is a simple / poor solution. The Looker tools do not offer data collection and storage but we can connect to the data sources like SQL from either of the tools and access data. Data modeling is the process of cleaning, combining, converting raw data and getting ready for data analysis. Data modeling can be performed temporarily or all of these data models can be published on the platform. Data Modeling Looker’s LookML data modeling layer is its main strength with wide margin. Looker Online Training provides data visualization features, channeling numbers into charts and graphs. These can be displayed in various real-time dashboards, which users can check at a glance. The integration of Looker with the products of companies like Google and Amazon Web Services is further strengthened. Many vendor tools and applications store and store data in separate ways, but Looker is seen as a leader in the process of taking and refining raw data.


Through this preparation, the competitors would get the opportunity to find out about the astounding information that can utilize considerable Marketing Intelligence and Business Intelligence to recognize the client conduct, change of each move, dealing with the robot programming, ongoing investigation, and so forth. So the hopefuls would probably create high income for the association utilizing the Looker device. Besides, learning Looker BI online Training thought to get the hopefuls acknowledgment in the working environment and include a pace in their profession just as this is a standout amongst the most requested range of abilities of the period in the IT Industry. For more details and contact information go through our official website globalonlinetrainings.com to get knowledge and to explore system.

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