Microsoft Office 365 Training

Microsoft Office 365 Online Training Course Introduction:

Microsoft Office 365 Training at Global Online Trainings – Microsoft Office 365 provides all the familiar apps like MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook, along with a dynamic set of cloud connected tools that help you to communicate, collaborate and get more. With the flexibility of cloud, your files will never strike on your computer at work or your laptop at home. Office 365 Online Training helps you to share and sync documents virtually anywhere and anytime when you are working.

Global Online Trainings offers best Microsoft Office 365 Training. For the persons who are new to this course, it will be easy for them to learn Office 365 within short span of time by our expert Trainers.


Prerequisites for Microsoft Office 365 Training:

To learn Microsoft Office 365 Training at Global Online Trainings, the person must have basic knowledge on:

  • SharePoint
  • VMware infrastructure
  • VMware server
  • Windows Server Administration
  • Proxy Server
  • Windows Active Directory
  • Adfs

MICROSOFT OFFICE 365 Online training course content:

Getting started with Office 365 - Microsoft Office 365 Training
  • Basic overview on Office 365
  • How to Signing up for an trial
Deploying the Office 365 Clients:
  • Configuring of clients
  • Deploying of Office Pro Plus
Microsoft Office 365 Administration:
  • Custom_ domains
  • The User account management
  • Roles of Administrator
Directory _Integration - Microsoft Office 365 Training
  • Synchronization of Directory
  • Single sign_ on
The Exchange Online Administration:
  • Overview on Service
  • Managing _recipients
  • Roles of Administrator
  • The Mobile device management
Exchange Online_Protection:
  • Anti-malware & anti-spam
  • Transport_ rules
  • The Data loss prevention
Exchange Online_Archiving:
  • Overview of Personal_ archives
  • Retention
  • In-place-hold
  • E-Discovery
Exchange Online_Migration - Microsoft Office 365 Training
  • List of Migration options
  • IMAP
  • Cutover
  • Staged
  • Hybrid
SharePoint Online_Administration:
  • Overview of Service
  • Managing of sites
  • External_ sharing
  • OneDrive for the business
Lync Online_Administration - Microsoft Office 365 Training
  • Overview of Service
  • Clients
  • configuration of Lync Online.

Overview of Microsoft Office 365 Training:

  • Office 365 is the online version of Microsoft Office products and we have Word, PowerPoint and Excel in it. In Microsoft Office 365 Training, the use of One drive and Skype are also explained.
  • One drive is used to store the documents related to your business. It is also used to save, share, view and edit the business documents.
  • Skype is used for business enables, instant messaging and voice calling. It also indicates your presence like whether you’re available, if you are in a call or in a meeting or if you are away from your desk.

Microsoft Teams – Microsoft Office 365 Training

Microsoft Teams is part of the office 365 platform.

It is a great tool for communication and also for sharing across the organization. Many organizations have a common problem that, receiving or sending too much data via mail and sending too many attachments, conversations from other organization. So that information is not able to be shared or recovered easily. So in order to find that information in later time, Microsoft team gave us the ability to utilize and put all the different pieces of the Microsoft office platform. 

Microsoft team is a way for us to bring together a number of different types of pieces of the office 365 platform. It integrates with Skype, with one drive, SharePoint, Power bi and a number of other office 365 features. It is designed as a communication platform. It acts as a way for us to share information.

When you sign in, you will find the current status.

In Microsoft Office 365 Training, the advantage of using Microsoft Teams is, it brings towards the products that were already used and more importantly the products that an organizations already invested in. We can have this availability without any extra charge for Microsoft. There are number of ways to modify this. We can change a picture, save information themes, keyword shortcuts as well as the ability to download a desktop app.

Benefits of Microsoft Office 365 Training:

Now-a-days a lot of businesses are moving to Office 365.

  • Microsoft Office 365 Training helps to reduce your risk in the IT environment. It can be done with the cloud computing. When we separate a lot of businesses, then we have their email hosted on site at their office. When you separate out that, you put it into the cloud. So it eliminates the risk of your email, your business.
  • Microsoft Office 365 Training is used for Microsoft hosting. A lot of businesses are used to having servers running Microsoft Exchange locally hosted. We can get rid of those servers; can get rid of the licensing issues.
  • No VPN is required. We can connect Microsoft Office 365 from anywhere.
  • The businesses can have properly synced mobile devices.
  • New security policies is the benefit of Office 365. Mobile devices have massive amounts of data on them. Office 365 online Training gives you the opportunity to force passwords, to remotely wipe devices and many other things related to security for those mobile devices.
  • We can even use Microsoft Office 365 on mobile devices. This is the new feature in Mobile devices. If you use Apple, iPhone or windows or an iPad phone, then you can install Microsoft Office on those phones. Thus you can do all the work in the mobile device, as you perform on your PC.
  • There are some big opportunities for your business. That is valuable software is available. SharePoint, Lync, SkyDrive are pieces of software that are not being used by a lot of businesses.
  • Recurring monthly cost. With Office 365 as your business grows, you can increase the number of users. If your business decreases in size, then you can decrease the number of users along with that.
  • Larger mailbox storage is the other benefit of Office 365 Online course.Many senior executives and people will have mass of mailboxes that they don’t want to delete any email. They need to maintain every email from the beginning of time. So, Office 365 enables these people by giving 25GB mailbox, which is a massive mailbox. So that they don’t have to clean up their mailbox and they can just have every email.
  • You can get rid of Microsoft Office licensing. Your subscription to Microsoft Office 365 Training includes all your office licensing. So you can deploy it across your entire company and you can have everybody running on the same version of Office at the same time.
  • With Microsoft Office 365 Training, it is easy to store the data in a cloud.

