Ms Access Course Content

Database Basics
  • Introduction to Databases
  • What’s New in Access 2010
  • Understanding the Access Program Screen
  • Working with Database Objects
  • Tour of a Table
  • Adding, Editing, and Deleting Records
  • Tour of a Form
  • Tour of a Query
  • Tour of a Report
  • Selecting Data
  • Using the Zoom Box
Creating and Working with a Database
  • Planning a Database
  • Creating a New Database
  • Creating a Table
  • Modifying a Table
  • Creating a Query
  • Sorting a Query
  • Using AND and OR Operators in a Query
  • Creating a Form with the Form Wizard
  • Creating a Report with the Report Wizard
  • Creating Mailing Labels with the Label Wizard
  • Converting an Access Database
Finding, Filtering, and Formatting Data
  • Finding and Replacing Data
  • Sorting Records
  • Using Common Filters
  • Filtering by Selection
  • Filtering by Form
  • Creating an Advanced Filters
  • Adjusting and Rearranging Rows and Columns
  • Changing Gridline and Cell Effects
  • Changing the Datasheet Font
  • Freezing a Column
  • Hiding a Column
Working with Tables and Fields
  • Understanding Field Properties
  • Indexing a Field
  • Adding a Primary Key to a Table
  • Inserting, Deleting, and Reordering Fields
  • Adding Field Descriptions and Captions
  • Changing the Field Size
  • Formatting Number, Currency, and Date/Time Fields
  • Formatting Number, Currency, and Date/Time Fields by Hand
  • Formatting Text Fields
  • Setting a Default Value
  • Requiring Data Entry
  • Validating Data
  • Creating an Input Mask
  • Creating a Lookup Field
  • Creating a Value List
  • Modifying a Lookup List
Creating Relational Databases
  • Understanding Table Relationships
  • Creating Relationships Between Tables
  • Enforcing Referential Integrity
  • Printing and Deleting Relationships
  • Understanding Relationship Types
Working with Queries
  • Understanding Different Types of Queries
  • Creating a Multiple Table Query
  • Creating a Calculated Field
  • Working with Expressions and the Expression Builder
  • Using an IF Function
  • Summarizing Groups of Records
  • Display Top or Bottom Values
  • Parameter Queries
  • Finding Duplicate Records
  • Finding Unmatched Records
  • Crosstab Queries
  • Delete Queries
  • Append Queries
  • Make-Table Queries
  • Update Queries
Working with Forms
  • Creating and Using a Form
  • Understanding Form Views
  • Modifying a Form in Layout View
  • Form Design View Basics
  • Changing Tab Order
  • Working with Control Properties
  • Control Property Reference
  • Working with Form Properties
  • Form Property Reference
  • Changing a Control’s Data Source
  • Creating a Calculated Control
  • Changing a Control’s Default Value
  • Creating a Subform
  • Modifying and Working with Subforms
Working with Reports
  • Creating a Report
  • Working in Layout View
  • Adding a Logo
  • Working in Design View
  • Adjusting Page Margins and Orientation
  • Adding Page Numbers and Dates
  • Grouping and Sorting
  • Summarize Data using Totals
  • Understanding Report Sections
Additional Topics
  • Using Conditional Formatting
  • Working with Number Formatting
  • Using Themes
  • Importing Information
  • Exporting Information
  • Displaying Database Object Dependencies
  • Compacting and Repairing a Database