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Introduction to MS Project Training:

MS Project training is developed by the Microsoft. MS Project training provides advance to plan a project, list the project & also manage the Project. Microsoft project provides Project management tools to manage projects. MS Project training allows a Project Manager to follow the different phases, activities and tasks in a project. MS Project training has good project management tool for the projects and it is a project management software.

 Global online Trainings  provides the Best MS Project Training by expert trainers. Our trainers have 10+ experience in this MS Project training they clearly explain everything in this training.

Mode of Training: We provide MS Project Online training and also MS Project corporate training, MS Project virtual web training.

Duration Of Program: 30 Hours (Can Be Customized As Per Requirement).

Materials: Yes, we are providing materials for MS Project Online Training.

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Trainer Experience: 16 + years.

Ms Project Online Training Course Content


Overview of MS Project Training:

  • MS Project training mainly intended to help users set to sensible goals for project teams and clients by creating plans, allocating resources and organizing finances. 
  • MS Project training permits the project manager to go in the tasks of a project and allocate employees to those tasks as well as cost information.
  • MS Project training also provides process that allows the user to create reports that will commune the status and progress of a project. We also provide the class room training of MS Project at client permission in noida, Bangalore, Gurgaon, hyderabad ,Mumbai, Delhi and Pune.
  • MS Project training has number of different editions or versions, based on the requirements of the users and organization.

History of MS Project Training:

  • MS project Training is a project management software and it is designed to assist project manager in tracking progress, resources, plan etc.
  • The first version of Microsoft project was released for DOS in 1984 by a company working for Microsoft. DOS is Disk operating system and it is closely related operating system which dominate the IBM, pc comparable market . Our trainers cover all the course content of MS Project Training.
  • Second version of Microsoft project was released for DOS by a company working for Microsoft not itself by Microsoft , Microsoft brought all the rights to the software in the 1985.
  • Three version DOS is released in 1986 and the final DOS released in the 1986 .
  • After the 1986 Microsoft completely concentrate on the windows version, the first version of windows was released in the 1990 and labeled version 1 for window.
  • Further versions are released in the 1992 -2007.
  • MS Project training proprietary file format is .mpp, Microsoft project 2007 is available in two editions are standards and professionals.
  • Microsoft office project professional 2007 contains all the efficiency in office project standard 2007
  • In addition office project professional 2007 provides mutual enterprise project management efficiency when use Microsoft office project server 2007
  • Project server stores the project data in a central sql based database, allowing users to display and update this data over the internet.
  • Web access permits approved users to right to use project server database across the internet it contains the instance sheet, graphical examination, resources, and workload and administrate towards. GOT gives MS Project training material by experts
  • Microsoft office project server 2007 firmly integrated with the windows sharepoint service , each project will be created in the workspace of project where the team members can share the information which are related to the project.
  • As the software operates as the part of the Microsoft office it also provides lot of cross functionality with the product like power point.

Overview-of-MS-Project-TrainingWhat is Microsoft project 2007:

  • This software is every one and it completely take the tasks in your life for certain projects. Microsoft office project assists us to manage the project additional capably by being learned and control project work , plan and investment , keep project group associated and more useful with its authoritative reporting, directed details and flexible tool.
  • MS project training 2007 with this we can create project plans fastly with the use of outlines, importing task list. We can also track the people, tools, other resources in project for insight use and plan.
  • MS project 2007 used in the all the scale sized companies mnc, bpo and other corporate including the FMCG sector.
  • But the main concept is Microsoft project 2007 can be used wherever there is need to plan , apply, analyze, execute and result oriented work.
  • In 2007 microsoft launches the new interface for the selected products of Microsoft office family of which MS project training is a part however Microsoft office is the one and only office family product to get this interface.
  • But project 2007 similar to the previous suggestion based on the menus, tool bars familiar to the menu users.
  • To open the Microsoft project 2007 select Microsoft office and then click Microsoft project 2007 then the ms project interface opens up. Then the process will continue.

What is Microsoft Project 2016?

  • MS project training is a program that’s designed to assist us in project management but in order for the program to assist us we have to provided it with the all the details of our plan.
  • If you provided all the details of your plan and all the tasks that are need to get you will completed , all the duration for the tasks , all the different resources that like to assign to the tasks. All the resources will also be there we provided project with all of this details and by giving with the details we can use then different views. GOT offers MS Project Training at reasonable price.
  • Then project will assist us and we need to create the links about the constraints on certain tasks, it will gives some specifics and assists us it will show by putting in all the tasks.
  • We can also see the project finish date if all our tasks are go according to plan then it will done by given date.
  • For building the plan there will be another important step plan progress we have come back and add that information what we need to update the tasks, mark the task in progress mark them completely if something runs late.
  • Program if finishes early they will tell that the project is finished.

