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NATURAL ADABAS Training Introduction:

Are you interested to pursue your professional career in database management? If yes, you can consider pursuing Natural ADABAS Training course for making your resume most in demand. Software AG’s Business Platforms—based on ADABAS-Natural—empower Digital Enterprises to influence core schemes in new ways. You can fast develop, update, and consistently run mission-critical application workloads. Natural ADABAS Training , offered by Global Online Trainings is mostly industry compatible and it is rendered by subject matter experts so that the participants get the business insight apart from having complete knowledge of this professional training. Contact the help desk for the more information. 



Natural /Adabas

TOPIC 1: Overview of Natural Programming

a) Program Editor


Sub program


Help routine

Copy code


b) Data Area Editor

Global data area

Local data area

Parameter data area

c) Map Editor


d) View Editor


TOPIC 2: Natural statement overview
TOPIC 3: Categories of Statement in Natural
4. Natural / Adabas Software Migration
5. SDLC Resources
6. Bitmap Control
7. GDA for External Subroutine
8. Update with Histogram
9. Histogram
10. Read, Find, Find Number, Read Physical, Read by ISN, Read Logical statements.
11. Difference between Fetch, Call and Callnet statements, and Fetch Return
12. Difference between Escape top or Bottom and Escape Immediate and Escape Routine.
13. Difference between an External and Global Variable.
14. Control Variable in online screens
15. What is Repeat Statement.
16. Escape, Stop, Terminate Statements.
17. Referencing statements within a Program
18. Using for Processing Loop
19. Using for File-aid for sequential files
20. Control Tab
21. Receive data passed through JCL


Topic 1: General Adabas Knowledge
  • Benefits of using Adabas,
  • platform availability,
  • components of the Adabas database system,
  • access methods including Universal Encoding Support,
  • Adabas add-on products
TOPIC 2: Adabas Architecture
  • Adabas database and file structures
  • Adabas nucleus, i.e., pools, queues and tables
TOPIC 3: General Database Administration Skills
  • Tasks of an Adabas database administrator
  • installation, administration tools
TOPIC 4: Handling of the Adabas Nucleus
  • Adabas operator commands, starting, stopping
  • restarting the Adabas nucleus, ADARUN parameters
  • operator commands
TOPIC 5: Database and File Administration
  • Database and file design
  • maintenance, descriptor and space management
TOPIC 6: Database and File Access
  • Access and update commands
  • Transaction and hold logic, user types
TOPIC 7: Monitoring and Performance
  • Database report, nucleus statistics, command logging
  • add-on products for Adabas monitoring
  • and performance
TOPIC 8: Ensuring Database Availability
  • Back-up and recovery, protection logging, error handling, problem solving 
  • support, Empower and TECHcommunity
TOPIC 9: Adabas V8 (Mainframe) Upgrade
  • Database conversion
  • Performance enhancements
  • Modified database structures
  • Lifted limits of physical and logical extents, records, and MU/PE field occurrences
  • Spanned Records and Large Objects
  • New field formats and options
  • Utility enhancements
  • Dataset compatibility
  • Add-on product compatibility
  • Adabas 8.2 Enhancements
TOPIC 10: Adabas DBMS
TOPIC 11: DDM Benefits
TOPIC 12: What is the functionality of break and continue
TOPIC 13: Adabas monitoring the performance of Adabas environments and the applications

Natural Adabas Training Overview:

  • High-performance data processing and upgraded software acts as the most of present IT assets.
  • The entire training is done in a way that will help the students to grab NATURAL ADABAS Training jobs with best career potential.Products in Natural Adabas Training platforms include.
  • Contact the help desk of Global Online Trainings to get more detail on this professional NATURAL ADABAS Training Course. It will unleash great career opportunity for you.
  • NATURAL ADABAS is a complete environment for application development, offering all the commands and functions you need to create, maintain and execute an application.
  • With NATURAL ADABAS applications, you can access data that is stored in Adabas databases as well as in other database systems.
  • In addition, Natural can be used to provide Web services and process XML documents. 
  • In this online NATURAL ADABAS Training course, you’ll learn how to use each of the NATURAL Adabas Training editors, their associated commands, system commands, NATURAL Adabas syntax, and the differences between Report Mode and Structured Mode.
  • In addition to learning the basics of the Natural development environment, you’ll create simple NATURAL programs and reports using the most common statements.
  • After completing this web-based course, you’ll have a working knowledge of the NATURAL ADABAS Training development environment.
  • Today’s IT industry, over the last many years the technology has been increasing rapidly, therefore the requirement of fresher in terms of technology skill set levels has been increased. If you are technically weak, they will be out of this technology challenge. Virtual Job Support consultants are experts in Natural Adabas Job Support. Virtual job support provides best Natural Adabas project support also. Our trainers improve your technical skills also. We are the best in providing support services over the world.

