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Magento training

Introduction to MAGENTO Training:

MAGENTO Training is an electronic platform which is assembled on the  free open source,  allowing customization of services on a large scale. MAGENTO will offer the powerful and the extensible features in catalog management , content, seo and any other retailer would comes to expect. Global Online Trainings will provides the best MAGENTO online corporate training by the trainers. You can enroll with the trainers who are experts in this MAGENTO .If any quires regarding this course you can visit our web site then you can get the clarification on this. MAGENTO Software Training will also available in our global online trainings. Magento Ecommerce Training offer GOT with the real time examples. Magento Certification training offered by this GOT trained on  latest course content, expert trainers for rendering best quality training.

Prerequisites of MAGENTO Training:

  • HTML is more important for the MAGENTO.
  • Jquery, and the joomla need to be known for getting training on the MAGENTO Training.
  • CSS , PHP and MYSQL should have basic knowledge on this for learning the magento.
  • Javascript should also be known.

Mode of Training: We provide Online mode of training and also corporate, Job Support.

Duration Of Program: 30 Hours (Can Be Customized As Per Requirement).

Materials: Yes, we are providing materials for Magento Online Training.

Course Fee: Please Register in Website, So that one of our Agent will assist You.

Trainer Experience: 10+ years.

Magento Online Training Course Content

Generation Ecommerce
  •       About E-Commerce
  •       Present trends on Ecommerce
  •       E commerce Life cycle
  •       Insights & Challenges
  •       Top Ecommerce Sites & Frame Works
Introduction to Magento
  •       Technology Used
  •       Top Magento Sites
  •       Available Versions & Compatibilities
  •       Basic Requirements
  •       Advantages & Limitations
  •         Scope & Reliability
  •       Strong Backend
  •       Rich UI
  •       Responsive Design
  •       Extensions & Themes
  •       System Requirements
  •       Server Settings
  •       File Permissions
  •       Installation Module
  •       Setup Front End & Back End
  •       Store , Basic &  Advanced Configuration
  •       User Management
Theme & Design
  •       Selection Of Theme
  •       Installation & Implementation
  •       Configuration & Customization
  •       Layout & blocks
  •       Banners & Images
Setup a Store
  •       Categorization
  •       Catalogue Management
  •       Shipping
  •       Taxation
  •       Payment gate way
  •       Mail Configuration
  •       Reporting
  •       Setup & Configuration
  •       PlugIns


Store Management
  •       Product , Order &  Customer Management
  •       Emails
  •       Import & Export
  •       Multiple Stores
  •       Backup & Restore
  •       Server Maintenance


Store Globalization
  •       SEO
  •       Marketing
  •       Promotions
  •       Chat
  •       Engage Customers
  •       Google Analytics
User Interface Design
  •       Theme customization
  •       CMS Pages & Blocks
  •       Header & Footer
  •       Menu & Navigation
  •       Front End Aps
  •       Responsive
  •       Brief Magento Core
  •       Data Base Structure
  •       Code Customization Scope & Limitations
  •       Tricks & Techniques
  •       Speedup Magento
  •       Mobile Store
  •       Upgradation
Testing & Release
  •       Speed Test
  •       UI Content & Design
  •       Navigation
  •       User & Order Functionality
  •       Security


Overview about the MAGENTO Training

  • MAGENTO it is an the ecommerce platform that means where the products are depleted in online. MAGENTO Online Training is an the free open source also so that we can download it and develop your own MAGENTO for our business. MAGENTO Online Training hold high products of volume and the customer data.
  • MANGENTO will handle the lot of page views and the interaction. MAGENTO  basics if we are viewing some information on the programming and mvc really have magento training. Request flow in MAGENTO  basically have it receives the request and gets into the magento module and output generated. MAGENTO have the EAV modeling just allows the complex in any developer representation. MAGENTO have fantastic frame work.
  • Global online trainings will also say about the MAGENTO Templates Training. We will also provide the MAGENTO Development corporate Training also with the individual class.  MAGENTO  it will take the some time getting used and it is quite complicated from development standpoint. But if we are determined about the putting in bit of effort and climb over the abrupt learning the curve and the MAGENTO  will repay of our effort many times over.
  • We not only give training on the Magento also provide Magento job support. Virtual Job Support gives best magento online project support. We have expert trainers for these job/project support. We also provide Magento online job support from India.