Microsoft project 2016 is the new version of the MS Project and its very important to be learn.

Microsoft project server:

  • Microsoft project server is the server result for the project management and it is in 2000. Microsoft project server will the sharepoint as its basis and it will support the interface from any Microsoft project as a client application and it is connecting to the project web app component.
  • Project server stores the project data in a central sql based database, allowing users to display and update this data over the internet.
  • The Project Center maintains reports across an business at the project level.

What is project management?

  • Project is a short-term endeavor which has specific start and end that is carefully planned by diving into the several phases to give the distinctive output.
  • MS Projects Training are different from the operations this are the projects are short-term and they create the distinctive product and they closed after attaining the objective. Operations are ongoing processes they are tedious and the objects is to sustain business met.
  • Creation of the prototype of the product is the short term temporary process the prototype developed was unique and the project is ended after the prototype was developed.
  • Production of a product is an on-going process the assembly line repetitively produces the product the objectives of this process is to sustain business of selling products.
  • Project management is important it is very easy also and it is complemantary discipline that helps your projects very easily. Project life cycle is the one and the project management is the second one.

Phases of project management:

Project management are divided into the some phases like as

Monitoring and control process
  • These phases are called project life cycle. The phases sounds are simple enough. Statistics only one out of four project that entire development make it to the market.
  • Most of the IT projects are cancelled before the completion large organization net only some percent of the original features and functions in the end product.
  • Some of the projects are failed because they have some issues. Some of the projects are failed due to the time management. Time management is the main for the project completed if there is no time management project will be failure.
  • Some of the projects will be failure due to the cost management. For example if some wants to buy new product, if there is no plan in buying then the it’s a failure in cost.
  • Failure in scope management, quality management if some wants to buy house but person did not see the quality before he bought it collapses completely in few months.
  • For managing these projects problems, project manager is the one who will manage this problems, project manager have the leadership , communication, information technology , accounting purchasing , problem solving.

Project management with the Microsoft tool:

  • Project management both in traditional waterfall approach and an agile approach using Microsoft tools only the Microsoft tools to deliver the project using the Microsoft tools. There will be five process area of PMI .
  • In this process there will be start for starting the project so that something in which you enter the initiating process in this validates the project and make it to the reason.
  • Then the planning process will be start will be focuses on the what and how and it is typically iterative. Then the executing process and we can do it state and then we can go back to the planning process and we can do it and we loop around on the top of the monitoring and controlling process.
  • It will cover all the scope of the MS project Training in order to monitor, for example you motive manage and control all of the things we do and when we close to finish.
  • When we are finishing it up we can say then the process will be closed then the project will be end.
  • Agile will be compared to a traditional project a waterfall project definition is not an really bound to a waterfall process it can be both agile and waterfall it can support both because its more generic.
  • Water scrum fall is the most common approach project management tools within the Microsoft stack is probably word Microsoft word, excel and power point that’s most basic one that you should have a good knowledge on the excel, power point and word.
  • There are some other known as tools within Microsoft stack. Visual team foundation server in order to do agile of the execution of phase of a project. 
Challenges for the MS project Training:
  • There will be some challenges for the MS projects training maintain its status as the defector typicals for the project management software and the keep on to find the customers already using Microsoft clients that are looking for all their systems.
  • Enterprise project management software solution is subscription based and allows business to get up running with no upfront infrastructure costs.
  • New users, teams and projects can be added instantly via web based portal , allowing companies to scale use for their growth.
  • Interface should be very familiar for most users of windows product with the tabs at the top and ancillary information in the row below.
  • The majority of the software showing different charts and spreadsheet in the main window that users more easily control their project.
  • Projects are broken up into the main areas, resource and tasks.
  • Resources are typically included in the projects, and includes anything that is used to complete a project such as equipment.
  • Tasks are for completing the project and are typically broken up into the phases.
Conclusion of MS Project Training:

Global online Trainings provide best MS project online training by expert trainers. MS Project Training will explain briefly about project plan. Our trainers explain each and every concepts of MS Project training. We are the best in online mode.Taking MS Project training have so many benefits. Average package for MS Project will be 15-16 lakh per annum.

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