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MS Dynamics AX Training

Introduction of Microsoft Dynamics AX Training:

Microsoft Dynamics AX Training provided by Global Online Trainings. For mid market companies Dynamics AX is mostly suitable. The MS Dynamics AX online Training is all about discrete & process and manufacturing & distribution for retail market companies. MS Dynamics AX is a broad business management suite, the important elements in this suite are financial management system, supply chain management and customer relationship management functionality etc. will be useful to improve business functionalities. For small nosiness financial management and retail management this training will teach about integrating contact management, accounting and other online services.

Course Name: Microsoft DYNAMICS AX TRAINING

Mode of training: Online Training, Corporate Training and Job Support

Duration of course: 30 hrs

Do you provide materials: Yes, If you register with Global Online Trainings, the materials will be provided.

course fee:  After register with Global Online Trainings, our coordinator will contact you.

Trainer experience: 15 years+

Batch Type: Regular, weekends and fast track.



MS Dynamics AX Content

Life cycle Services in Microsoft Dynamics AX Training:

In Microsoft Dynamics AX Training, the Life cycle Services (LCS) is about improving the predictability and implementing. LCS is a Microsoft Azure based product and is mainly using to unifying and collaborating with regular updates of Dynamics AX work space and this will useful in improving user speed and reducing time.

  • In Life cycle Services you can import the data as well as export the framework. The localization and translation tools contain Dynamics AX for operations, regulatory alert submissions and Dynamics operations translation service.
  • The Life cycle Service will support two types of projects one is partner projects and another one is customer projects.
  • The partner projects can be used for partner – led trials and hosts MS Dynamics SI, MS Dynamics AX HR and MS Dynamics 365 for operations environments using partner subscriptions.
  • In partner projects the methodology can be changed by choosing ellipsis in methodology area.
  • The customer project are created in Life cycle Service will be created as a part of Microsoft Dynamics for operations licence activation.
  • Each Dynamics AX for operations, customers will get one Life cycle Services project.   

There are similar components will be available on customer and partner projects. However, there are some key differences in between customer and partner projects, those are

  • Customer projects have a fixed number of Dynamics AX components for operations environments, and these are available in environment section. The number will depend on the customer purchase license.
  • With the help of Microsoft Dynamics AX Functional you can integrate multi language business management features.
  • The methodologies and LCS projects provide a tool to track important phases and tasks in implementation projects.
  • The customer and partner projects contain phases and tasks that must be completed in Microsoft Dynamics AX operations implementation.  

In Microsoft Dynamics AX Training, the configuration and data manager will copy configuration from Data packages to Dynamics for operations instance. In this MS Dynamics AX online Training our experts will explain clearly about operation environments for customer and partner projects.

UI in Microsoft Dynamics AX Training:MS Dynamics AX Elements

The complete form of UI is User Interface, in Microsoft Dynamics AX Training we will teach you about the new features of work space User Interface (UI). It has very unique features and it is very simple and slick Microsoft product and there is a lot of different ways to access the functionalities of the way that makes more sense for you.

  • With the UI tool in MS Dynamics AX Training you can improve the different types of graphical lists. And to share the information with team mates or with the other branches of an enterprise.
  • You can edit the legal entities in an organization and customize or personalize the default dashboard banner for effective appearance.
  • With Microsoft Dynamics AX Functional Finance you can deal account administration system of a business enterprise.
  • In Microsoft Dynamics AX Training, the UI (User Interface) is a industrial design field of human – machine interaction, i.e. in this space there is an interaction between human and machine occur.
  • The aim of using UI is to allow effective operation and control of machine from human end. Whilst the machine simultaneously feeds back the information, which aids the operator’s decision making process.   
  • If the UI includes the interactive aspects of computer operating systems, hand tools, heavy machinery operating tools and process controls. The design considered as applicable when creating UI related involves with ergonomics and psychology.

In MS Dynamics AX online Training, generally the UI design is to produce efficient and user friendly desired results. This means, with UI designs operator will provide minimal input to achieve the desired output and also minimize undesired outputs.    

In Global Online Trainings our experienced trainers will teach in detail about the usage and technical aspects in UI (User Interface).

