Multimedia Training

Multimedia training

Introduction To Multimedia Training Course:

Multimedia is derived from the word “Multi” and “Media” , Multi means Many, Multiple, and Media means  the tools that is used to represent or do an certain things, delivery medium, a form of mass communication – newspaper, magazine and tv. The Distribution tool and information presentation  text, graphic, voice, images, music & etc. Multimedia is the combination of text, graphic, sound, animation, & video that is delivered interactively to the user by electronic or digitally manipulated means.  Register with Global Online Trainings for Multimedia Training and learn its important features, products , uses and much more with our expert consultants. All the sessions are held in the attendees feasibility in an interactive and informative way. we provide the unique study material prepared by the industry expert as per the  present market scenario.



Multimedia Online Training Course Content

  • Definition multimedia
  • Applications & Design
  • Authoring
  • The Metaphor
  • The Basics (Cards, Buttons, Text)
  • HyperStudio Resources
  • The Objectives
  • Content (print, graphics, sounds, etc.)
  • Interaction
  • The Assessment
  • The Closure
Screen Design
  • Metaphors &  Themes
  • Colors &  Backgrounds
  • Text (size, color, placement)
  • Navigation
  • Consistency
  • Transitions & Links
  • HyperStudio Sounds
  • Recording
Internet Resources
  • Graphics
  • Integrating Web documents
HyperStudio Tips & Tricks
  • Animation
  • Launching other applications & documents
  • Basic NBA’s
Multimedia Portfolios
  • Designing a template
  • Adding elements
  • Choosing materials (readings)
Advanced Button Features
  • Hyperlinks
  • Drag-n-Drop
  • Advanced NBA’s
  • Using Actions with other Objects
Incorporating Digital Media
  • QuickTime Movies
  • Laserdisc & CD-ROM control
  • Scanning