Microstrategy Online Training

Microstrategy online training

Microstrategy Online Training Introduction:

Microstrategy online training is provided by the leading online training provider firm the Global Online TrainingBusiness Intelligence software is used for providing integrated examination, reporting, and also monitoring that helps the decision support for the organizations. The main thing about the MicroStrategy is it provides the business intelligence. All the classes are arranged in flexible timing and on 100% interactive virtual platform for this Microstrategy online training. For all details of Microstrategy online Training, you may contact Global Online Training help desk. 

Mode of Training: We provide Online mode of training and also corporate, virtual web training.

Duration Of Program: 30 Hours (Can Be Customized As Per Requirement).

Materials: Yes, we are providing materials for Microstrategy Online Training.

Course Fee: Please Register in Website, So that one of our Agents will assist You.

Trainer Experience: 10+ years.

Pre-requisites of MicroStrategy Online Training:

The pre-requisites for this MicroStrategy online training course includes

  •  Data stage
  • Data warehouse
  • SDLC
  • SQL
  • SDLC
  • Microstrategy 
  • Data warehousing.

Microstrategy Online Training Course Content


About Microstrategy:

MicroStrategy platform maintain so various objects like as thresholds & observant, preset report allocation, dashboards, extemporized query and scorecard and also highly formatted reports. The main feature of the MicroStrategy is, we can manage multiple projects. No other tools have this type of managing feature. Microstrategy is also called as a robust tool. Microstrategy is more secure when compared to the other platforms. For the streamlined and consistent maintenance, this platform is using a single general metadata. We can see how to manage projects practically in our MicroStrategy online training.

All the safety authorization are allowed at one place in the MicroStrategy platform. The cost of the administration is also very low. We will see the administrative tasks in our MicroStrategy online training program.We can implement different security features at any level in the MicroStrategy platform. That means we can also implement the safety features at the object level. In simple words, data level safety is one of the key features of Microstrategy platform. We will learn all the security features in detail in our MicroStrategy online training. In the MicroStrategy, there are different safety rules available. With the help of MicroStrategy, you can do the complex analysis. We can do relational OLAP functionalities. Microstrategy also creates the required SQL in the background. Microstrategy supports in memory-analysis with the help of intelligent cubes. Microstrategy fetches the data from the data warehouse and shows it in a logical manner such as graphs or pie or grids in BI solutions. This is a just small introduction, we will see all advanced topics in our MicroStrategy online training.

Microstrategy Architecture:

architecture types

There are mainly three architectures in the Microstrategy Business intelligence. They are two-tier architecture, three-tier architecture, and four-tier architecture. In the two-tier architecture of MicroStrategy, the MicroStrategy desktop application is connected to the data warehouse and Metadata. Now the three-tier architecture consists of MicroStrategy Metadata, data warehouse, MicroStrategy desktop applications, and MicroStrategy intelligence server. Here the MicroStrategy intelligence server comes in the middle part. Microstrategy desktop applications connect to MicroStrategy intelligence server. Metadata and data warehouse connects with the MicroStrategy intelligence server. This intelligence server transfers the data to MicroStrategy desktop application through the TCP/IP protocol. Now, we have another architecture called four-tier architecture. In this architecture, you can see MicroStrategy Metadata, MicroStrategy desktop applications, data warehouse, MicroStrategy intelligence server and a special component is MicroStrategy web and also MicroStrategy intelligence server. Here this intelligence server not only transfers the data to the desktop application but also transfers the data to MicroStrategy web via HTTP protocol. This is the major difference between four-tier and other two-tiers.

Why MicroStrategy?

  • Every BI tool or product is used for turning the data into dashboards and reports. But what MicroStrategy does, is always a step ahead as compared to the other Business Intelligence tools.
  • It really converts the data into better and also more reliable decisions. These reliable decisions help the organizations to improve their performance levels.
  • Microstrategy sustain more interactive dashboards when compared with the other platforms.
  • It also supports the automated distribution of the reports. We can have the alerts, assignable reports, and extemporized query. We can handle so many things with the help of MicroStrategy.
  • Automated maintenance is also available in MicroStrategy.
  • Microstrategy provides immediate application development and deployment.
  • You can enter anywhere in the entire relational database with the help of MicroStrategy’s relation OLAP (Relational Online Analytical Processing).
  • You can easily access the flat files and multi-dimensional databases. You can have the optimization facilities for the entire relational database and data warehouse vendors.
  • MicroStrategy is used across retail and banking industries. Because of these unique features, it has become a part of so many domains such as manufacturing, retail, banking, real estate, telecommunication, healthcare, education and oil & gas etc.
  • It shows any kind of data in an accurate manner.

