Netstorage training

NetStorage Training

Introduction to Netstorage training:

Netstorage is a tool which can use to access your Novel H and K drives from any computer with an Internet connection. Once you login using Netstorage, you can access H drive and K drive via Netstorage training. Now you are used to probably in the windows explorer you can click on the plus to explore. Global Online Trainings offers best online training for students and professionals working in Netstorage online training conducted at  “Global Online Trainings”  is incorporated with best industry updates, the mentors are subject matter experts and the entire classes are arranged in flexible hours module at most reasonable cost.

Netstorage Online Training Course Content

Netstorage training course content

Prerequisites of NetStorage training:

  • Good Knowledge on Linux will help you to learn NetStorage training.

Overview of NetStorage training:                                                                                       INTRODUCTION TO NETSTORAGE TRAINING

  • On the left this is how you navigate through your file system. So let’s look at what we can do with NetStorage. One of the things that we can do is make sure that we are in our H drive and we are going to try to upload a file to our H drive. And you will notice that your web browser’s going to tell you need to add a pop-up window exception for Netstorage. Register to get regular updates on Global online trainings and our experts will guide you through the entire training process for perfect solutions.
  • Now I am using Firefox, and your browser might be slightly different, but the concept here is the same. So I will click on options and I am going to say allow pop-up’s for NetStorage and then will try again. Click file, upload and now we want to navigate and find the file we want to upload. And this is going to be probably somewhere on your local computer. For me I have saved file called Memorandum, it’s a word document on desktop. So I will click on open and now I want to click on upload in Netstorage.
  • And now you need to wait while the file transfers. And you will note over here that dark gray box indicates that I have selected Drive H. I am within Drive H right now and you can see the file is uploaded memorandum.docx. Now let’s say we are going to do the same process in reverse. We are going to download a file from Netstorage. The most active online corporate trainings for learning folks! It will help you in gaining knowledge in all IT fields, Global online trainings is an online training center with experienced trainers around the world. 
  • So click the box next to the file to select it because that’s the one we are working with. Choose File again, this time we want to choose download and this process is going to take the file from Netstorage and bring it to our local computer.
  • Now Firefox is prompting me, and it’s saying, Do I want to open the file which I could do and choose Microsoft office 365 training or I could simply choose to save it. And this is going to work like any other download that you would do with your web browser. The only thing to be careful of is, make sure you are paying attention over here to where you are uploading and downloading so that don’t lose your files. 
  • When you finished using Netstorage, it’s important that you remember to log out and the way that you do that is you click on this open door icon and it’s connecting your main browser tool bar and your content window down here. So click log out and you will see a message that you are now logged out of NetStorage.

Conclusion of NetStorage training:

What’s the bottom line? So as you can see, using Netstorage is a convenient way to access files and folders that are in your H and K drives in the Novel environment. We are best in providing NetStorage training with live projects by industry experts at flexible timings. Our aspiration at Global online trainings is to create a place where professionals can gain knowledge and can get ideas to build a better career and better learning experiences all time. So what are you waiting for? Join in Global online trainings for best NetStorage online training by working professionals. Hurry Up!



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