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MarkLogic Training


Introduction of MarkLogic Training:

Marklogic Training is the enterprise no SQL database, it means that flexibility, scalability of the no Sql database and also has the enterprise features like assets, security and etc., all these are built in Marklogic. Global online trainings provide best Marklogic online training by professionals at reasonable price.  We explain to cover all related topics of MarkLogic like MarkLogic Architecture and MarkLogic workflow.

We provide online training for MarkLogic training with highly skilled professionals and for more information of MarkLogic Training just contact us.

Mode of Training: We provide online mode of training and also corporate, job support.

Duration of Program: 30 Hours (Can be customized as per requirement).

Materials: Yes, we are providing materials for MarkLogic online training.

Course Fee: Please register in website, so that one of our agent will assist you.

Trainer Experience: 9 years.

Prerequisites of MarkLogic Training:

  • You must have basic knowledge on XQuery, XML, XML XQuery and XPATH.
  • JavaScript, semantics and sparql.

Overview of MarkLogic Training:

What is MarkLogic?

Marklogic is the quickly and easily ingest the data from multiple data sources and it have different data structures. MarkLogic is the enterprise no Sql database and it is the high availability of an enterprise DBMS. Marklogic is designed to be partitioned across data center, each partition has the portion of the data along with its associated indexes. And the partitioning each data in parallel. The database automatically has rights to integrate and distributing the data.

The marklogic partitioning data in parallel it will be help to free developers they are write data in low level DBMS functionality in their application code. The MarkLogic has to configure in to the direct attached or shared storage, in this MarkLogic is includes the Hadoop Distributed File System technology (HDFS) and it is providing real time database.

XPath it is used for identifying web applications and it is most important element to identify complex elements. XPath is a language which is used to get information from XML document, so basically we use some path expressions to create this XPath. Earlier we use this XPath training more dynamically rather than combining multiple properties to make a particular object unique. We have seen that if at all certain information is not provided by a developer for a particular object, we use to make it unique by taking some combination of properties. XPath allows you to customize how an action finds the location of an item on the page. XPath can consist of path expressions and conditions.

Learn about MarkLogic Workflow in Marklogic training:

The workflow in MarkLogic explained with simple example, if we have one document that is stored in MarkLogic database. The document may be Email, image or twitter and anything it will be added in marklogic database.MARKLOGIC ONLINE TRAINING In the workflow process, the first step is the document created and updated, and then check the document. If the user approves the document it is completed. If the user rejects, again resubmit the document until the approve the user.

The CPF (Content Processing Framework), in this the first step is to the document created or updated after this document is triggered in to two options they are collection domain and URL domain. Depends on the domain, the CPF configuration is set. And then it is triggered to initial state and also have final state, it is the end of the state. In between two states, as three states. State 1 will be extracting the document, state 2 have conditions and state 3, it can just process it in to final state.

Data modeling is to stores the data and is the process of exploring what kind of data needs to be stored and then creating data structures accordingly. Data modeling is the environment and it will be relevant entities from the environment. Data modeling training it is supports the business processes by using the data requirements and it is creates the data model information system by using different data modelling techniques. It can also be transferring logical data model in to physical data model and that are organizes in to tables. Data modeling it will be describes the structure of the data, data modeling techniques and methodology are used to construct the data in consistent and predictable manner.

Learn about MarkLogic Architecture in MarkLogic Training:
  • The each and every layer in the MarkLogic are explained below. The main layers of the MarkLogic Architecture are Data Layer, Query Layer and Interfaces. The Data Layer is the no Sql database, it can store the documents. And also compressed the documents and binary storage like it stores images and digital assets etc.
  • The data layer has compressed text, binary storage, index, cache, journal and transaction controller. In that data layer it has indexes, it can allow efficient across to the documents.
  • In that value indexes, security indexes, special indexes, the security indexes are built in the core marklogic server. And it has cache it is similar to indexes like it can allow efficient data.
  • And next one is journal, in these transactions and integrates the data. Then transactional controller it will be controlled the transactions across the cluster, The next layer of the marklogic is to query layer it will responsible for the queries the data.
  • It has broadcast, aggregator, cache, evaluator, rest and XQuery. Broadcast is responsible for federating the quires across the cluster and the aggregator it will be transfer all the results coming from cluster.
  • Cache is the allows the queries data and the evaluator is fully programming language with XSLT and XQUERY. The last part is interface, the interface in MarkLogic is the HTTP interface, it has rest and XQUERY. The XQUERY it can store the HTTP execute programs.
  • Rest is the marklogic 6 is built with this rest, it will give document curd, management and transformation.
Features of MarkLogic in Marklogic Training:
  • Marklogic is the no Sql database it is similar to relational database management (DBMS).
  • The marklogic document data model is in the form of XML, Text, Binary and JSON.
  • Marklogic has multiple servers this is the advantage for big data scale.
  • Marklogic built to written in C++ and iOS system and it is the fast database.
  • Marklogic supports ACID transactions for transferring multiple data in different hosts.
  • And also, marklogic stores the data in safe and it is high availability, disaster recovery.
Conclusion of Marklogic Training:

Marklogic training help for developers, administrators and architects, marklogic training is used to create database, and also learn how to load and query data. Marklogic is used to connect multiple databases via programming interfaces.Global online trainings provide best SAP PM training by our highly skilled consultants. We also provide the classroom training at client premises Noida, Bangalore Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi and Pune. 


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