This is just a brief points about the importance of Microstrategy. You will learn a lot of new things in our MicroStrategy online training.  

MicroStrategy Online training for Developer and Architect:

MicroStrategy architect allows us to create new projects and also allows us to modify the structure of existing projects. You can access the MicroStrategy architect from the MicroStrategy developer interface or MicroStrategy desktop. This architect enables us to perform certain tasks such as creating diagram items and populating the Metadata. The main duty of the MicroStrategy developer is to intend, build up, and implement complex MicroStrategy business intelligence solutions. MicroStrategy developer should daily interact with the dashboards, analytics and executives. The developer has to define the security infrastructure of MicroStrategy solution. Microstrategy desktop is generally for the MicroStrategy developers to effort with the developments from their windows or Mac systems. In the MicroStrategy online training program, we can see the developer tasks in detail. We can also learn the tasks of an architect in our MicroStrategy online training course.


MicroStrategy Online Training with Microstrategy Desktop 10.10:

  • There are more features in the new release of the MicroStrategy 10.10. As soon as you open the Microstrategy application, you will see a list of items such as dossiers, environments, and resources options on the left side.
  • In the environment option, we can do some administration. If you have the license, you will have the details such as environment name and environment URL and all these details are generally provided by the administrator. With those details, you can access the environment section.
  • After entering the user ID and password, you will the list of projects that are available to connect. As soon as, you connect to the environment, you will see two new sections on the left panel.
  • The new sections are my library and applications. Moreover, you can also get to see the created dossiers in this library. We can add or access the content in the dossiers.
  • We can also customize the existing dossier. We have another new option called application. All application servers are created in the tutorial server.
  • If you want to add more projects, these projects will be created in list items. The last two options in the left panel of the MicroStrategy desktop is getting started and community.
  • In the getting started option, we have sample dossiers; we can do the task little bit with these dossiers. You will also see some videos. You can learn more about MicroStrategy desktop with these videos. The last one is MicroStrategy community. It is a website. Everyone in the MicroStrategy can ask questions or doubts regarding MicroStrategy. They will come and answer your questions.

We will discuss all the versions of MicroStrategy in MicroStrategy online training. You can also learn the latest version of Microstrategy tool in the Microstrategy online training in detail. 


Learn Creation of dashboards in Microstrategy online training:

We have already known about the visualization. Now, let’s look into the dashboard creation. What is meant by dashboards? Dashboards are generally created by different visualizations that work together for creating a comprehensive view of the data.

  • If you want any changes in your dashboards, you can easily resize and move the visualizations. You can also edit the titles of the visualization. We can insert the text fields. Those fields can be reposition and formatted as needed.
  • All these visualizations can be maximized. We can change the legend location within the visualization. By using several datasets, we can easily create the visualizations.
  • After your datasets uploaded into MicroStrategy, click the down arrow in the dataset objects to choose various data sources. We can drag and drop attributes from the linked datasets into our new visualization.
  • You can also create the attributes manually. After doing all these, you will have well-rounded and richer understanding of your analysis. In the MicroStrategy, we can add visualizations as many as you want. All these can be shown in a single page.
  • MicroStrategy gives us the flexibility to create multi-page dashboards.
  • We have two options i.e. layouts and panels. A panel is nothing but an analysis area where you will create visualizations as well as interact with your visualizations. Each panel contains one or more than one visualizations. We can also insert any number of panels for applying several views to our data. A layout is nothing but a collection of panels. You can add layouts as many as you want. We can rename or we can move them.
  • MicroStrategy allows us to copy the panels, visualizations, and layouts. We can use any layouts or combination of layouts and panels for creating organized dashboards.
  • We can refine our analysis by using filters. Filters option available in the toolbar. To define your criteria, you can simply drag and drop the metrics and attributes to the filters panel. We can also adjust the behavior of filter. We can also change the filters display. All the filters applied at the layout level.
  • We can apply all the panels and visualizations under a single layout. When you want the new filter, you can easily insert a new layout. In the end, we can view our dashboards in the presentation mode.