Characteristics of X++ Microsoft Dynamics AX Training:

With the characteristics of X++ in Microsoft Dynamics AX Training, you can avoid the corruption customer data from the records. The X++ control statements are mainly useful for RSM for major decision making purposes.

  • X++ is an object oriented programming language and it is mainly used to build business management systems. In X++ control statements in order to select the results tables for UI (User Interface).
  • There are three kinds of characteristics in X++ control systems, those are interpreted & dynamics, reliable and interoperable characteristics. These characteristics will help to take better decisions in MS Dynamics AX.
  • In Microsoft Dynamics AX Training, by using X++ programmes you can access rational tables along with standard SQL. You can check syntax errors while creating an X++ program.

In this MS Dynamics AX online Training, our experts will clearly explains about compiling X++ and its use in Dynamics AX etc.

Operations Planning with Microsoft Dynamics AX Training:

With our online Microsoft Dynamics AX Training you can forecast the merchandise items to plan & schedule in sales and demand. In forecast model you can setup and access the inventory management in data warehouse and insert their model ID for Dynamics AX model.

  • The key element in operation planning is Demand Forecast, with this you can figure out approximate customers by this you can furnish merchandise items to them in MS Dynamics AX.
  • By using Microsoft Dynamics AX Technical you can perform user interface configurations for a business enterprise.
  • The demand forecast is one way accessing to plan and release products, in this you can also know number of customers by this you can estimate numbers of items need to deliver.
  • With Microsoft Dynamics AX Training you can specify the item price and can calculate the sales amount, after releasing the product you can also calculate number of items purchased by customers and amount details.

In Global Online Training, our trainers will clarify how to schedule operations planning and how it will work.

Warehouse Management in Microsoft Dynamics AX Training:

The aim of warehouse management in Dynamics AX is providing new capabilities to the customers such as flexible decision making and controlling operational cost etc. advanced warehousing and its capability have the major chunks of functionality that have been delivered with the Dynamics AX software.

  • The warehouse capabilities has out of the box delivered for handled devices and those are basically any kind of browser based devices, so as long as browser running the browser based device solution.
  • The key feature in warehouse management is it can easily configure the workflow, advanced cycle counting and location replacement and supporting devices with various strategies.
  • The out of the box concept will give support to check the efficiency of picking and put – away processes. And it can deliver customers choice and increase cluster picking and its strategies.
  • The warehouse management in Dynamics AX has low cost of inventory and allocations based on picking and moving the replenishment.
  • With the warehousing you can also increase the quality of material for mobile handled RF (Radio Frequency) devices.

After joining in Microsoft Dynamics AX Training our online trainers will train you about workflow, integrations and enhancing hierarchy etc.

Overview of Microsoft Dynamics AX Training:

Microsoft Dynamics AX Training is for you to become successful in distribution business and to continue growing in the global market. In today’s market the growth and globalization bring new challenges such as increasing process complexity, supply chain collaboration and visibility across the organization for such demands to overcome from that MS Dynamics AX online Training is the best choice.

  • The Microsoft Dynamics AX is a next generation cloud ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system and it is built on and for Azure for UI (User Interface) and delivering intelligence.
  • It supports global organizations in managing multiple operations by using shared reference data.
  • To empowering people for every organization, helping transformation system for business growth and increasing the speed of business Dynamics AX will be most useful.
  • Ms Dynamics AX is providing the agility, global reach and to scale the need to increase the transform in their business.
  • You can reinvent productivity and business process by observing customers and partners. It is possible for organizations to run their entire business operations in the MS Dynamics AX cloud.
  • With this training you can provide a complete set of unique solutions with delivering capabilities and advantages to the customers.
  • By providing single solution you can helps your enterprise to reach their business requirements in sales and marketing.

In this training you will know the completely about this course from the basics.

Conclusion of Microsoft Dynamics AX Training:

Microsoft Dynamics AX Training is provided by one of the leading online training platform from India Global Online Trainings. We have a team of most experienced technical trainers and they will teach you in all required aspects. With the help of our training you can able to take care of maximizing customer or user values. Fresher who just got job and students who are willing to get job in MS Dynamics AX both can take this training.

Register to get the best MS Dynamics AX online Training at Global Online Trainings. In Delhi, Noida, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad etc. we are providing classroom training as well as Corporate Training on client premise for a low cost. For more details please visit our official website, thank you.


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