Mvvm Course Course

The Intent of the MVVM Design Pattern
  • Overview the scope of Intertech’s Complete MVVM course
  • Examine some limitations of a typical tightly-coupled GUI application
  • Know the pros and cons of the MVVM design pattern
  • Know the responsibilities of the Model
  • Know the responsibilities of the ViewModel
  • Know the responsibilities of the View
  • Explore the structure of an Expression Blend Databound project template
The Core MVVM Design Pattern
  • Implement a custom data model
  • Build a custom ViewModel class
  • Know the role of the iNotifyPropertyChanged interface
  • Create “code free” View objects
  • Connect a View to the ViewModel via XAML
  • Build a WPF application using the core pieces of the MVVM design pattern
Communication Between the Layers
  • Use data binding to pass View data to the VM
  • Understand the roll of custom command objects
  • Know the distinction between the Action<> and Func<> delegates
  • Create custom command objects which communicate with the ViewModel
  • Bind UI objects to custom command objects
  • Examine ways to handle UI state changes (enabling / disabling of controls, etc)
Survey of Tools and Frameworks
  • Briefly survey some common MVVM frameworks
  • Know the role of XAML Power Toys
  • Point out a number of useful online resources for additional MVVM information