Ms Dynamics Sure Step Course Content

Introduction to Projects
  • What is a Project?
  • Project Challenges
  • Project Management
  • Agile Models
Introduction to Sure Step
  • Introduction to Sure Step
  • Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step Model
  • Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step Client
  • Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step Online
  • Project Repositories
Project Planning and Solution Envisioning in the Diagnostic Phase
  • Position Solution Envisioning and the Diagnostic Phase.
  • Top-Down View on the Diagnostic Phase.
  • Overview and Positioning of Decision Accelerator offerings.
  • Introduction to the Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step Case Study.
Delivering Decision Accelerators
  • Use the tools, templates, and links to help you deliver the Requirements and Process Review decision accelerator
Proposal Generation and Final Licensing and Services Agreements
  • Proposal Generation
  • Final Licensing and Services Agreement
Proposal Generation and Final Licensing and Services Agreements
  • Risk Management
  • Quality Management
  • Communication Management
  • Managing Scope Changes
  • Resource Management
Waterfall Delivery
  • Analysis Phase
  • Design Phase
  • Development Phase
Agile Delivery
  • Agile Preparation
  • Agile Execution
Deployment Phase
  • Conduct User Training
  • Testing Activities During the Deployment phase
  • The Production environment
  • Create the Production Operations guide
  • Data migration
  • Go-Live
Operation Phase
  • Quality Management
  • Additional Operation Activities
  • Project Closure