Motion Course Content

Getting Around in Motion
  • Following a New Paradigm
  • Opening Motion
  • Importing Video
  • Setting a Play Range
  • Transforming and Duplicating a Clip
  • Adding Effects
  • Hiding and Showing the Project Pane
  • Stylizing with Filters
  • Framing with a Mask
  • Compositing with a Blend Mode
  • Adding Text
  • Animating with Text
  • Using Library Content
  • Arranging Layers
  • Using Function Keys and Outputting Projects
Building a Composite
  • Setting Up a Project
  • Creating a Background Using the Inspector
  • Using Photoshop Files
  • Compositing with Blend Modes and Filters
  • Editing in Motion
  • Making Overwrite Edits
  • Managing Timeline Tracks
  • Applying Masks and Using Clones and Importing Motion Projects
Creating Animation with Behaviors
  • Adding Basic Motion Behaviors
  • Stacking Behaviors
  • Using Basic Motion Behaviors in 3D
  • Using Simulation Behaviors
  • Applying Parameter Behaviors
  • Cloning a Group and Combining Behaviors and Adding a Light
Animating with Keyframes
  • Recording Keyframes
  • Changing Keyframes Interpolation
  • Setting Keyframes Manually
  • Using Keyframes on Multiple Parameters
  • Working with Multiple Keyframe Curves and Animating Crop with Keyframes
Creating Content with Generators, Shapes and Paint Strokes
  • Drawing Shapes
  • Creating a Background with a Generator
  • Searching for Content
  • Modifying Animated Content
  • Masking with Images
  • Importing Vector Graphics
  • Working with Paint Strokes
  • Using Shape Behaviors and Using the Bezier Tool
Creating Text Effects
  • Creating
  • Formatting and Styling Text Layers
  • Saving and Applying Text Style Presets
  • Duplicating
  • editing and Aligning Text Layers
  • Applying Text Behaviors
  • Using the Glyph Tool
  • Saving a Text Animation Favorite and Adding Motion Blur
Working with Particle Emitters and Replicators
  • Using Emitters to Make Particle Systems
  • Adjusting Emitter and Cell Controls in the Inspector
  • Adding Cells
  • Using Emitters from the Library
  • Replicating Elements and Modifying Replicator Presets
Using Audio
  • Importing Audio
  • Setting Markers and Keyframes in the Audio Editor
  • Working with Audio and Video
  • Editing to the Beat and Animating with Audio
Speed Changes and Optical Flow
  • Creating Constant Speed Changes
  • Using Frame Blending and Optical Flow
  • Creating Speed Ramps with Keyframes
  • Creating Speed Effects with Retiming Behaviors and Using Time Filters      
Stabilizing, Tracking and Keying
  • Tracking and Stabilizing a Shot
  • Keying Greenscreen Footage
  • Creating Garbage Masks and Correcting Color for Seamless Compositing
Publishing Smart Templates for Final Cut Pro X
  • Setting up the Final Cut Pro Project
  • Working with Effects Presets
  • Modifying Effects Presets,Creating Smart Motion Templates
  • Completing the Animation
  • Using Build In and Build Out Markers and Publishing Parameters
Rigging and Publishing Widgets
  • Rigging a Checkbox Widget
  • Modifying
  • Testing and Publishing a Widget
  • Deconstructing a Transition Project
  • Rigging a Pop-up Widget
  • Using the Link Parameter Behavior
  • Creating a Final Cut Effect
  • Rigging the Slider Widget and Publishing Widgets and Parameters
Building a 3D Scene
  • Making 3D Transformations in the Canvas
  • Converting 2D Groups to 3D
  • Adding and Working with Cameras
  • Arranging and Modifying Groups and Layers in 3D Space and Mixing 2D and 3D Groups
Animating Cameras and Using Advanced 3D Features
  • Animating a Camera with Behaviors
  • Using Advanced 3D Features
  • Working with Depth of Field
  • Turning on Reflections
  • Using Lights and Shadows and Exporting Advanced 3D Features