MSP Training

MSP Training


MSP Training is a methodology that comprises a set principles and processes for use when managing a programme. A programme is made up of a specific set of the projects identified by an organization that together will deliver some defined objective or set of objectives, for the organization. The objectives, or goals, of the programme are typically at a strategic level so that the organization can achieve benefits and improvements in its business operation.

Managing Successful Programmes was developed as a best practice guide on Programme Management. The guide comprises a set of Principles and a set of processes for use when managing a program. MSP Online Training represents proven programme management best practice in the successful delivery of the transformation change through application of programme management.

MSP Online Training Course Content

Introduction to MSP Training
  • Programme Management Framework
  • Programme Management for successful delivery
  • Programme Management approach
  • strategic context
  • Programme Management
  • Programme Management environment & principles
Programme Management Governance Themes
  • The Organisation
  • The Vision
  • Leadership & stakeholder engagement
  • Benefits management
  • Blueprint design & delivery
  • Planning & control
  • The Business Case
  • Risk & issue management
  • Quality & assurance
The Programme Management Transformational Flow
  • Identifying , Closing  & Defining a programme
  • Managing tranches
  • Delivering capability
  • Realising benefits

 Brief  Overview On MSP:

Following session gives you an brief overview on MSP, while you join for MSP Training you will explore more.

The Managing Successful Programmes training helps you to provide & maintain an strategic view over a set of projects. It enables you to align & coordinate projects within an programme of business change so that you can effectively support the specific business the framework for implementing business strategies &  initiatives. Join for MSP online training and learn how it supports large scale change where there is an vision of the programmes outcome to transform an organization.

A programme is made up of a specific set of related projects identified by an organization that together will deliver some defined objectives, or set of objectives, for the organization. As a part of MSP Training you will learn the objectives, or goals, of the programmes are typically at an strategic level so that the organization can achieve benefits & improvements in its business operation. In other words, without the programme management, the projects would probably still be able to deliver their particular outcomes but these would not be coordinated or integrated into the achievements of an strategic business goal.

Benefits with MSP Training:

Managing Successful Programmes is definitive guidance in managing the interring related projects as a coordinated program of business change in order risks & benefits more effectively. In Managing Successful Programmes training program you will see how the msp  is widely adopted in the public sectors. here are few benefits listed below more you will explore in MSP Training

  • Provide referenceable standards.
  • Provide a framework of best practice principles and concepts drawn from latest experiences & proven practice.
  • Enable practitioners to adapt the guidance to real life situations.
  • Be accessible by teams & organizations as well as by individual practitioners.
  • Help practitioners improve their decision making and to become better at implementing beneficial change.
  • Enable individuals to demonstrate their level of knowledge & understanding of each product by obtaining a globally recognized qualification.

Programme Management Principles:

MSP is an common framework for understanding all the programmes, as it is based on some principles which empower practitioners with added ability &  influence to shape the transformational changes. listed below are few principles more you will explore as  part of MSP Training:

  • Remaining aligned with the corporate strategy.
  • Leading_change.
  • Envisioning & communicating a better future.
  • Focusing on the benefits & threats to them.
  • Adding _value.
  • Designing & delivering coherent capability.
  • Learning from the experience. lets see one by one in brief

Remaining aligned with the corporate strategy

  • The first principle is focused on creating  the robust & flexible working environments for the programme.
  • To remain aligned with the corporate strategy, the following pointers can be used.
  • Adjusting to volatile strategy if an programme does not adjust with change of strategy, it will lose its purpose.
  • Prove or disprove strategic ideas like programmers are affected by strategies, the future strategies are planned on the feedback the programme.
  • The Impact of external drivers Programme needs to be adaptable & flexible to survive the changes due to external drivers.


  • Managing the uncertainties & deviation.
  • Giving the clear direction.
  • Engendering trust with transparent & consistent behavior.
  • Actively engaging the stakeholders.
  • Appointing the right people at the right time.
  • Solving the problems & creating novel solutions.

Envisioning & communicating Better Future

  • Programme is conceived to provide an better future – If an marked change is expected in future compared to present, transformational change may be brought into the organization to make it possible.
  • In MSP training you will learn how to  develop & maintain an vision throughput the programme – Vision is one of the main tools for ensuring the ongoing strategic alignment of the programme.
  • Clear &consistent communication – It is necessary to get an buy in form stakeholders & increase their confidence in the programme.

Focusing on Benefits & Threats to them

  • A programme is conceived to achieve strategically aligned benefits of the organization. The other points of focus are as follows.
  • All activities in an programme aim to realize the benefits.
  • Join for MSP Training and see how the programmes should focus on threats to the benefits & optimize all opportunities to maximize benefits.


  • A programme should exist only if it adds value to its constituent projects. Areas where an programme helps are as follows.
  • In MSP training you learn how to relate & dependent business change is best managed at programme level so that additional benefits and be identified and realized.
  • Avoiding double counting of benefits & maximizing the benefits of one project for another project are major value add-ons.

Designing &  Delivering an Coherent Capability

  • Programme should deliver business architecture or final capability. To achieve this goal, the programme should be designed keeping the following points in mind.
  • Optimize all the quality requirements.
  • Aim schedule to maximize the incremental improvement & create minimum impact on operations.
  • Identify the inter project dependencies.
  • Programme should not take over the project management responsibilities.

Learning from the Experience

  • In MSP training course programme can be described as a learning organization. The learning can be gained as follow.
  • At each review point, reflect on issues & adjust the programme.
  • Assimilate the learning of each individual from management team.
  • Be open to accept the ideas from all stakeholders, as this may lead to new opportunities.
  • Focus on improving the performance during the life of the programme.
  • The MSP framework is based on three core concepts:

MSP Principles.

Following session provides you an basic overview on principles of MSP, you will provided an in-depth knowledge as a part of MSP Training

  • These are derived from the positive & negative lessons learned fromthe programme experiences. They are the common factors that underpin the success of any of transformational change.
  • The MSP Governance Themes. These define an organization’s approach to programme the management. They allow an organization to put in place the right leadership, delivery team, organization structures & controls, giving the best chance for success. Explore more by joining for best MSP Training
  • MSP Transformational Flow. This provides an route through the lifecycle of an programme from its conception through to the delivery of the new capability, outcomes & its  benefits.