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mac os x training

Mac OS X course content

Topic 1: Mac OS X Overview
Topic 2:Navigating the Mac User Interface
Topic 3:Server operating system features
Topic 4:Administering the file system
Topic 5:Installing Mac applications
Topic 6:Running Windows on the Mac platform
Topic 7:Managing OS X Network Integration
Topic 8:Setting network preferences
Topic 9:User account administration
Topic 10:Creating OS X and Windows workgroups
Topic 11:Sharing system resources
Topic 12:Building Centralized Directory Services
Topic 13:Integrating OS X into Active Directory (AD)
Topic 14:Configuring directory services on an OS X client
Topic 15:Managing OS X clients with Open Directory (OD)
Topic 16:Integrating Mac OS X and Windows
Topic 17:Administering network resources and clients
Topic 18:Managing Mac desktop preferences
Topic 19:Creating directory redundancy
Topic 20:Accessing desktops remotely
Topic 21:Maintaining Enterprise Services
Topic 22:Building enterprise DNS for AD and OD
Topic 23:Synchronizing time services
Topic 24:Authenticating users with Kerberos
Topic 25:Ensuring enterprise integrity