Macromedia Flash Training

Macromedia Flash training

Introduction To Macromedia Flash Training Course:

Macromedia Flash is also known as Adobe Flash or the Shockwave Flash, It has became an popular program to create animations, advertisements, web pages &  the presentations since its introduction in 1996. Now, it is even used to program games & also the internet applications. Macromedia Flash contains an scripting language called Action Script.  Basically Macromedia Flash is a animation tool for creating the movies that run on your computer as well as on the Internet using the Flash player. It is now widely used to create the animated  &  interactive advertisements  for the web pages. This kind of advertisements are more effective than static advertisement because  of the animation well as sound &  music that accompanied them.  Join Macromedia Flash Training and learn how the  Macromedia Flash itself can create the whole webpage & it is more lively than the plain HTML.

Macromedia Flash Online Training course content

1: The Basics
  • Macromedia Flash MX Introduction
  • Macromedia Flash MX interface
  • Creating a new Macromedia Flash MX document
  • Macromedia Flash MX Developing
2: Creating Simple Graphics and Text
  • Using , Importing  graphics
  • Using text
  •  Masking
3: Adding Simple Animation
  • Working with symbols, libraries, and instances
  • frame-by-frame animation
  • Motion tweening
  • Using motion guides
  • Shape tweening
  • Adding stop actions
4: Symbols & Libraries
  • Graphic symbols
  • Button symbols
  • Movie clip symbols
  • The structure of a Macromedia Flash MX document
  • Working with libraries


5: Enhancing Functionality Using Actions and ActionScript
  • Using ActionScript
  • Creating interactive buttons
  • Linking to a URL.
6: Creating Compact Movies
  • Load Movie action to create more efficient documents
  • shared libraries to create smaller Macromedia Flash MX documents
7: Adding Sound and Video
  • Modifying the sound level
  • Adding video
  • Using Components
  • Bandwidth Profiler
8: Publishing
  • Factors  before publishing
  • Techniques for optimizing movies