Microsoft Dynamics NAV Training

MS dynamics NAV Training

Introduction of Microsoft Dynamics NAV Training:

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Training from Global online Trainings is used in the way that makes as simple as possible to learn about the automation of small and medium business. With our MS Dynamics NAV online Training it is easy to design user experience and best business solutions to clients and deliver comprehensive business management functionalities in a supply chain. This MS Dynamics NAV 2018 Training is similar to other Microsoft products and it works logically with other Dynamics products. With the help of our training you can eliminate duplicate entries and increase productivity thus you can provide better customer service. The solution which is provided with the help of NAV will boost your productivity and decision making.

Prerequisites of Microsoft Dynamics NAV Training:

  • Good knowledge of Programming and Integration Processes.
  • Having Sound knowledge on Windows and SQL Servers.

Microsoft Dynamics Nav 2018 Training course Out Line:

Course Name: Microsoft Dynamics NAV Training

Mode of training: Online Training, Corporate Training and Job Support

Duration of course: 30 hrs

Do you provide materials: Yes, If you register with Global Online Trainings, the materials will be provided.

course fee:  After register with Global Online Trainings, our coordinator will contact you.

Trainer experience: 12 years+

Batch Type: Regular, weekends and fast track.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Online Training Course Content

Microsoft Dynamics NAV training course content


Overview of Microsoft Dynamics NAV Training:

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Training will helpful for you to turn your business vision into reality. The NAV is also called as Navision and it will give you the best business knowledge in the world ever.

  • With our MS Dynamics NAV online Training you will know how to integrate ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system and running business into one streamline process of an enterprise.
  • You will also know about the automation of reporting from various departments and streamline process, this will helpful to reduce excess time and it will also improve the productivity.
  • The Dynamics NAV solutions and wide range of functionalities will effectively work for small and medium size industry ERP products. So that you can work more efficiently with your partners.
  • The finance management will helpful for an organizations accounts management and cash flow etc. the cash flow will indicates multiple currency floating from different locations or countries and branches of an enterprise.
  • The project management in Microsoft Dynamics NAV Training will help you to prepare budget and to track resource costs and usage etc. the service management will track the orders and to create reports.

In Global online Trainings you will know about the tables, reports and menu suite and some other important elements.

Case Study with Microsoft Dynamics NAV Training:

In a business or a project the case study will includes finance, manufacturing and operation etc. for an organization ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning).

  • In MS Dynamics NAV online Training case study is an upgrade and very smooth process and it will reduce the time taking to work on any project.
  • In Microsoft Dynamics NAV Training you will learn about the BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) system which is designed to automate the reachability of product information and automate with alternative tools to develop user experience.
  • In Case study in Dynamics NAV has CRM (Customer relationship Management) integration which means two systems can operate as one system.
  • The Marketing Modules from Microsoft Dynamics CRM Training will useful to promote Navision elements for an organization.
  • Here the workflow templates allow you to take off the shelf workflows and processes and implement them into your business by that your business will be work more effectively.

In MS Dynamics NAV 2018 online Training our expert trainers will explain in detail how the case study will helpful for your business or work.

Dynamics NAV Online Training:

Purchase Order processing allows you to create and view purchase orders. The process also represents an agreement with a vendor to purchase certain items at a certain price for delivery on a specific date.

  • The purchase order is the central purchase document, but a purchase process can also start from a quote or a blanket order.
  • Enter a purchase quote or a blanket order, we can convert it to an order and then start posting.
  • Once we have got a posted receipt document and updates of an item, so the inventory will increase, because the items are received.
  • After the payment, the vendor will be updated and at the same time chart of account will be updated.
  • A purchasing quote enables us to enter multiple quote us to enter multiple quotes from different types of vendors in the system and then click on the make order button.

MS Dynamics NAV Sales Modules Process:

The sales process start from the customer requirements, the customer has some requirement and they want a product and service from anyone. The customer has requirement, we create a sales quote and then send the sales code printout or as the soft copy. The customer receives the document and they accept the sales quotations which have sent of course. Then create a sales order from the sales quotation, the sales quotation and the purchase order that customer has sent is the same. The NAV is convert that quotation to a sales order. After create the purchase order to send the material or service that has asked by the customer. Once delivered the order to send the invoice to build the customer and then  you send that sales invoice to customer for payment

Reporting Module in Microsoft Dynamics NAV Training:

In MS Dynamics NAV developer Training the reporting modules have quite a few features. Some of the features are as follows,

  • The reporting function gives an over arching view of your business metrics and here you can generate different types of reports from the data that’s been imported into your system.
  • Based on reports you can analyze the business performance and you can find required integrated capabilities on your work. Microsoft Dynamics NAV Training optionally providing word templates to make reports.
  • For small business you can have charts and graphs for different key performance indicator such as cash flow. We are best in providing Microsoft Dynamics NAV Training with live projects by industry experts.
  • In reports you can filter the graphs according to the specific period lengths such as week or month and various groups.
  • The groups in Dynamics NAV reporting module can includes total payable or total receivables. So that you can generate reports by searching report from the ribbon tab using magnifier.
  • With the help of Microsoft Dynamics AX Training you will know about the LCS (Life Cycle Services) of a project.
  • In reporting module if you want to drill down in a specific type of report such as customers, vendors or items etc. you can choose directly and then you can filter specific information what you want to see.
  • With the help of schedule reports, you can schedule and run at a particular time. You can also review and contact with customers to boost your business sales. When a report runs then the output will appear in inbox.