MAGENTO online Training vs woo commerce:

  • Both MAGENTO and the woo commerce are the ecommerce solutions only. Mostly e stores are on the web.
  • MAGENTO and the woo commerce both software can be download because it is a free of cost and it is free open source product. Both are self hosted and are deeply customizable.
  • MAGENTO is content management system mainly for the ecommerce.
  • Woo commerce is also ecommerce framework but it is build on the top of the word press. We need to install the word press first and then add the woo commerce plugin.
  • Woo commerce is small and the active plugin in the cms. It is very light on the server loads and takes the little space of disk.
  • MAGENTO requires the significantly more powerful hosting than the woo commerce. You want to use the dedicated server to provide the good store performance. Otherwise your online retailer will get the slow.
  • When it comes to e commerce MANGENTO is the best it has the multistore capability, multi language options are there and the layer navigation all this are find in the magento online Training out of the box not in the woo commerce.
  • Most of the features are obtained through the plugin and the extension in woo commerce. But it has the other benefits are it will score more in the seo due to the fast performance and the blogging functionality.

What is MAGENTO Extension:

  • MAGENTO Extension is the sections of the php code, functions are added into the magento to extend its functionality. MAGENTO Extension is very useful in the back end and the front end server with this extension we can add the some functionality and the custom features in the magento area where this store. Extension and the modules are important of Magento training.
  • Every process which are done in the MAGENTO are with the module. Global online trainings will give the best Magento extension corporate training material covering all the course content what we have given.
magento training overviewUses of the Magento enterprise training:
  • MAGENTO Enterprise Training will claim the same offensive as the MAGENTO Community edition. Magento community is free open source we can download it freely. MAGENTO acceptance extend to increase the, where there will be retailer who required more than one community provide.
  • Some retailers are need the changes in the functionality, required advance features. MAGENTO Enterprise editor is an reliable whatever customizes can be done easily if needed. Magento enterprise edition is flexible and powerful. Magento enterprise edition with this we can maintain customer. MAGENTO Enterprise online training provided by global online trainings with the material given by expert trainers.

What is MAGENTO Themes Training?

  • MAGENTO Themes training which is similar to the web page of a design. Magento themes have the strong designed and code magento with this themes MAGENTO  will bring the positive effect to our business.
  • Basically MAGENTO Themes will have their some style and the creative based on the goal of the website. We can create our web page with the MAGENTO Themes. Best Magento theme training is rendered by best trainers from India.

What is MAGENTO Store:

  • MAGENTO says about the store when magento connected default store are design and we can also able to design  the many websites and the stores and the store view. Where in one and each web page there will be many stores and in the stores there will be abstracted  
  • In each store there will be different product option and the arrival. Store view are for showing the store in other languages, and the customer will change their language because there is an option to change the store view. MAGENTO Store training will also available in the online we can conduct the training individual based on the student requirement.

MAGENTO Training Development:

  • MAGENTO is an ecommerce platform where there is an development of our magento which allows the customers to have the best understanding of online shopping in our ecommerce store.
  • There are some developments of magento training are environment, based on the additional forms of the server environment, magento application is developed by the cloud computing. New versions of the MAGENTO should be update for more performance.
  • It uses the complicated database so it need to be run only on the previous using server.
  • On web server files should not be host which are not using. Magento modules which are not using should be identify and ruin. Abbreviate the site images to best web images sizes. MAGENTO Website corporate training will also provide in our global online trainings and the training will given by best trainers.

MAGENTO Training Architecture:

MAGENTO Training architecture are

  • User request
  • View
  • Controller
  • Model
  • Database
  • WSDl

User request:  Data will be go to the browser and the user request will be send to view

Data (view):  User request will be come to view, view is the place were the actual view is visible.


View for requesting the data will go to controller is basically contact model for data.

Model:  Model is actually fetch the data from database.