Microsoft Office 365 infrastructure:

Microsoft Office 365 infrastructure includes File servers, Activity directory, Exchange server, Mail archive etc.,

  • File servers will serve multiple roles. Within your environment, you will have your user home drives. You will also have shared storage that can be utilized across your environment.
  • Active directory controls all of your users and your authentication both internally.
  • You have an Exchange server. It is your mail server that is used to communicate both internally across your environment as well as clients and your external users.
  • Mail Archive is used to store all of your old mail, based on retention policies that you have set and with that you will have some sort of backup attached to that. It maybe a paper backup to disk.
  • Thus, you will have all of your end-users who will utilize the entire infrastructure internally.

SharePoint Online:

SharePoint is a program that is included within the office 365 package.   

SharePoint Online is a way that you can store, organize, share, access information from anywhere through a web browser.

In Microsoft Office 365 Training, it is explained clearly about businesses.Businesses are starting to use SharePoint. As we know that when a business grows, then we need to have a centralized place to maintain new resource information about the company. This can be created through SharePoint.   

Lync Online – Microsoft Office 365 Training

Lync Online is a part of Office 365.

Microsoft Lync is a virtual connection between you and the people you work with. It helps you to communicate, show you’re desktop and applications and allows you to work together in real time. It is similar to Skype. A Lync lets you control how your own information is presented. So others always see you at your best. Lync HD video and crystal-clear video make your conversations feel more face-to-face. With the help of Lync, you can share your ideas, applications, documents and even your desktop in real time.

Microsoft Office 365 Data Loss Prevention:

To prevent confidential information from moving in an organization, DLP is used. This can be explained in detail during Microsoft Office 365 Training.

Data loss prevention in Office 365 is a solution that is integrated into the fabric in Office 365.That allows you to proactively detect content with sensitive information,.

You need to have visibility into how the information moving across any organization and who is sharing it. And we need to check whether we have right policies in place to protect it. It is important for us to have the control and power your end users to be complaint, and at the same time have visibility into how your policies are protecting you.

So Office 365 solution provides key investment areas and new enhancements, Empowering and educating your end users, Protecting and managing your data across Office 365, Sophisticated and extensible content detection. These are the main persons for the sensitive information in your organization.

In Microsoft Office 365 Training, We can keep our data safe with a feature in exchange called data loss prevention or DLP. It is a unique policy management system designed to help, keep your critical information in-house and out of the wrong hands in an Organization.

Outlook web app gives admin the power to analyze, protect and report on sensitive data travelling inside and outside of your organization. It helps to keep your business safe by scanning from individual clients and the server.

Microsoft Dynamics 365:

In Microsoft Office 365 Training, it is said as Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the next generation of intelligent business applications in the cloud. It breaks down the sales between CRM and ERP, incorporates the familiar productivity tools that we use every day. Such as Outlook and Excel.

With these modern tools we have the ability to reduce the integration cost and bring together these compo stable business applications. Microsoft Dynamics 365 brings together the best of Microsoft technology. It will help you accelerate your digital transformation to meet the changing needs of your customers and capture the new business opportunities of future.

Mobile Device Management in office 365 – Microsoft Office 365 Training

The use of mobile devices has increased rapidly in the last few years and the trend is growing. According to IDC, the Smartphone market is already larger than the PC market.

Business needs are constantly changing and with the changes in the business, more data and more devices are being increased. Managing these devices is typical. But, with built-in mobile device management for Office 365, we can focus on the things that really matter.In Microsoft Office 365 Training, it is said that  built in mobile device management for Office 365 provides mainly three key benefits. They are:

  • Conditional access: It is used for allowing you to set up certain criteria for the device to be compliant before using it to access corporate data. This includes enrolling devices before accessing Office 365 data through productivity, applications and policies are applied at the user level. So the policies can be applied on every device that users work on. We can also target policies to different group of users.
  • Device management: It also covers wide area of administration services for managing the policy policies such as implementing the device point, pin security and jailbreak recognition on all types of devices to secure and avoid unauthorized accessing the business emails as well as data. If any device got lost or not working then you can get the critical information of that mobile device along with data security through built-in compliance reporting.
  • Selective wipe: This is especially handy.

Windows Azure platform is a set of services and technologies that enable you to easily benefit from the scalability and eligibility of cloud computing. Windows azure Training helps you to store data build and connect applications in the cloud.

Global Online Trainings provides Windows Azure Training with best experienced trainers, who will explain the subject practically with real time examples. At present most of the enterprises are using Java and .net and many developers are using PHP, Python and other languages also. In addition, Windows Azure supports all these languages. So Windows Azure Training is provided to help the candidates to use most services independently. It also helps you to develop the apps.

SharePoint is a platform and it is a server product. It is a collection of many different products and technologies. SharePoint is related to the Microsoft Office. Learning SharePoint Training along with Microsoft Office 365 Training will add a great advantage to you. Because, SharePoint provides a massive set of solution to different things.

Global Online Trainings provides Microsoft Office 365 Trainin with experienced trainers at flexible timings and for reasonable price. All the latest versions ign Office 365 Online Training platform can be discussed during the Microsoft Office 365 Training. This training maybe corporate or online based on user requirement.


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