Mdx Queries Online Training

Mdx Queries Course Content

  • The Business Intelligence Landscape
  • The Dimensional Model
  • Implementing the Dimensional Model
  • The MDX Language
Using the MDX Query Editor
  • SQL Server Management Studio
  • The MDX Query Editor
  • Building a Simple MDX Query
  • Exploring the Step-by-Step Cube
  • Building a More Complex Query
Understanding Tuples
  • N-dimensional Space
  • Cube Space
  • Accessing Data with Tuples
  • Understanding Cells
  • Working with Partial Tuples
  • Building Tuples with User-Hierarchies
Working with Sets
  • Set Basics
  • Understanding the SELECT Statement
  • Building Sets with Functions
  • Limiting Sets
Working with Expressions
  • Expression Basics
  • Calculated Members
  • Building Dynamic Expressions
  • Resolving Contextual Conflicts
  • Building Complex Expressions
Building Complex Sets
  • Assembling Ordered Sets
  • Retrieving the First or Last Tuples of a Set
  • Filtering Sets
  • Combining Sets
  • Performing Advanced Set Construction
Performing Aggregation
  • Performing Summation
  • Calculating Averages
  • Identifying Minimum and Maximum Values
  • Counting Tuples in Sets
Navigating Hierarchies
  • Accessing Immediate Relatives
  • Accessing Extended Relatives
  • Navigating within a Level
Working with Time
  • Understanding the Time Dimension
  • Calculating an Accumulating Total
  • Performing Period-over-Period Analysis
  • Combining Time-Based Metrics
Enhancing the Cube (Optional)
  • Understanding the MDX Script
  • Constructing Calculated Members
  • Assembling Named Sets
Building Reports (Optional)
  • Getting Started
  • Connecting to Analysis Services
  • Designing the Dataset
  • Adding Parameters to the Dataset
  • Presenting the Data in the Report