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Introduction to Microsoft Dynamics SL training:

Microsoft Dynamics SL training at Global online trainings – It is a part of Microsoft Dynamic family. It is a project based ERP with the connection to Microsoft office project  server, a member of Microsoft office family. This business management system provides project service and distribution using businesses with project management, project accounting functionality to help organisations manage products. Global online trainings provide best Microsoft Dynamics SL 2018 training with live projects by experts at flexible timings.

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Overview of Microsoft Dynamics SL training:                                                                Microsoft Dynamics SL training

  • Microsoft Dynamics SL 7 has gone outside of that life cycle. You get five years of mainstream support and five years of extended support. Well, since SL 7 released we have now gone past that tenure. So if you are in SL7 you currently have no official support from Microsoft on your product and we definitely want you to start moving up to the latest and greatest version of SL at this time. 
  • If you are in Dynamics SL 2011, you are on something called extended support. Now what extended support means? At the time when a product is an extensive or as we said it’s five years but during that time you no longer will get hot fixes and they are no year end updates available for that version of the product. What is the hot fix? Well, hot fix is when the product was built in there a new feature or functionality that was added that might have changed the way it’s working or stopped the way it was supposed to work. Are you passionate in doing certifications? Global online trainings provide best Microsoft Dynamics SL certification training with live projects by industry experts.
  • So if you find that then you can request what we call hot fix to be able to be added to the product to fix any issues with anything that’s been added. So if you are on SL 2011 no longer can you get a hot fix, you can no longer get any year end updates would be the things that you get at the end of the year w2, w4. So we do not provide those if you are on extended support.
  • Now you do have the ability to get support, so if you needed to get support other than going through synergy you would be able to go directly to Microsoft if you decided to. Usually what happens when a new version comes out like 2015 you will talk about all these features and then we kind of disappear for a couple years and then we come back and provide you new features two or three years later. Well, what we have done here is we are changing this based on some things that we have learned and kind of the way that we all kind of work in our lives now a days.
  • You might be wondering, We are all familiar with whatever device you are using is getting updates and updates to your system. Almost you know on a monthly basis and we have done that actually with our web apps and based on the great feedback we have got around web apps about being able to address and add new features on the fly. We provide best Microsoft Dynamics SL certification training by real time experts
  • We are kind of applying that kind of idea to SL but obviously SL is something that takes a little bit longer to deploy. So we are going into what we are calling roughly a quarter of the release. So every three to five months will be coming out with a new release of SL and the benefit of it is it allows us to go ahead and start adding new additional features on to the product as we get feedback through presentations.

Microsoft Dynamics SL 2018 release theme:

  • Enhanced Query & Preview, One of the things that we have had a lot of great feedback on are from the SL 2015 release with quick queries and we are going to be adding new quick queries. If you are familiar with Quick query you know that we are continuing to enhance that area. Are you interested in learning advance topics on this course? We provide best Microsoft Dynamics SL online training by experts with 100% practical.
  • Next an area that we have been asking for as long as I have been around is being able to add approvals to some key processes like if I am going to go ahead and create something to pay somebody I would like to make sure we approve that we should move forward with actually putting these items into the system and making sure they are okay before we actually approve them.
  • So adding approvals to areas of SL we have done it to one area here initially in 2018 and we will add it to more and again we will demonstrate that to get your feedback on that as we hear in about.
  • Do I have your attention? Web apps is the way that we have created the interfaces to remotely access dynamics SL outside of the standard rich client. Hopefully you have seen this as well but that allows us to go ahead and provide you with the ways to do that. Global online training provides best Microsoft Dynamics SL online training.
  • Now the thing that we talked about the web apps is we have been doing these monthly releases. We have handed a lot of great feedback because we can get those great ideas from our customers using the product, add them to the product and be able to see them continue to add feature functionality to the product.
  • So we are doing that monthly and we will continue to do that and we have added some new things for web apps for 2018. The next is optimized financials there are things that we have all had to do in payables, receivables and general ledger that have been in the products since the beginning of time.
  • Some of the things that we are looking to do is to we can’t completely remove the way that things works but you can make it easier to do things. Project is an area that we continue to enhance some features, some ideas about being able to look at preliminary and invoices, some time related enhancements as well again in Microsoft Dynamics SL training.
  • Power Suite evolution kind of sounds like a band or something but what it is? It is Microsoft is investing in three technologies that are very powerful to the whole client of dynamics as well as course of dynamics as SL as well.
  • Microsoft Power BI training hopefully you heard of it. It is something that Microsoft again continuously is investing in and the nice thing about power bi is power bi is basically a way of an analytic tool that allow you to provide visualization into your data in Microsoft Dynamics SL training.
  • Now this data could be as simple as you have got an excel document sitting out there or it can be as complex as a Dynamics SL database or even something larger. So the nice thing about power bi is it provides us with the tool where we can build the interactions into our data.
  • You know whether it’s a graph, a map or a chart whatever you have to do give us a great way to do it but the nice thing about it is once you create then you can share it with other people inside your company. And we can all start taking advantage of the insight we can get from these interactions.

Conclusion of Microsoft Dynamics SL training:

Want to know the best part? So think of it as a tool again that you write start using just an SL but you can use it really across your whole company. Now if you are interested in learning a little bit more about this we started working on power bi. When SL 2015 CU2 release came out which is about a year and a half ago. We created a document that you can get today, what this document will do is if you are just interested in understanding the basics how do I connect SL to power bi or power bi to SL what is the process what do I need to download what I need to use so that’s this document. There are lots of opportunities in the market for Microsoft Dynamics SL training 2018. Global online trainings provide best Microsoft Dynamics SL 2018 training by industry experts.

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