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Introduction to MSBuild training:

MSBuild training at Global online trainings – MSBuild is a platform to build the dotnet applications and not even dotnet we can also build dotnet core applications by using MS build and normally we can do that by using a command prompt but the proper way to use the MSbuild explicitly is by using an XML schema which we can use in a specific or a special project file. Global online trainings is best in providing MSBuild online training with live projects at flexible timings.

MSBuild Course Content

MSBuilding online training Course Content

Overview of MS Build training:                                                                                              MSBuild training

  • The XML schema is used to provide the different steps and building blocks of an MS build project files. MS build platform visual studio also uses the MS build engine to build the projects and solutions and you can open up any project file to see the XML schema definitions which will involve the different steps to build the application or the project.
  • Now the question comes to everyone’s mind why we should use MS build when we can easily build our application using Visual Studio. So there are a number of different reasons for which we can choose to use MS build and create a special project file. For that purpose the first and very obvious one is when the visual studio is not installed.
  • So MS build does not need the installation of Visual Studio training to build any project which you have and you don’t have the Visual studio installed on your system. Then you can use MS build to build project files and other reasons could be if you want to follow a very specific process while building your application.
  • So if you have worked on different kinds of applications then you should be aware that building of any application is not always a very straight forward process because what normally we do is we simply build the application and then the executable or any assembly should be copied in the bin folder. Global online trainings is best in providing MSBuild Corporate training by industry experts at flexible timings.

There could be situations when we need to copy some different folder contents to somewhere else because our application is built that way or maybe we need to zip the entire contents of the built application and we need to send it via email or maybe if you need to upload it using the FTP protocol to an epic location etc.


Features of MSBuild training:

The reasons could be endless but the build process is not a very simple process. It may involve different steps and different directions to take depending on different kinds of variables which could be vendor or client specific. Another reason is we can use MSBuild to build the application using the 64-bit version of MS build application if we want to access more memory to build the application and there could be certain cases in which this could be a very valid reason to use MS build instead of a normal 32-bit version. Are you passionate in doing certifications? Global online trainings is best in providing MSBuild Certification training with live projects.

So there are two basic ways to use the MS build. The first one is to use the command prompt and the second one is to use the project file. Now the usage of command prompt is very limited we can provide different options but that is very limited in nature because we can only give the info which can give in a single line but in a project file we can create the entire steps and entire tasks which we want to execute while building the application.


New features in MSBuild training:

  • Structured logs and Structured log viewer for MS build and this is something that if you ever have written MSBuild training custom tasks and target or if you have ever tried the debug you know why is the build not doing what I expect to do this will be amazing.
  • I usually think if the build is not working, it’s because of something wrong then this would help you investigate why and we are not taking about compiler errors there, I mean those are kind of well understood you double-click on it and it shows you where in your source code but this is if you are extending the build if you have a process to maybe you are using a MSBuild training to create new get packages or you are injecting a tool and they are somewhere to generate code for you or a host of other things or if you are using a new get package to do that. Our consultants are highly skilled at MSBuild Certification training.
  • So you built it from the command line and add the binary log.So that’s going to create a binary log for us and build into MSBuild traning as of update 3A Visual Studio 2017 that happen automatically. So inside visual studio you don’t currently get this. So this is more like if you want to debug it you do a command-line and so there is different flags for how the log and this is a new one that says create a binary log and that will create MSbuild.bin log and there is a tool which is an open source project who works for Microsoft which then gives you a view of this log.
  • You can see a tree of what the bill did all of the things that it ran what the inputs and outputs of those things were, you can do a search for a strong name with whole bunch of results because that’s kind of name of the project but looking for the target that was actually doing strong name or you can filter it down so it jumps to that target that ran and then you could double click on that and this shows me the definition of this target here.
  • You can expand down the code and see the inputs to this task that was called here the parameters I can drill all the way down and see all the data that’s flowing through MSBuild training and then this is the outputs the diagnostic messages that target task output and then you know some more stuff here which you can see if you are not customizing MSBuild if you are not writing your own logic.
  • Hopefully, you never need to do something like this but you do a whole bunch of that in your job, that’s a large part of what we do and you can’t imagine continuing to do it without this tool. It’s pretty amazing and furthermore this tool is new but it keeps getting better, you know double clicking and going to the source that was added.
  • We have been working on dotnet core, this open source cross-platform version of dotnet and we want to be able to compile dotnet code, we want to be able to do that from the command line from Windows, Linux from Mac OS and when we started that MSbuild training was not cross-platform and really the MSbuild project files were not great, they were not kind of appropriate for the experience that we are going for a very simple experience. Are you interested in learning advance topics of this course? We provide best MSBuild Corporate training by experts.
  • An experience that would appeal to developers who didn’t want a lot of tooling, they just wanted to be used a text editor to edit their code so we patterned it a bit after what something like Nodejs training or any other scripting language or anything would do and so we had what we called JSON this was a project format.So if we look at that this is what we looked like, this was only in dotnet core app. 

Conclusion of MSBuild training:

Want to know the best part? If you hadn’t been doing a lot of dotnet core, you wouldn’t have necessarily seen this, you would not see this unless you were doing dotnet core or a little bit of dotnet standard in visual studio 2015 was the timeframe when we had this tooling and so this had a lot of advantages.It was a fairly simple project file you could imagine typing this into an editor from scratch but definitely editing it making changes in here it had. It did not list each separate source file it is just by default although you could override it. There are lot of opportunities in the market for MSBuild online training. Join in Global online trainings for best MSBuild online training with live projects from India.


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