Nitro Security

Nitro Security Training Introduction:

Nitro Security Training  develops high-performance security information & event management solutions that protect the critical infrastructure & information. NitroSecurity solutions reduces risk exposure & increase network and information availability by removing the scalability & performance limitations of the security information management. Utilizing the industry’s fastest analytical tools, NitroSecurity identifies correlates & remediates threats in minutes instead of hours, allowing organizations to quickly mitigate risks to their infrastructure & information. Global Online Trainings will conduct the online course with live sessions based on the participants availability. the trainer & student can communicate through interactive platform. The querys can be cleared by the expert professionals and they will provide standard material for make use of easy learning. Enroll for Nitro Security online course at Global Online Trainings at reasonable price. For more details contact the help desk.

Nitro Security basic overview:

Nitro View training is now part of a McAfee, is a unique & powerful SIEM that was built from the ground up as an operational tool to help streamline & strengthen the security operations.  The underlying data management architecture alone represents hundreds of man years of research & development and includes several advanced technology patents.  Everything within NitroView, from the intuitive & interactive user interface to the blazing-fast analysis & reporting, was designed to shorten the time required to mitigate & remediate threats. NitroSecurity training serves more than 500 organizations in the energy, education, financial services, healthcare, government, retail, hospitality & managed services industries.

Allow the organizations to quickly mitigate risks to the organization’s information & infrastructure, while satisfying stringent regulatory compliance reporting guidelines:

Enterprise Security – Speed that puts Security back into SIEM. Monitor & respond real time to blended attacks, insider threats and data loss.

Compliance – Reports in minutes instead of hours. Automate processes for PCI-DSS, HIPAA, NERC SIP, FISMA, SOX & more.

Data Security – See session details & detect the data loss and fraud. Monitor sensitive data directly within databases, email, chat & other applications.

Risk Management – Real time awareness reduces risks. Manage vulnerabilities, configurations, changes & threats, to assess and mitigate risk.

Functional Overview about Nitro security training:

  • NitroSecurity provides a highly scalable enterprise security solutions that provides intrusion prevention, network behavior analysis & security event management enabling enterprises to secure their networks with real-time threat mitigation.
  • The NitroView Enterprise Security Manager (ESM) is unique due to a patented, ultra-high-performance aggregation & correlation engine that is integrated into each NitroView ESM.
  • These sophisticated data acquisition & management capabilities give the NitroView ESM the power to manage thousands of events per second. The NitroView ESM provides advanced correlation & analysis of relevant security information collected from IDS, IPS, servers, hosts, firewalls & many other devices.
  • By unifying relevant security information, NitroView is able to provide Unified Security Management (USM), combining & enhancing security event management (SEM), network behavior analysis (NBA), security information management (SIM) & anomaly detection functions.
  • The NitroView ESM uses an advanced, highly responsive web-based Graphical User Interface (GUI) to provide near real-time analysis & reporting of both live data & deep forensics
  • Nitro Security training provides an integrated IPS, DBM, APM  and SIEM solution to meet  the monitoring, protection &remediation that needs of both the control system & interconnected, outlying!networks.

Overview about Nitro security IPS:

Proven Protection for Your Network:

  • NitroSecurity training, a product family is a complete line of network-based intrusion prevention systems (IPS) providing multiple complementary modes of a protection.
  • NitroSecurity IPS products are inline devices that utilize signature analysis to determine acceptance or rejection of each packet. anomaly detection methods & a full-featured firewall, which act all together, to block viruses, worms, hackers & other malicious traffic from entering your network & causing damages.
  • Users can quickly & easily install NitroSecurity & it effectively compliments any currently established security structure. The NitroSecurity rules & methods have been highly tuned to provide maximum protection with minimum false positive alerts.
  • The experienced NitroSecurity  training support team continuously monitors all newly discovered intrusions & vulnerabilities to provide rapidly available protection through the NitroSecurity update facility.
  • The NitroSecurity team is available to assist NitroSecurity users to fine-tune their device & even create their own business specific signatures & rules.

High-speed Data Management:

  • One of the key components & critical differentiators of NitroSecurity training is its use of the company’s NitroEDB, a proprietary high-speed database that being used by other major IT vendors in their leading security devices & network products.
  • NitroEDB has been benchmarked to manage & analyze security data up to one thousand times faster than standard enterprise database systems. Populations up to hundreds of millions  of records are not uncommon with NitroEDB.
  • This any memory TM database provides multiple modes of operation from the hyper-speed in-memory used in a NitroSecurity device to the Very Large Database  found in the centralized management console.

Reports & Analysis

  • Through the use of NitroEDB, the NitroSecurity training control console offers flexible “drilldown” analysis & reporting capabilities.
  • The control console provides interactive features & performance that supports your security investigation needs. There are over one hundred predefined reports & a report definition capability for you to define your own custom reports and queries.
  • NitroSecurity training also includes a scheduling & event threshold alerting facility that allows you to generate & send reports on a periodic basis or upon reaching predefined alert thresholds.