microsoft adfs training

active directory federation services course content

1.Introducing the Identity Metasystem
  • Existing Solutions for Managing Identities
  • The Benefits of Claims-based Identity
  • The Evolution of AD FS
  • Use Cases for AD FS
  • AD FS and Claims-based Terminology
3.Introducing Directory Services
  • Active Directory and Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services
  • Web Services, Standards, and Interoperability
  • Internet Information Services
  • Identify the key Windows components required for AD FS.
  • Describe the key characteristics of a Directory Service.
2.Examine existing solutions for managing identities.
  • Describe the benefits of the Claims-based Identity model.
  • Discuss the evolution of Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS).
  • Describe common use cases for AD FS.
  • Discuss common terminology used when working with AD FS and Claims-based Identity.
  • Windows Prerequisites
4.Introducing the Public Key Infrastructure
  • PKI Basics
  • Introduction to Cryptography
  • PKI Design
  • Installing and Configuring Certificate Services