Dashboard creation is an essential task in the MicroStrategy.  You will learn all the steps to create a dashboard in our MicroStrategy online training program. 

Ab initio:

Ab initio is the leading ETL tool in the market in terms of the performance. You can develop your process which is called graph. A graph is nothing but a combination of dataset components and program components. Ab initio is nothing but the software used for the data strategy, set processing, and data scrutiny etc. It has GUI (Graphical User Interface) interface. We can also do the parallel processing with the help of Ab initio. It is two-tier architecture. Ab initio contains co-operating system and GDE (Graphical Development Environment). That is why; it is called a two-tier architecture. You can create the business application in the ab initio. A co-operating system is just like a run-time environment for our business applications. Co-operating system installs on your native operating system. We can knob huge amounts of data with the assist of ab initio. We can develop all the things in very less time. It is more scalable. There is a feature in ab initio is version control. It keeps all the data as a backup. It is providing the enterprise management. It also provides more parallelism. Global online training gives not only Microstrategy online training but also ab initio training. We also provide Ab initio training.


It is one of the popular RDBMS (Relational Database Management System).  It is mainly used for creating huge-scale Data Warehousing applications. Parallelism can be attained by using Teradata. It provides the better performance via parallelism. It will allow you to do isolation process. The data is more durable in the Teradata. Teradata is linearly scalable and we can execute the complex problems with the help of Teradata. This is the main advantage of the Teradata. It provides fault tolerance. Without disturbing the performance, we can add extra nodes to support linear scalability. That means it provides manageable growth. It also supports the large volumes of the data for decision support systems. We can easily setup the Teradata and also the administration and maintenance is very easy. It also gives robust load and unloads utilities.

IBM Cognos:

We are also providing IBM Cognos Training. IBM Cognos is nothing but a business intelligence solution. It is used for operational reporting, result notice, ad-hoc reporting, logical reporting and score carding. It supports both ROLAP and MOLAP data sources. You have various studios such as query studio, analysis studio, metric studio, event studio, and Cognos viewer in the IBM Cognos tool. All these studios are connected with middleware tools such outline administrator, alter, and metric designer. In the framework manager, we can create both relational model and multi-dimensional model. A transformer is a tool which is used for creating cubes. Using cubes, we can create more analytical processing reports. We have a metric studio which is used for producing the scorecards. And all these are connected to the Cognos files or dimensional or relational or any type of data. It is multi-layered three-tier architecture. The three tiers are presentation tier, application tier, and data tier. In the presentation layer, you have the gateway. In the application tier, we have IBM Cognos content manager, Cognos report servers. We are providing not only Microstrategy online training but also IBM Cognos training. 

Microstrategy BI training:

Microstrategy BI training makes with information from the data source draining an organization’s day to day business operations to create a new Report you’ll first access the Microstrategy Desktop environment to create a new report you’ll first access the Microstrategy desktop environment, Microstrategy desktop is the premier business intelligence and reporting development interface depending on your security privileges and you have access to all reports or a subset of reports with Microstrategy you could easily share report with your colleagues  and benefits from their analysis Reports are build using Microstrategy meta data objects such as attributes , filters and metrics.


Conclusion of Microstrategy online training:

We are providing the best Microstrategy online training at an affordable cost. Microstrategy Training classes are available for qualified professionals and corporate batches also. In Microstrategy online training program, we also provide the training certification for Microstrategy online training. 

  • Our Trainers are subject matter experts with 10+ year’s experience.
  • Our trainer provides MicroStrategy online training with real-time implementations.
  • Candidate and choose the Microstrategy online training timing according to his comfort.
  • Candidate can also go on weekends or weekdays session for MicroStrategy online training.
  • We do help in preparing a resume and also help you out in interviews.
  • We provide a server for every particular course.
  • We provide 24/7 support for Microstrategy online training.
  • Global Online Training Team will solve any kind of issues regarding Microstrategy online training, trainer or server within hours.

For more details of MicroStrategy Online Training, please contact.


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