MongoDB Training

MongoDB Training

Introduction of MongoDB Training:

MongoDB Training is a Document Oriented no SQL Database that means it is not a relational database and its non relational Database. The MongoDB is a schema free database and its binary JSON format and this special format is called BSON. BSON which means B stands for binary, and SON come from JSON. The MongoDB Training organizes itself in the group of documents which are called collections. Using MongoDB auto shading in order to scale horizontally is easier and this is advanced feature. Global online trainings is best in providing MongoDB Certification Training by industry experts at flexible timings.

Prerequisites of MongoDB Training:

  • Before learning MongoDB Training should have basic knowledge on the  Data Analytics and Hadoop.
  • Core java and java should be known for MongoDB Training.
  • .net is important for the MongoDB Training.

MongoDB Certification Training Course Content

MongoDB Certification Training Course Content part1MongoDB Certification Training Course Content part2MongoDB Certification Training Course Content part3

Preview of MongoDB Training:

MongoDB implements a data store that offer high presentation, high availability, and automatic scaling. It is very easy to install and implement.

Learn Document Oriented Family of Databases in our MongoDB Training:

MongoDB falls into a class of Databases called document oriented Databases and Document oriented Databases is a class that falls under a broader category called NoSQL databases. If you notice that overall Databases could be classified as one of the three groups that is Relational Databases known as RDBMS (Relational Database Management system).OLAP databases OLAP stands for online analytical processing, some databases claim to work in both the systems our DBMS and OLAP like SAP HANA. The third category and this is recent development and this is known as NoSQL databases.

Types of MongoDB Training Databases:

Relational Database (MongoDB Training)

SQL Database for example MySQL training or PostgreSQL has a relational database format for they have tables, columns and rows which are related to each other.

 OLAP Online analytical Processing (MongoDB Training)

OLAP is a technology it is recently acquired relational databases transaction system that uses multidimensional view of aggregate data for quicker accesses to strategic information. This was archived by pre-processing and storing every possible combination of dimensions measures and hierarchies before that user analysis. This allowed the data to appear instantaneously. When the user investigated the information. While the market has matured greatly, and some standards have emerged. The data optimization methods of OLAP are fundamentally still the same. Overall Database activity can be divided into two broad classes, one of them the traditional one is known as OLT. If you want to learn more about this course, Global online trainings provide MongoDB training with live projects.

Online Transaction processing – MongoDB Training

Online transaction processing is basically summarized by few transactions both quires and updates. this process is simple as updating the account balance in the database or accessing a page view in the web application. The OLTP databases are normally simple to get account balance or to get the result of student.. They typically touch small portions of the data environment can be frequent can be frequent we might be making an airline seat reservation or updating an online shopping cart.

OLAP – Online Analytical Processing – MongoDB Training.

OLAP is pretty much opposite in all respects. Un OLAP we have long transactions often complex analysis of the data or data mining type operations, the queries as can be complex and especially they often touch a large portions of data. The updates in this environment can be frequent and sometimes it is not there.

Examples: Amazon analysis purchases by its customers to come up with an individual screen with products of likely insert to the customer. Analytics at Wal-mart look for items with increasing sales in some region.

Non relational Database: (MongoDB Training)
  • In NoSQL Database these are collections or these data are not related with each other and they are Non relational Database. It in document or collections of objects much like JavaScript notation. If we think about this for a minute that sense using nodeJS on the server because it’s easier to communicate with a no sequel database when we are using JavaScript objects.
  • It’s really good when we are using JavaScript. We can use it anytime we want to store data and persist it in our application for example a web app. If you are passionate in learning this course, we provide MongoDB corporate training with real time scenarios.
  • MongoDB Training is the M in the MEAN acronym, so you have probably heard about the mean stack Mongo is the M expresses the angular is and nodeJS is the N. When we make a request to the server that server handles it if we want to see some data. It goes off to MongoDB it grabs that data brings it back. It show back and it can show it to us in the client of the browser, they simple right so that’s all pretty simple. This is called MongoDB and it is a package that we can install on NodeJS on the server which makes communicating with MongoDB Training that much easier.

Who can learn MongoDB?

  • Basic knowledge on Javascript
  • Good knowledge on JSON

So having knowledge on above mentioned concepts will help you to easily work on MongoDB.

