Mainframes Testing Online Training

Mainframes Testing Course Content

Testing Overview
  • Methods to get the functional requirement
  • Test Plan preparation
  • Test data setup
  • Batch test data setup
  • Database test data setup
  • Online data setup
Test Case Execution
  • Pre processing
  • Post processing
  • Batch testing
  • Database testing
  • Online testing
  • Batch + online + database testing
  • Regression testing
Defect Tracking:
  • How to Raise a Defect
  • Defect Life Cycle
Documenting the Test Results
  • Collecting and Managing the test results
  • Record the JCL using the testing
General tips for effective testing
  • Test data
  • Maintaining required JCLs
Introduction to Mainframe
  • What is Mainframe
  • About Mainframe Application
  • Who uses mainframes?
  • Why mainframes?
  • What classifies a computer as a mainframe
  • Types of Mainframe Applications
Operating System
  • What is the mainframe Operating system
COBOL (Common Business Oriented Language)
  • What is COBOL and History?
  • Why to use COBOL in Mainframe application
  • What is the specialty of the COBOL?
  • Coding Standards
  • Divisions in COBOL
  • Declaration of Variables
  • Sample COBOL Program
  • What is JCL
  • Statements of JCL
  • Features of JCL
  • Structure of JCL
  • Sample JCL
  • How to execute the Jcl’s
  • How to give Priority and how to check spools
  • PDS: How to CREATE & COPY the PDS.
  • COPY BOOKS: How to check and browse
  • Introduction to DB2
  • What is DBMS
  • Benefits of DBMS
  • Types of DBMS
  • Sample Database
  • Query to Fetch the data from Database
  • About SQL CA
  • Common SQL Codes
CICS (Customer Information Control System)
  • What is CICS
  • History of CICS
  • What is Transaction
  • Organization of CICS Program
  • Sample Screen
VSAM (Virtual Storage Access Method)
  • What is VSAM
  • The purpose of VSAM in Mainframe Testing
Mainframe Testing
  • What is Mainframe Testing
  • Types of Mainframe Testing
Mainframe Testing – Tools/Utilities Stack
Overview of Batch Processing
Overview of Online Processing
  • Purpose of File-AID in mainframe Testing
  • Edit/View/Browse for a file & how to see copy
  • books fields
  • XREF
  • View Layout
  • VSAM and GDG Utilities
  • What is SPUFI and QMF
  • Purpose of SPUFI and QMF
  • What is Difference between SPUFI and QMF?
  • How to EDIT / BROWSE / VIEWthe table data