Database: Data will be fetching after completing the data request go to wsdl.

WSDL:  WSDL is for describing the services and the web services also .

After that the data will be sent to the controller and the controller send to view after this the request will be confirmed and the response will come.

Page builder for Magento:

  • You can build any layout in minutes normally the layouts is built from blocks and each blocks contains rows and columns content in those rows and columns are loaded from the assigned modules.
  • From the magento back end setting to menu theme and menu builder manage builder in these panel in these we can see all what we created profiles.
  • Each profile is a page built from the tool, add new item to create the new profile for block information add general information above the profile when you add your block title the block code is auto generated, we can also change if we want any change.
  • Then open the design block to build the layout then hit the button for adding the block and then add new column in that block and then click right to assign the widget to the column here is a list of all the supported widgets.
  • There also filter to find the widget easily then select the widget there is widget setting panel you can configure it and then you can insert the widget. Add another block and three columns to the block. We can also change the column size if you want , assign the widget each of the column and use single image for all the blocks.
  • You can duplicate any widget change its position or edit its settings . after all this we should save this then your layout on your front page so go CMS and pages you can create the new page or use the existing new page.
  • Magento is a admired e-commerce system, geared toward businesses that gives products or facilities for sale online. Magento gives powerful marketing, search engine optimization and catalog -management tools.
DRUPAL Training:
  • Drupa training is an content management system, software, organize and update of our web site to the application framework. We can build other application with the DRUPAL. Drupal is an the extensible, stable and secure.
  • We can distribute, manage and create the full variety of content on website. DRUPAL is also free open source we can download it freely. Drupal is reported in system language called php. Drupal is locate on web server. Drupal is formative for creating the as simple as blog and difficult as large website.
  • Drupal is for the content writing the content it will take heavy time but with drupal less time will occur, drupal rapidly add the content and edit our website in the same time both will done at a same time.
  • No need to appoint expensive web designer we can update our website if any changes are required we can change also.
  • For drupal no need of any other technical knowledge we should know adding the content to our website and it will take to compose and send an mail.
  • Regarding to any field like educational, personal etc drupal manage the content and build communities and empower visitors feedback and combination.
  • Drupal very helpful in the content writing in the website and it is simple to complex. Pre fab modules are build most site functions and it is maintained by community developers. No need for the sole source lock in. Security continually monitored and upgraded. Super fast pages loading for the simple to complex site. User will get the irregular level of permissions for adding the content. Drupal is easy to maintain. DRUPAL Training is also important to be learn we also providing this training by the best corporate trainers.
What is JOOMLA Training:
  • JOOMLA Training is an content management system. Cms is a software make a possible for the nontechnical users to website. CMS defers to another website used to be created with the viewer and similar programs in several ways. When we create the website with the dream viewer with some knowledge on html code. In joomla there is no need of the html software we login through the web page No knowledge required of html for joomla.
  • Site content will be stored in the data base but in joomla code here the details behind the scenes are there. Joomla is used to build the many websites. Joomla is a free open source we can download it and no special software required and joomla looks like any other website and it is unbranded.
  • Joomla software is not pendent on your operating system and it is a cross platform. Joomla is very useful for the small companies and the non profit company with this joomla they can build their website because it is a content management system.
  • Number of extensions are in the joomla with this functionality will extent like shopping cards and membership sort. Joomla is very high secure for our websites. Joomla is very popularity among all other software.
  • WordPress and the joomla both are the content management system only for the creating the websites. Both are having some common features also.
  • WordPress is mainly used for the blogging, portfolio purpose, business websites and news website. Joomla is to be known for getting training on the magento Online Training.
  • There is different extensions structure in joomla and wordpress. To be special wordpress will group all the extension under the plugins. Plugin directory is an software are applied in order to extend the functionality of our wordpress site.
  • With the plugins wordpress website can do many things like school, forum and online store etc.
Conclusion for Magento Training:

Global online trainings provide best magento training by expert trainers. By taking training on this Magento you will know about the eCommerce with that increasing the business theme. Using this Magento allows the customers to have the best understanding of online shopping in our ecommerce store. Our trainers have professional background on the magento online training.

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