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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Training

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Training

Introduction of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Training:

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Training by Global online Training to enhance customer services and to increase business sales. Our MS Dynamics CRM online Training will help your business and will provide multiple ways for you to access applications. With Microsoft Dynamics CRM Training you can focus on sales and customer service sector, so that you can support customers to use your products. With CRM solutions and business intelligence you can effectively organize sales of your product. 

In this online Microsoft Dynamics CRM Training our experienced trainers will also train you in the inbuilt CRM back end process like applications building, automatic updates and deploying etc.   


Course Name: Microsoft Dynamics CRM Training

Mode of training: Online Training, Corporate Training and Job Support

Duration of course: 30 hrs

Do you provide materials: Yes, If you register with Global Online Trainings, the materials will be provided.

course fee:  After register with Global Online Trainings, our coordinator will contact you.

Trainer experience: 10 years+

Batch Type: Regular, weekends and fast track.


Microsoft Dynamics CRM Training Course Content

MS Dynamics CRM Content



What is Microsoft Dynamics CRM Training?

In Microsoft Dynamics CRM Training, CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management.

  • The MS Dynamics CRM online Training will provide one place for organizations of all shapes and sizes to organize all the information they have about the things they care about.
  • In Microsoft Dynamics CRM Technical one place is to track activity and that take place in relationship to the entities you do them with.
  • The entities may include phone calls that you make to customers, emails you receive from organizations that are important to your business and appointments that you make with companies or people regarding your business.
  • In Microsoft Dynamics CRM Training, tracking and displaying the relevant information in an easy to use manner is a sign you have a good Customer Relationship Management system.
  • With our Microsoft Dynamics CRM Training you can able to open an opportunity account or contact so that you can see everything that’s transpired in any related information in one place.
  • In Microsoft Dynamics CRM Training, the Customer Relationship Management is a modular product and it is organized in a really simple way for that it has three modules those are sales, service and marketing. Within each of these modules the content is relevant to each of these topics.        
  • The CRM is completely customizable and you can choose to change the entities and those will appear in each module. The modules will appear in all together.
  • To Know about Data components and UI components Microsoft Dynamics Training will be useful.
  • The Dynamics CRM towards information and efficiency for different parts of your business displayed in one place with the ability to drill down the details and context to increase the efficiency of your business operations.   
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM Training will gives you the benefits in quite a few ways like dashboard which has a lot of values to provide up to six various charts on one screen and showing a variety types of information.
  • With our Microsoft Dynamics CRM Functional you will eliminate a lot of time otherwise you will spend time for gathering context and organizing everything to make sense of it.

Global online Trainings will train you to handle server and user relationship.


Lead Management in Microsoft Dynamics CRM Training:

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM Training has the different security roles and those will allow different access to create leads and conversions them as well as with the opportunities. A lead is an early stage inquiry from an organization and the leads are held within sales or the marketing areas of CRM.

  • In sales professional the lead management is one of the powerful tools and that will helps you to focus on right opportunities and close more deals.
  • In Lead Management the leads are converted in to an opportunity and in that opportunity we add products to create quote and that convert into order to complete sales process.
  • In Microsoft Dynamics CRM Technical there are a couple of ways to generate leads those are, one is you can always create the leads manually within the system and another way is importing a excel sheet like from trade show etc. into the leads entity.
  • Some of the business companies will integrate their resources for lead generation. There are so many online resources available in Microsoft Dynamics CRM Training to make leads.  
  • In Microsoft Dynamics CRM Training, the lead has a process bar and that process bar is defined for the company or organization to help in consistent in data entry.
  • The Microsoft Dynamics 365 Training will also teach you about Enterprise Resource Planning applications and its major updates.
  • By default the lead status is open in the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) application and based upon the communication process the leads can be either qualify or disqualify.
  • In lead management you can track which lead is existing and not existing, if one lead is worth you can qualify directly and if the lead is not worth you can disqualify.
  • In Microsoft Dynamics CRM Training the qualified lead creates three records in the application those are opportunity, contact or account where as account is optional.

The CRM system will creates two mandatory records those are opportunity and contact. In Microsoft Dynamics CRM Training our trainers will explain in detail about each one.


Sales Modules in Microsoft Dynamics CRM Training:CRM Sales Modules

For customer life cycle the CRM has designed with the following sales modules. Those are,


Leads are represented for an organization to bring the customer or user into the company life cycle or system.


After having the lead, if it is qualified then we can convert in to an opportunity.


After converting lead into opportunity then it will be converted into accounts.


Based on organization relations a person or customer will be treated as contact and it will be created after converting an opportunity.


Quote is a formal offer with particular prices and it contains certain plan to the customer.  


In sales module the accepted quotes will be turned into orders of an organization.

After joining in this training you will know in detail about each sales module.


Marketing Modules in MS Dynamics CRM online Training:CRM Service Management Modules

In Microsoft Dynamics CRM Training there are marketing modules you have to know to work on your organization and existing customers. With the help of Marketing Modules you can promote and market your business. The following are brief introduction about the marketing modules,

Marketing lists

The marketing list will consist of a list of contacts or customers with this list you can send marketing details via email. Marketing lists in CRM are the collection of leads contacts and accounts and that represent targets for your marketing efforts.