Warehouse management in MS Dynamics NAV online Training:NAV Warehouse Elements

The Dynamics NAV has in built warehouse management system. Many companies and ERP systems will integrate a warehouse system outside so they run warehouse separately from the ERP.

  • In the warehouse management the Navision have an auto enabled location system. The functions of warehouse management system are helpful to users to manage the warehouse operations in a quicker and more efficient manner.
  • In Microsoft Dynamics NAV Training, there are two different activities need to consider while setting up warehouse location those are, receiving and putting away the goods in Dynamics 365 Business Central.
  • For easy access of information Microsoft Dynamics 365 Training is providing wizard driven visualization panels.
  • Depending upon the setup these can be either represented in the system as individual activities and process separately or can be combined into one single processing step.
  • By combining the warehouse with multiple order requirements then there are several ways to set up the system in order to provide the best solution possible.  
  • If the activities are treated as one processing step then the orders on individual basis and activities are also done from one processing document.
  • If we want to put away activity to be separate from the receipt then we can setup the system to purchase order documents and also an inventory put away document. This logic is applicable for more advanced warehouse locations where the consolidated orders are also requirements.
  • In Warehouse management, if the receipt and put away activities are meant to be considered as a one processing step. These both are done from same warehouse document in the case of warehouse receipt.
  • On the other hand if the put away activity needs to separate from the receipt then we can set up the system to purchase process. 

In Microsoft Dynamics NAV Training our experts will teach you about both receipt and put away systems in warehouse management.


Inventory management in MS Dynamics NAV online Training:

The inventory management capabilities in MS Dynamics NAV online Training will helpful for people to use technology for business success.

  • The inventory management will deals with the investment on the user experience across platforms and technologies to help to simplify and the streamline procedures and drives productivity across your business.
  • In Navision, there are many areas available to improve visibility and to reduce costs or help to drive revenue.
  • In inventory management, the BI (Business Intelligence) is considered as an area and it contains past and present data or valuable information for future business investments.
  • Within Microsoft Dynamics NAV Training, there are multiple levels of inventory management. In those first one is basic inventory management, which we see implemented most often amongst clients.
  • In inventory management mainly focused on three primary items and those are started with item record and it is a master record within inventory. It is focused around stocking and purchasing.
  • The basic parameters around item record have some basic transactions to both purchase transfer and sell inventory. Global online trainings is rich in providing Microsoft Dynamics NAV Training by experts from India at flexible timings.
  • If your business becomes more complicated then you have to track everything within the warehouse that’s where advanced inventory control from Navision comes into play.
  • The movements within warehouse for picking inventory items to sell to customer or moving it into manufacturing process.

After joining in Global Online Trainings you will know about tracking the inventory movements, inbound, out bound physical inventories as well as bin movements etc.


Advantages of Microsoft Dynamics NAV Training:
  • With Employee Ledger in Navision, you can create a vendor in NAV to map your employees and reimbursement of employee expensive which are always required. This feature is helpful in segregating the actual business vendors with employee vendors and the records are easy to trace.
  • The Artificial Intelligence in Microsoft Dynamics NAV Training is for forecasting, it means construction an insight of a product or item or an employee. The Navision will automatically picks up the attributes of that products and update automatically in Dynamics NAV warehouse.
  • The user tasks in one more advantage that you know in Microsoft Dynamics NAV Training. By using user tasks users can create their own tasks and the system has capability of giving the reminders not only in NAV client screen but also on their mobiles.
  • One of the most important advantages with API Integration, here the API page type will make the integration configurable with the help of many standard entities which are already mapped. For API configurations there is no need of code and it is simple to map the fields for connecting with third party for integration.


Conclusion of Microsoft Dynamics NAV Training:

Global online Trainings are providing the best online Microsoft Dynamics NAV Training with the best and most experienced trainers. It is suitable for small and medium enterprises and for large application projects code units can hold functions of Navision.

Students and professional both can take our MS Dynamics NAV online Training on their flexible time slots. We are also providing Classroom training as well as Corporate Training on client premise in Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi, Noida etc.

Register for the best online MS Dynamics Navision Training. For further details visit our website, thank you.


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