What is NATURAL?

  • NATURAL is a proprietary programming language developed . Since it is a
    proprietary language, this course is primarily intended for technical people world and those who wish they were. Here’s what they say about their product
  • NATURAL, the Company’s 4GL programming language for the enterprise environment, is designed to increase productivity in application software design, development and deployment.
  • NATURAL supports Rapid Application Development to RDBMS environments with applications that are portable, scaleable and interoperable across multiple computing platforms.
  • Applications developed using NATURAL are modular, which contributes to its success as a tool for Rapid Application Development. In general, each module is created, maintained and stored independently of any others.
  • While NATURAL lends itself to an object-oriented approach to systems development, this course does not attempt to teach object-oriented design – that’s another subject in its own right. Our trainers will skilled you Natural Adabas project support at reasonable price.
  • This course was developed for version 2.2 of NATURAL.

The concepts introduced in this part of the course are as follows:

  • programs
  • subprograms
  • subroutines
  • in-line subroutines
  • external subroutines
  • copycode
  • Program Editor
  • data definitions
  • local data
  • Local Data Areas (LDAs)
  • parameter data
  • Parameter Data Areas (PDAs)
  • global data
  • Global Data Areas (GDAs)
  • Data Area Editor
  • maps
  • windows
  • Map Editor
  • PF keys
  • helproutines
  • libraries
  • Structured Mode vs. Reporting Mode
  • database
  • keys
  • internal sequence number (ISN)
  • repeating fields
  • counters

What is Adabas:

  • ADABAS database management system (DBMS). ADABAS organizes and accesses data according to relationships among data fields.
  • The relationships among data fields are expressed by ADABAS files, which consist of data fields and logical records. With the ADABAS DBMS, you can also use the high-level language NATURAL to operate on data that is managed by the DBMS.
  • NATURAL is Software fourth generation application development system that allows you to create, modify, read, and protect data that the DBMS manages.
  • All ADABAS files and data fields referenced in a NATURAL program must be defined to NATURAL ADABAS online job support through a Data Definition Module (DDM).
  • ADABAS has single-user and multi-user execution environments, both of which are supported by the SAS/ACCESS interface to ADABAS.

ADABAS Databases:

  • An ADABAS database is a collection of data organized into ADABAS files. Each database has an associated database identifier, which is a numerical value in the range 1 to 255, and a database name, which is a character value with a maximum of 16 characters. Each database can consist of up to 255 NATURAL ADABAS Training files.
  • An ADABAS database consists of three system files: Data Storage, Associator, and Work Storage.
  • The Data Storage system file contains the actual data records for all ADABAS files in a database, in compressed form.
  • The Associator system file contains internal storage information that manages the data for the entire database. Virtual job support gives best Natural Adabas on job support from India.
  • The Work Storage system file contains temporary work files.
  • To use the SAS/ACCESS interface to ADABAS, you need to be familiar with three ADABAS components: ADABAS files, NATURAL DDMs, and ADABAS descriptors.
  • ADABAS files and NATURAL ADABAS Online Training DDMs are the components from which you create SAS/ACCESS access descriptor and view descriptor files. Knowing about ADABAS descriptors can help you minimize ADABAS’s processing time for your SAS/ACCESS view descriptors.
Advantages upon enrolling with NATURAL ADABAS Training:
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  • At the end of every week the review sessions will be taken, so that the attendees can recollect the topics. As it an Online Trainings, the timings will be according to the candidate feasibility.
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