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Microsoft dynamics ax functional

MS Dynamics ax functional training

Introduction to Microsoft dynamics ax training 

Microsoft dynamics ax is a multi-language as well as multi-currency ERP business software integrated with global business management features for additional industry competences for retailers, manufacturers, financial service businesses, professional service industries, & public-sector organizations, as well as streamlining of financial & facilitating, human resources, & operations management. Microsoft Dynamics AX was formerly known as Axapta. Global Online Training offers online classes with flexible hour advantage and with most reasonable fee Microsoft dynamics ax training tutorial, made here with best industry updates. To know more detail about this module call /mail the help-desk.

Course content for MS Dynamics ax functional online course

1 : Introduction
  • ERP – Introduction-Biz application
  • Different technologies used for ERP
  • Introduction About Microsoft Dynamics AX
  • Versions of Ax & Architecture, new features in Ax 2012
  • Data components
  • UI
  • Programming
  • Integration with other apps (brief descriptions)
3 : Data Components
  • Introduction to MS Dynamics AX Data Dictionary
  • MorphX and the Application Object Tree
  • Features of the AOT
  • Objects in the Data Dictionary
  • Views, Tables, Extended Data Types & Maps
  • Base Enums & Security (Policies, Roles, Duties)
  • Microsoft Dynamics AX Table Structure & Components
  • Procedure: Creating a Table in Microsoft Dynamics AX
  • Relations
  • Data Types Primitive & Extended & Indexes
5 : Programming
  • Development environment
  • Introduction to X++
  • What is X++
  • New programming features in AX 2012
  • Object Oriented Programming features
  • How OOPS concept used in AX
  • Objects & Classes, Development Tools & Best Practices
  • Introduction to Methods, objects& classes, Variables
  • Accessing the Database & X++ Control Statements
  • Data manipulation & Searching for records
  • Queries using X++ Language
  • Development Training Objectives & Environment and Tools
  • Development Environment Application, Introduction
  • Cross-References, AOS Setup & Monitoring/Performance
  • System Monitoring, Debugger, tracing & Query
2 : Architecture
  • Introduction to Microsoft Dynamics AX Development
  • Features of Microsoft Dynamics AX
  • Elements of Microsoft Dynamics AX Development
  • MS Dynamics AX Object Server
  • Application Object Tree
  • IntelliMorph
  • MorphX
  • Inheritance
  • MS Dynamics AX Application Essentials, X++
  • MS Dynamics AX Layered Architecture
  • Models and Model management
  • Tools for Customization
  • Security, Inquiry and Reports
  • Conclusion
4 : User Interfaces
  • Projects, Forms
  • Elements that Compose a Form
  • Form Designs
  • Forms and Their Data Sources
  • Forms and Their Methods
  • Menus Items in MorphX
  • Microsoft Dynamics AX Non-graphical Objects
  • Queries, Jobs, Macros
  • SSRS Reports (AX + SSRS integration Brief description)
  • Working with Report Design
6 : Advanced Topics (brief descriptions)
  • Work flow
  • EP (Ax web application)
  • Upgrade from Lower version

Overview on MS Dynamics AX functional :

MS Dynamics ax functional training are best suited for purchase and other users in organizations who are accountable for the salespeople & administration, sales managers, purchasers, &  setup of inventory management. MCTS Trade & Logistics training courses are also part of the AX 2013 Financial training suite. The audience also gains knowledge of MS Dynamics ax functional training Retail Application, Payroll, & Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 HR Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 Project Accounting, Transport Management in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 & Warehouse Management in Microsoft Dynamics ax functional.

Course objectives for MS Dynamics ax functional online course:

  • To Understand Microsoft Dynamics with Work Flow management
  • Architecture of Dynamics AX
  • To Excel in Tools & Development Environment
  • To work on Run Base Framework
  • The Usage of OOPS in AX Understanding
  • To Based upon X++ Language Post Queries