  • The Marketing Lists concept is likely best understood through example. The marketing lists is a list of updates grows and shrinks accordingly of leads.
  • The important thing in Marketing Lists is that you can direct at one entity at a time.

The campaigns in Microsoft Dynamics CRM Training is useful for test effectiveness of a product and its result.  In Marketing Modules campaigns are also called as standard campaigns 

  • Campaigns are a lot more robust than quick campaigns because they consist of planning activities, campaign activities multiple marketing, budgeting start and end dates, multiple channels such as emails, phone calls and appointments and more in one campaign.
  • With the help of campaigns, organizations can create planning activities for their employees.
  • The main use of campaigns is sharing product details or information across different platforms or channels.
  • The planning tasks appear in conjunction with specific campaign. After synchronizing, the campaign activity can include multiple channels.
  • In MS Dynamics CRM online Training you can also create campaign activities featuring other channels such as appointments or more commonly emails.
Quick Campaigns

Quick campaigns are also much like campaigns but these are considered as one channel effort to reach out to a specific marketing list.

  • Quick Campaigns can also be run against the result of a simple query in CRM or you can randomly select records and use quick campaigns against them.
  • The Quick Campaigns are technically their own entity, their use is so simple that it really just seems like an extra feature.
  • From the leads page you can select the specific individual which you like to communicate. After selecting individual lead you can choose quick campaign in the list of options.
Campaign Responses

The Campaign Responses are detailed tracking records. In some cases the track records are created automatically but in some other cases records created manually that can be converted to any number of other records.

  • The campaign response provides a track back to the original marketing effort known as campaign. Microsoft CRM refers to this as closed – loop marketing, where there is a direct result or reporting line from the marketing efforts back to sales.
  • In MS Dynamics CRM Technical and Functional, the Campaign Responses will help you to understand and track how effective your marketing efforts are.
  • The Campaign Responses activities for instance email campaign out and replies were received by the system. The campaign responses would automatically create and you can convert one of the activities to be a campaign response.
Sales Literature

Sales Literature is an often overlooked part of the marketing module that is a robust way for your company to track carefully the versions and types of documents that are distributed to prospects and contacts.

  • The Sales literature records in CRM provide a disciplined approach to content distribution for your accounts and prospects.
  • The literature section with marketing brochures useful articles which are useful to market your products.

In real time work you will know that the marketing modules are associated with sales modules and our experts will explain those also.


Service Management Module in MS Dynamics CRM online Training:CRM Marketing Modules

The service management modules are in Microsoft Dynamics CRM (Customer Relationship Management) functional is mainly to concentrate on customer service operations. The following are the few of Service Management Modules.


The case includes different stages it begins with the starting of resolution process till it closed.

Knowledge base

It involves master repository and it is useful to solve the queries from the customers.

Resource Groups

The resource groups will includes a pack of tools which are useful to resolve customer query and to deliver service.


It enacts with an organization activities to concentrate and deliver service to customer.


Business Management in Microsoft Dynamics CRM Training:

From Microsoft Dynamics CRM Training you will know key elements of business management functionalities.

  • Within CRM (Customer Relationship Management) for business closures and handling regular business to prevent miss scheduling resources. The cold metrics in Business Management will be useful in calculating and monitoring sales and service activities effectively.       
  • In Dynamics CRM, to know about LCS (Life Cycle Services) to improve user or system speed Microsoft Dynamics AX Training will be useful.
  • In MS Dynamics CRM online Training you will know the sales territories and management of sales to avoid conflicts duplicated effort and to improve sales potential and revenues.

In GOT we are also teach about the automated process and update rules to improve the efficiency of sales marketing and service teams.


Overview of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Training:

MS Dynamics CRM online Training will helps you to get your work quicker and easier. You can use Dynamics CRM on your phone, your surface or your iPad or on a computer.

  • With the help of MS Dynamics CRM online Training you can switch in between work areas either sales service or marketing to manage the system day to day. Each work area can gives you access to tools and info tailored for you.
  • You can quickly access accounts contacts leads opportunities cases and more and keep the info about companies you do business with in accounts.
  • With our Microsoft Dynamics CRM Training you can store able to store and share your work within contacts and you can also track potential leads and opportunities.
  • You can also add new information to the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system easily.
  • In contacts list by selecting a name to see the history of the interactions with the customer and recent service cases.
  • In the CRM dashboard you will have the key info such as charts and graphs by that you can decide where you need to take action. For services you will see the status and more details of active cases.
  • With easy to use navigation in Dynamics CRM you will get quick access to the information which you need and posts new features and customer service and social listening.

Our online Microsoft Dynamics CRM Training will helps you to deal more sales and deliver great service and stay connected with your customers.


Conclusion of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Training:

Global Online Training is providing the best Microsoft Dynamics CRM Training. Our online trainers will teach you the technologies along with live examples. Our online experts are always available to solve your issues regarding the MS Dynamics CRM Technical and Functional. Beginners as well as employees who want to become as CRM developer or manager can take our MS Dynamics online Training.

Get register for the best MS Dynamics CRM Training , we also provide classroom training and Corporate Training on client premises in Noida, Bangalore, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi, and Pune for an affordable cost. For more details about Microsoft Dynamics CRM Training visit our official website Global online Trainings, thank you.


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