Maya Training

Maya training

Introduction To Maya Training Course:

Maya is an powerful 3D modeling, animation, effects, & rendering solution that has been used in everything from product design to the feature films. In capable hands, it can produce any sort of image imaginable, from an impressionistic painting to the highly realistic animation & special effects. Because of its power, Maya has an wealth of features & can seem complex at first glance. But this shouldn’t overwhelm those new to package. Getting to know the major piece of software such as Maya is much like getting to know the large city. Register for Maya Training and learn the  incredibly powerful animation software that can be used to create almost anything you can imagine , with the help and guidance of our expert professionals. Our consultants make you familiar with the basic user interface & features of Maya so you can start creating beautiful works of 3D art-work.

Maya Online Training Course Content

The Introduction to Maya
The Interface
The Geometry types
Modeling tools
Workflow overview
Modeling & Texting
Rigging & Animating
Mesh optimization
Planar mapping
Cylindrical & Spherical Mapping