Ms Project Plan-online-training

Introduction To MS Project Plan Training Course:

MS Project Provides the step by step approach to plan a project, schedule the  project & also manage the Project. While you enroll for MS Project Training Course our expert consultants covers setting up project files, creating tasks, assigning resources, working with views, & using baseline calculations to track progress. In addition to that you will also learn how to report project information &share it with others and much more. You will also discover  how we can share project information, resource pooling & consolidation, along with an update on new features in the Microsoft  Project 2013 application. Live Demos are taken to show how to work with the Microsoft  Project 2013 application & get hands on experience. Global Online Trainings delivers the live sessions by industry expert consultants with best lab setup. Contact our help desk for more details about the course.

Ms Project Plan Online Training Course Content

Office Project Server 2007
Enterprise Project Management Context
  • Office Project Server 2007
  • Differentiating Users of Office Project Server 2007
  • Working with the Office Project Professional 2007 & Office Project Server 2007
Understanding the Initiating Processes
  • Differentiating the Initiating Processes in Project Professional 2007 & Project Web Access
  • Managing Initiating Processes
  • Managing the  Documents in Office Project Web Access
Planning Projects Context & Framework
Understanding Project Management Plan
  • Differentiating Office Project Server 2007 Client Software
Scope & Schedule Management
  • Developing Components of the Scope Management & Schedule Management Plans
  • Working with Deliverables
Staffing Management Plan
  • Building a Project Team
  • Managing Resource Availability
Resource Assignments
  • Understanding the Assignment Cycle
  • Resolving Resource Overallocation
Cost, Risk, and Other Management Plans
  • Developing Components of the Cost Management & Risk Management Plan
  • Linking Planning Documents & Using the Team Discussion Feature
Executing Projects—Processes, Resources, & Deliverables
  • Understanding Executing Processes
  • Managing Resources and Deliverables
Managing Timesheets and Personal Settings
  • Working with Timesheets
  • Reporting Administrative Time
  • Configuring Personal Settings
Tracking Task & Project Progress
  • Understanding the Monitoring and Controlling Processes
  • Task Progress & Updates in Project Web Access
  • Task Progress by Using Office Project 2007
  • Tracking & Viewing Task Information by Using Outlook 2007
Measuring Performance and Reporting Progress
  • Understanding the Status Reports
  • Reviewing Performance Metrics & Progress Reports
Closing Projects
  • Understanding Closing Process
  • Supporting Closing Process