Microsoft Cortana Intelligence training

Microsoft Cortana Intelligence training

Introduction to Microsoft Cortana Intelligence training:

Microsoft Cortana Intelligence training  at Global online trainings – Cortana Intelligence is a bundle or suite of different services in Azure that allow customers, partners and users are like develop systems that help you to make their decisions. Data comes in from various apps, sensors and devices from IOT scenarios and they get processed and analysed within the Cortana Intelligence suite. As a result people or other apps or automated systems can use those insights to create systems that prove the future or help in automated systems for help centers or churn analysis or even things like predictive maintenance. Global online trainings is best in providing Microsoft Cortana Intelligence Corporate training with live projects by experts.

What is Big Data?

  • Why is advanced analytics or Big data or machine learning so popular lately? One of the big reasons for that is that there is been a change in some of these industries. The first being that Big data has now become popular it’s both from the platform side as well as from the technology side in Microsoft Cortana Intelligence training. It used to be really hard to process large amounts of data but with the big data systems of today that is now achievable.
  • Do I have your attention? The second part is now on cloud platforms. Big data systems require lots of storage space with cloud and for pretty much infinite amount of storage that has now become possible. Finally with the new introduction of better algorithms than before prediction accuracy has actually made it more reasonable to invest in these types of systems. Are you interested to learn advance topics on this course? We provide best Microsoft Cortana Intelligence corporate training by real time experts.So with these three new trends machine learning, artificial intelligence training and all these types of new technologies came together to make it more feasible and reasonable to invest and develop these types of solutions.

What is Cortana Intelligence Suite?                                                                                                                        Microsoft Cortana Intelligence training

  • It is a little bit daunting initially as there are lots of components here but just be aware you don’t need to use every item in the box to make your solution in Microsoft Cortana Intelligence training. If you view it as a pick-and-mix you can combine the tools and suite your business needs depending on the size, philosophy and structure of your data and the kind of solution you need to deliver.
  • It’s worth noting that the services are cloud-based so it’s a monthly subscription and it enables you to very easily scale up and scale down as needed and you only have to pay for what you use and this scaling up and scaling down applies to both storage facilities as well as computational power in Microsoft Cortana Intelligence training.
  • You might be wondering, Microsoft’s aim is to make it easier to provision hardware and software enables you to get access to data that you need regardless of the type of data and also to support analytics to make your decision making smarter and faster. Are you passionate in doing certifications? Global online trainings provide best Microsoft Cortana Intelligence Certification training by experts from India.
  • Now let’s start looking at Power BI training which is in the data visualization area. So while there is a power bi desktop tool today we are going to look at the power Since its launch has been picked up by a large number of organisations with over a half a million users in 185 countries. The data which is disconnected in multiple data sources and there are currently weekly updates to power which means that getting all the time new data sources, new chart type etc. So the tool is fast moving and quickly growing.
  • There is also recently been a new open source gallery to the community which enables you to create and share a new visualization types and it’s also worth noting that power bi is viewable also in your mobile device so long as you have got a live connection.
  • Under Power bi we have got the personal digital assistants. So Cortana which is a Microsoft equivalent of Siri to the IPhone. We have just done using natural query language and typing with Windows 10 Cortana is neither as a personal assistant. So you can actually verbally ask Cortana the questions for your dashboard and she will return whatever the appropriate metric and chart type is in Cortana Intelligence tool.
  • So it’s a pretty cool way forward and I think the AI side of things is moving closer than we would ever imagined, it is pretty impressive in Microsoft Cortana Intelligence training.
  • Azure machine learning is Microsoft’s cloud based analytics. It is very much like a workflow where you can link objects together. There are number of pre-built functions available which allow you to different analytical calculations which do some data transformations in Cortana Intelligence tool.

Conclusion of Microsoft Cortana Intelligence training:

What’s the bottom line? If you need to do something more advanced you can actually use or a python scripts to do either computational work or visualizations. There are also numbers of pre-built applications available within the visual market place so you can purchase. You just pass your data through these and get the results back out again or you can publish your experiment as a web service which can then consume from other applications including an Excel add-in or data factory. There are lots of opportunities in the market with exciting packages. Join in Global online trainings for best Microsoft Cortana Intelligence corporate training.


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