Microsoft Dynamics ax functional finance

MS Dynamics ax functional financial training

Introduction to Microsoft Dynamics ax functional finance training:

Microsoft Dynamics AX functional finance training is a major component of our company’s growth, and we are expanding our team to include some of the most talented consultants in the industry. The demand for AKA resources is growing rapidly both in our partner channel and our customer base. Microsoft Dynamics AX functional finance online training is rendered by the best subject matter experts and the tutorials prepared by these expert industry allied tutors are made with latest industry updates. Classes are available for the individual as well as for corporate batches on demand. Call the help desk for more information for online Microsoft Dynamics AX functional finance training and its details.

Microsoft Dynamics ax functional finance online course

1 : General Ledger Setup
  • Exchange Rate & Currency Setup
  • Fiscal Year & Periods Setup
  • Date Intervals
  • Reason Codes
  • Financial Dimensions
  • Financial Dimension Sets
  • Period Allocations
3 : Sales Tax Setup
  • Sales Tax Overview
  • Ledger Posting Groups
  • Sales Tax Authorities
  • Sales Tax Settlement Periods
  • Sales Tax Codes
  • Sales Tax Codes Intervals
  • Sales Tax Groups
  • Item Sales Tax Groups
  • Sales Tax Jurisdictions
  • Sales Tax Transactions
  • Sales Tax Exemption
  • Withholding Sales Tax
5 : Accounts Payable Daily Procedures
  • Invoice Journals in Accounts Payable
  • Invoice Register
  • Invoice Approval Journal
  • Vendor Invoice Pool Excluding Posting Details
  • Invoice Journal
  • Voucher Template
  • Payment Journals
  • Prepayments
  • Invoice Matching
  • Charges to Purchase Order Invoices
  • Edit Open Transactions
  • Reverse a Closed Transaction
  • Print Management
7 : Collections Management
  • Customer Account Statement
  • Set Up Collection Letters
  • Process Collection Letters
  • Set Up Interest Codes
  • Calculate Interest
  • Managing Collections and Collection Agents
  • View and Manage Collections Information
  • Advanced Collections Management Tasks
9 : Setup of Assets
  • Fixed Assets Form
  • Set Up Assets
  • Lend Assets
  • Assign Bar Codes to Assets
  • Asset Budgeting
  • Project Module Integration to Fixed Assets
2 : Chart of Accounts Setup
  • Main Account Categories
  • Chart of Accounts
  • Main Account Information
  • Main Account Administration Information
  • Main Account Setup Information
  • Configuring Account Structures
  • Advanced Rules
  • Ledger Setup
  • Accounts for Automatic Transactions
  • Inquiries & Reports Related to the Chart of
  • Accounts
4 : Accounts Payable Setup
  • Payment Schedule
  • Terms of Payment
  • Payment Days
  • Cash Discounts
  • Payment Fee
  • Methods of Payment
  • Vendor Groups
  • Accounts Payable Posting Profiles
  • Accounts Payable Vendors
6 : Budgeting
  • Overview on Budgeting
  • Basic Budgeting Setup
  • Budget Control
  • Configuring Budget Control
  • Manage & Use Budgets
  • Budget Amounts
  • Using Budget Control
  • Budget Reporting and Inquiries
  • Budget Transaction Web Services
  • Integrated Budgeting
  • From General Ledger & Transfer Budgets To
8 : Setup Procedures
  • System Setup for Fixed Assets
  • Fixed Assets Module Setup
  • Parameters
  • Depreciation Methods
  • Depreciation Conventions
  • Overview of Depreciation Books
  • Extended Functionality Features – Provision
  • Types and Bonus Depreciation
  • Mass Update Depreciation Conventions
  • Depreciation Book
10 : Asset Transactions
  • Typical Fixed Asset Transaction Types
  • Record Acquisitions
  • Create and Acquire Fixed Assets From
  • Purchasing
  • Record Depreciation
  • Record Value Adjustments
  • Record Disposals
  • Transaction Reversals
  • Replacement Cost and Insured Value Update
  • Copy Fixed Assets and Change Fixed Asset
  • Groups
  • Fixed Asset Additions

Course objectives for Microsoft Dynamics ax functional finance training

  • Manage electronic vendor and customer payments
  • Update depreciation conventions for a depreciation book
  • budget controls for Plan
  • budget control components for Identify
  • Identify typical Fixed Asset transaction types
  • Manage transaction reversals

Responsibilities for Microsoft Dynamics ax functional finance training

  • Implement Microsoft Dynamics AX to working with customers
  • Responsible for providing application & business consultancy to clients throughout the implementation process
  • Carrying out communicating with the project manager, procedure documentation & prototyping plans
  • Defining a developer can use for AX enhancements requirements for reports and business processes/forms etc.,
  • Providing preparation reference material for end users & general guidance
  • Preparing offering holistic solutions with recommendations & pre-design documentation & requirements