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MULE ESB TRAINING Course Introduction:

MULE ESB Training course is to provide enterprise architects, developers, and anyone else who wants to learn about Mule ESB a straight-forward, comprehensive, low-tech introduction. MULE ESB Training course covers Mule fundamentals and provides an effective starting point for more in-depth.

MULE ESB Training tutorial is for developers, architects, and anyone else who wants to get an introduction to how to build integrations or API implementations with Any point Studio. MULE ESB Training course is for developers and architects who want to get hands-on experience using Anypoint Platform to build APIs and integrations. Anypoint Platform to take an API through its complete lifecycle: design, build, deploy, manage, and govern. Enroll or register yourself at the website to more details about the MULE ESB Training or you even call us directly at the help desk.

mule esb training course content:

Introduction of ESB
  • Mule ESB & Studio
  • Installation of Mule ESB & Studio
  • Configuration of Mule
  • Flows, Pattern & Services
  • Message Sources & Processors
  • Message Properties
  • Configuring the Endpoint
  • The Unit Testing
  • The Filters
  • The Transformers
  • The Routing
  • The Data Transfer
  • The Cloud Connect
  • The MQL
  • The Expression
  • The Transaction
Web Services Integration
  • The Security Configuration
  • The Error Handling
  • Extending Mule, Custom Transformer & Component
  • Management Console
  • The Deployment Strategies
  • Testing & Troubleshooting