How to install MongoDB on Windows?                                                                                                                                                                  KEY FEATURES OF MONGO DB TRAINING        
  • Download the file you extract the file and setup for the environment and then all set. There are different flavors of MongoDB available for Windows platform, MongoDB for Window Server 2008 release 12th edition. MongoDB is Windows 64-bit edition and also for Windows 32-bit edition. MongoDB for Windows Server 2008 could only be run Windows server 2008 release windows 7 64-bit and newer version of windows. MongoDB 3.2 released on December 2015 and end of life Date September 2018.
  • The Command to find Windows Architecture, open up the command prompt then you can enter this command. Open the command prompt of windows by entering the CMD run commands.
  • So on the command prompts enter the command. So if enter just see architecture of windows that is 64-bit. In order to download MongoDB simply open up your browser and navigate to the website, then click in the Downloads option that you see at the top.
  • MongoDB Training is available for OS 10 Linux Windows and Solaris. Going to select for the windows 7, windows 7 will accept any of these two builds. Download the 64-bit will work as well as this special version 2008. The file download after you can see your download folder it is zip file.
  • The next step is going to double click on the download file to launch the Zip utility. So let’s extract the contents of this Zip file a temporary folder so extract all, so you can use any other utility if you have for the extraction. Extract the content into this temp folder on the C root. So C colon backslash temp is what we doing here overwrite all files click on extract.
  • The files are extracted let click OK; it’s open up the temp folder under temp MongoDB folder and under that see all the bin and for files. The previous saved file that folder need to actually copy to your C route or anywhere. We also provide MongoDB training with real time use cases.
Learn Tools of MongoDB in our MongoDB Certification Training :
  • Tools and technologies that were related to MongoDB Training tools and services, so First part Of that is built in tools that comes with your MongoDB Downloads. The downloads section one is MongoDB Training profiling and Performance, here you will learn how to use the built in tools like the MongoDB profiler. Mongo top and stat and also query explainers to get best performance out of your application in section two we are going to look at MongoDB cloud services.
  • MongoDB Training provides a lot of services some are free and some for fee, which allow you to monitor configure and backup scale your clusters among to be in fact provides a database as a service. Service called atlas which will allow you to deploy a MongoDB shared cluster with just a few clicks and no administrative overhead what so ever. We can look at scale MongoDB Training both vertically and horizontally.
  • The vertically meaning sculling up with larger servers and horizontally meaning scaling out with more servers. Whether those is through replication or through shredding and well look at some performance benchmarks for a micro benchmark and be able to actually some actual applications performance even though it’s synthetic. If you are passionate in learning this course, we are best in providing MongoDB online training by professionals.
  • For better understanding of MongoDB training you need to know about both Python and MongoDB Training. So familiarity with the Python Programming language will help you to understand some of the benchmark code, which we are going to be using and all them also the demonstration code and also familiarity with MongoDB basic concepts such as replication and that are document things like that.
Comparison between MySQL and Firebase:
  • Firebase is a NoSQL, real time database, just hired by Google and N firebase.
  • Queries can instantly be sent to and from various devices without page refreshes. Google have marketed firebase as being an entire ecosystem for building web and mobile apps.
  • Instant data updates without refreshing the WebPages. Easy to synchronize multiple computers with your database.
  • Let’s say for example you have got lots of computers working on solving a problem and firebase can be really cool for that type of thing.
  • Comes with other as firebase storage, Google cloud functions, Google auth and more.
  • Firebase has some very strange security protocols and very esoteric, esoteric means understood by few.
  • There are pricing and bandwidth concern although to be fair, Google seemed to be getting on top of that and optimistic that the pricing pretty much for hosting in general. Are you passionate in doing certifications? Global online trainings provide MongoDB training with certifications.
  • MongoDB Training uses query languages which is a simple query language. It has a rich document based query which is little bit different relational database queries; it’s our open source database.
MySQL Pros:
  • It learns to easy, and can handle surprisingly large amounts of data. Its good handling complicated queries, its actually excellent handling queries.
  • It is very stable and nobody’s going to rewrite MySQL. It is good choice for companies who have traditionally used spreadsheets to store their data.
  • Really good third party software in available (e,g Navigate, phpMyAdmin etc..). Database is like MongoDB and firebase do not have really cool third party software and PHP folks.
  • MySQL Cons Potential images and branding challenges. Constant threat of SQL injection attacks
  • Potential question marks over how MySQL performs on very high traffic websites
Explanation of Node JS:
  • Node JS training is originally written in 2009 by Ryan Dahl. The initial release was supported only Linux but in the later years of Node JS. It started supporting windows, operating system and Mac OS also. Node JS is a run time which allows us to run JavaScript code on the server.
  • The use JavaScript in the client in a browser, we use it to enhance user experience by opening up modals by providing live validations and so on. So to the make applications very reactive that is where we mostly use JavaScript and where it is very powerful. We use it either plain or plain JavaScript from use frameworks like JQuery angular. If the create single page applications or reactor many more of the courses. So this to use JavaScript in most of the cases.

Conclusion of MongoDB Training :

MongoDB Training is source NoSQL database, it Managed and developed by MongoDB inc (formally 10gen).Built with an emphasis on scalability and consistency. MongoDB Training Pros is a flexible database structure. It can store lots of data inexpensively. More secure than MySQL than and firebase.Exceptional performance on high traffic apps with lots of simultaneous write statements. So this is all about MongoDB. Are you ready to take your career to next level? Global online trainings is with you,Join today in Global online trainings for best MongoDB training by real time experts. For more information please do contact our help desk.


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